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Twothirds of employers find that offering diverse benefits is a major challenge

first_imgTwo-thirds (66%) of employers find that providing benefits that suit the needs of a diverse workforce is a major challenge, according to research by global insurance brokerage, risk management and consultancy firm Gallagher.Its Benefits strategy and benchmarking survey, which polled 172 UK employers, also found that 45% of HR professionals plan to change their current benefits provision, with 72% of those who do aim to make changes seeking to enhance their offering. Just under half (47%) want to increase the number of flexible options within their benefits package, to extend individual choice.In terms of flexible working, 91% of respondents offer part-time roles or shorter hours and 69% enable staff to personalise their working hours, within certain parameters. However, 52% of employers do not allow staff to work from home.Just over two-fifths (43%) of organisations offer their employees the opportunity to work a condensed week, while 24% provide agile working options. Only 14% of employers have the ability to offer term-time only working arrangements.Communication is also a topic on employers’ radars, as 36% view this as a barrier to effective employee benefits. The majority (84%) of respondents do not use total reward statements to communicate about their benefits; of those that do use this method, 77% send them digitally.More than half (52%) of respondents state that it is difficult to adequately benchmark their benefits offering against the market.Leslie Lemenager, president, international employee benefits consulting and brokerage at Gallagher, said: “While cost is always central to business performance, we are seeing a shift in the market as employers are having to compete for talent in a very diverse workforce.“The fact that 47% of organisations are aiming to enhance flexibility in benefits provisions, despite cost management being the biggest challenge, points to a strong recognition that there is a need to go above and beyond to attract and retain talent.”last_img read more

AK High school students enter the world of nanoagriculture

first_imgHigh school students in Kodiak are doing college-level science. Maybe even PhD-level science.World Bridge is a NASA-sponsored group that assigns Alaskan students to scientific research projects. At a recent competition in Italy, the group showed that their earthquake research could have a global impact, but that’s only one project they’re working on. They’ve also entered the world of nano-agriculture.Download AudioAnna sprays a patch of grass as the Kodiak football team practices in the background. (Photo by Kayla Desroches, KMXT – Kodiak)High school junior Anna McDonald sprays an organic fertilizer over a sad-looking patch of dirt on a baseball field. The solution isn’t a chemical, just a combination of microorganisms, sea kelp, and mineral electrolytes. Anna says microbes do all the work.“… like an earthworm, just eats the toxic soil and digests it and it comes out and it’s perfectly balanced, perfectly natural, just how the earth is made to function,” she said.Anna and two other students look like exterminators – or Ghostbusters – carrying the fertilizer in plastic backpacks, which Anna says they bought off Amazon. The team has already treated eight other fields and, so far, Anna says the fertilizer seems to be working.“There was area that was completely bare and we treated it with this enzyme and we came back in four weeks to measure our data and get our results and see what had happened, and it had grown back completely,” she said. “It was full and green, and it looked better than the surrounding area.”Anna and a handful of other students partnered with the fertilizer’s company to spray a local golf course. Why this product? Well, Anna says, the company reached out to them.Anna. (Photo by Kayla Desroches, KMXT – Kodiak)But also, “We were very interested in what we could do with it and we wanted to see what it would do for ourselves instead of just reading about it in a paper,” Anna said.Anna says she’s especially interested in chemistry and the way it can be applied in real-world situations, which is why she loves nano-agriculture.While spraying the field, a young student recognizes her.“Ron and I have gone to some middle school classes before to talk to kids about nano-ag and also about tsunami marine debris,” Anna said.She means Ron Fortunato, the creator of World Bridge, an Alaska STEM program that develops partners in business and industry and then creates real-world projects in school districts.Fortunato is based in New Jersey. But he worked on a project in Juneau’s school district and the positive experience, and interest in further collaborations from other people in the state, led him to Alaska once again for World Bridge.Fortunato says officials with the Kodiak Island School District jumped at the chance to get involved in World Bridge.And this summer, a group of Kodiak high schoolers travelled to Como, Italy to present earthquake data at the Europa Challenge. It’s a competition sponsored in part by NASA along with other international organizations and it usually only accepts university students or industry professionals. Fortunato says they made an exception for the group.“The researchers that were there, the universities, all the professional who were there,” Fortunato said. “They didn’t talk to them like they were high school students. There was a full measure of respect and welcome into the community – of that geospatial community, which is a big international group there. And it wasn’t that they were looking at them as students. They were looking at their work.”(Photo by Kayla Desroches, KMXT – Kodiak)The Kodiak team won that competition.With the help of NASA and other sponsors, World Bridge’s Kodiak students have a lot of resources at their fingertips.I drop by their lab in the Alaska Department of Fish and Game building, and there’s a 3D printer set up on one table and a drone on another. In other words, it’s every science buff’s fantasy.“And then this is the nano-ag bench,” Anne said, giving me a tour of the facility. “Since most of our work is done in the field, this is just kind of where we’re able to sit at our computers and write up reports or decipher all of our data. And it’s where we store our enzyme and our other supplies.”And if you’re wondering where World Bridge is headed from here, well, it’s all ongoing. And as another student, senior Levi Purdy explains, they’re a team like any other research group.“Both the professionals and the students and the teachers, we’re all learning above what we understand,” Purdy said. “We’re all experimenting and testing hypotheses, so there’s really no one of us can be on any level higher than the other, because we’re all collaborating and we’re trying to solve a problem.”As the program proves, the line between high school and college, student and teacher, can blur. Check the sources the next time you read a study online or a news article. You may be surprised by who collected that data.last_img read more

Nearly half of separated children not rejoining families

first_imgIn this image taken from video, Javier Garrido Martinez, left and Alan Garcia, right, sit with their 4-year-sons at a news conference in New York, Wednesday, 11 July 2018. They men were reunited with their children after almost two months of separation, Authorities took their boys them when they stopped at the US southern border. Photo : APThe Trump administration said Thursday all eligible small children who were separated from their families as a result of its zero-tolerance immigration policy have been reunited with their parents.But nearly half of the children under 5 remain apart from their families because of safety concerns, the deportation of their parents and other issues, the administration said.The administration was under a court mandate to reunite families separated between early May and 20 June, when president Donald Trump signed an executive order that stopped separations. The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit on behalf of a woman who had been separated from her child, and US district court judge Dana Sabraw ordered all children reunited with their parents.Fifty-seven children were reunited with their parents as of Thursday morning, administration officials said.”Throughout the reunification process, our goal has been the well-being of the children and returning them to a safe environment,” according to a statement from the heads of the three agencies responsible for the process. “Of course, there remains a tremendous amount of hard work and similar obstacles facing our teams in reuniting the remaining families. The Trump administration does not approach this mission lightly.”Most of the reunions occurred by Tuesday’s court-ordered deadline, but the government acknowledged in a court filing that 19 occurred Wednesday and one Thursday.The ACLU proposed in a court filing that the administration should be monitored closely as a 26 July deadline approaches to reunite more than 2,000 children who are 5 and older with their parents. It asked the judge to require that all parental relations be verified and all background checks be completed by next Thursday. It also wants a daily report on how many families are reunited, starting Tuesday.The ACLU also proposed that the administration be given no more than a week to reunite 12 young children with their now-deported parents, from whom they were separated at the border. The clock would start ticking as soon as the parent obtains travel documents for the child.”There is no excuse for the Trump administration’s missed deadline,” said ACLU attorney Lee Gelernt. “Children are suffering because of it. The government must get these families back together.”The administration said in its filing that it is difficult to determine how much time is needed and that reunifications should occur “on a flexible schedule.”Both sides are due back in court Friday to expand on their proposals. It will be the fourth hearing in eight days, an indication of how closely the judge is watching his deadlines.The US officials said 46 of the children were not eligible to be reunited with their parents; a dozen parents had already been deported and were being contacted by the administration. Nine were in custody of the US Marshals Service for other offenses. One adult’s location was unknown, they said.Of the deported parents, officials said they had chosen to leave their children behind. One deported father, however, told the Los Angeles Times earlier this week that he didn’t realise what he was doing when he signed the paperwork to leave his child behind. It wasn’t clear if he was one of the dozen; no names have been made public.In 22 other cases, adults posed safety concerns, they said. Officials said 11 adults had serious criminal histories including child cruelty, murder or human smuggling. Seven were not determined to be a parent, one had a false birth certificate, one had allegedly abused the child. Another planned to house the child with an adult charged with sexually abusing a child.”The seriousness of the crimes is the reason why we are not going to reunite them,” Matthew Albence of Immigration and Customs Enforcement said of the 22 cases.The 46 children will remain in the care of Health and Human Services, which will continue to seek to place them with a sponsor, such as another family member or even foster care, as it does for the more than 10,000 other minors who arrived in the US without a relative. Children spend an average of 57 days in shelters before they’re placed with a sponsor. They are given access to medical care and counseling, as well as school.The zero-tolerance policy calls for the criminal prosecution of anyone caught crossing the border illegally. Because parents can’t take their children to jail, they were separated. The move caused an international uproar. At least 2,300 children were separated from about 2,200 adults until the executive order was signed. Federal officials have been scrambling to reunite the children under a tight, two-week deadline set by the judge.Part of the issue, administration officials said, is that the systems weren’t set up to reunify parents with their children. Health and Human Services manages their care inside the US Homeland Security has control over adults in immigration detention, and the Justice Department manages the immigration courts.Earlier this week, government attorneys told Sabraw that the Trump administration would not meet the deadline for about 20 children under 5 because it needed more time to track down parents who have already been deported or released into the US.Sabraw indicated more time would be allowed only in specific cases where the government showed good reasons for a delay.last_img read more

More Than Twice As Many Women Are Running For Congress In 2018

first_imgSam Morris/Getty ImagesAttendees cheer a speaker during the Women’s March “Power to the Polls” voter registration tour launch at Sam Boyd Stadium on January 21, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada.It was Saturday afternoon, and Abigail Spanberger was in a busy hallway at the Chesterfield County Public Library in Midlothian, Va., minutes away from training a room of about 40 campaign volunteers. She seemed ready for a quick interview, but then abruptly called out to her campaign manager.“Hey Dana, Eileen Davis is about to come through. Can you head her off at the pass so she doesn’t interrupt the — “She cut herself off and turned to me.“That’s my mother,” Spanberger laughed.Her mom is volunteering for her campaign?“Evidently.”Spanberger didn’t know she was coming?“I just saw her walking. I did not know she was coming. But all her friends are in this county, so.”Democratic women (even those who don’t have a daughter running for Congress) are amped up for 2018. It’s visible in Spanberger’s volunteers, about two-thirds of whom are women, and in this race’s candidates as well.Spanberger is one of three women Democrats, along with one man, vying for that party’s nomination in this district. And that mini-wave in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District is a microcosm of something happening nationwide.At latest count, 431 women were running for or were likely to run for the House nationwide — 339 Democrats and 92 Republicans. At this point in 2016, there were fewer than half that: 212. Likewise, 50 women are running for or likely to run for Senate, compared to 25 at this point in 2016. Many have not officially filed for office yet — filing deadlines have not occurred yet in many states. But thus far, this year is on track to break records. Share A largely Democratic phenomenon“We’ve never seen anything like this. Ever seen anything like this,” said Stephanie Schriock president of Emily’s List, which recruits and trains Democratic women candidates who support abortion rights.At this point in the 2016 cycle, she said, around 920 women had reached out to Emily’s List saying they were interested in running for office. At that time, that was a relatively high number. And it makes this year’s total all the more eye-popping.“To have over 30,000 women raise their hand, it’s unprecedented.” That figure comprises more than just 2018 candidates, however. Some of those women are interested in running in elections in future years. Others may end up working on campaigns.Whether it’s House, Senate, or governor’s races, that energy is largely one-sided, according to Deborah Walsh, director of the Center on American women and Politics at Rutgers University.“I think it’s really being driven on the Democratic side,” she said. “I think the energy and the excitement and the determination, not just to run but also in terms of who’s going to show up to vote, right now, that’s on the side of the Democrats.”One other way Virginia’s 7th District parallels national political dynamics: the man they elected last time has energized Democratic women. Republican Dave Brat, who holds the seat, made headlines in January 2017, when a video captured his remarks to a town hall about women opposing his policies.“And now, since Obamacare and these issues have come up, the women are in my grill no matter where I go,” he said, to laughter from his constituents.That comment upset plenty of Democrats. And yet, in Alli’s view, Brat is exactly right.“Women are in his grill. We need to be in his grill,” she said. The main issue on which she disagrees with Brat is health care. Brat voted for the Republicans’ American Health Care Act, which would have undone key parts of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.Brat told NPR that that he was simply using language that he had heard voters use against him. Regardless, the quote has fired up women in the district, according to Abigail Spanberger, another Democratic candidate in the district.“It was a bit of a rallying call for many people, and a funny comment, a funny turn of phrase that he used,” she said, “but I think it is representative of the fact that there are a lot of people, many of them women, who started this past year, in 2017, really being vocal about what was important to them.”Donald Trump, “the gift that keeps on giving”Of course, it’s not just Brat firing up women in the 7th District. They, like many women nationwide, are fired up by Donald Trump.“At one time, when the election happened, and the women’s march, we all just by telepathy just said, ‘No we gotta fix this. We’re gonna fix it.’ And we are,” said Helen Alli, the third female Democratic candidate running in the district.Donald Trump’s election and inauguration kicked off a nationwide movement among Democratic women. Women took to the streets by the millions in January 2017, bearing protest signs and wearing “pussy hats,” in reference to the infamous 2005 Access Hollywood tape, in which Trump bragged about sexual assault.And since his election, Trump has continued to dump gasoline on the already-roaring fire of Democratic women’s enthusiasm, according to Rutgers’ Walsh.“I’ve often thought that if you were an organizer out there trying to organize what is called the resistance or the women organizing the women who are thinking about running,” Walsh said, “Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving in terms of motivation to stay engaged and stay involved and not lose your enthusiasm.”Everything from policies on health care and immigration to scandals like former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter’s resignation after allegations against him of domestic abuse were revealed, all continually combine to keep Democratic women energized, she said.YouTubeIn Republican Rep. Martha McSally’s ad announcing her run for Senate in Arizona, she urged other Republicans in Washington to “grow a pair of ovaries.”“Conservatives are just not included. We’re not invited.”Democrats aren’t the only ones having a big year when it comes to recruitment. Republican woman likewise have seen a surge in candidates, even if it isn’t quite as eye-popping of a surge as Democrats’ numbers. Twenty-one Republican women are running for Senate this year, along with 92 for the House, and 31 for governorships. In all those cases, that’s more than in any year at this point since at least 2002, according to figures from Rutgers University.According to Missy Shorey, executive director of Maggie’s List, which promotes and trains Republican women candidates, Republican women are excluded from many conversations about gender politics in the U.S. today.“For so many of those marches, conservatives are just not included. We’re not invited,” she said. “In fact, we’re disinvited sometimes. That’s fine, if that’s the way the left wants [us] to be treated. But ignore us at your own peril.”Despite the Democratic wave, Shorey is optimistic about November. She says Republicans are seeing increased energy as well, though it’s different. And Shorey thinks some voters will perceive the newly galvanized Democratic women as too angry.“I think when you see on the left the whole concept of ‘the avengers,’ I would argue that the avenger is an angry offering that in many areas will be rejected,” Shorey said.On top of that, she thinks high-profile sexual misconduct allegations against men in Washington will turn voters toward women candidates as a practical matter. She talks about a conversation she had recently with one Republican woman candidate.“She said, I have more men coming up to me saying, ‘I’m going to vote for you, because I am sick of the way these men have been behaving,’” Shorey said.But then, the sexual misconduct allegations against the president himself, by more than a dozen women, are a major factor pushing Democratic women to run for office.For Emily’s List’s Schriock, that wave is a silver lining of Donald Trump’s election…but, in her mind, it’s cold comfort.“It is not worth, it was not worth it. I would have taken our 920 who wanted to run [in 2016] to have a different president. I would have taken that.”Voting on party, not genderAn influx of women candidates doesn’t necessarily mean more women will be inspired to vote for those candidates. In general, political scientists say, people vote based on party far more than they vote based on gender.For Breanne Woodson, a voter from Cumberland County, Virginia, that’s definitely the case.“Since I’ve been 18, I’ve never voted Republican. I probably never will,” Woodson said.Woodson met Alli while the candidate was campaigning at a salon in Henrico, Virginia. Woodson said she wasn’t sure who she might vote for in a primary election. But in the general election, party would mean more than a candidate being a woman.“I don’t really care about their gender, as long as they’re a decent person and I know they’re going to do what they’re supposed to do,” she said.That said, there are some voters who do care about gender to some degree. One is Zahra Lakhani, owner of the salon Alli visited. While Lakhani declined to give her political party, she said she was happy to let a woman candidate like Alli come and campaign at her salon.“Only a woman can understand a woman’s challenges. And being a mother, being a daughter, a sister, a wife, divorced, single mom, business owner, leader in community as well, it’s not just one thing that you do,” she said. “So a woman is the only one who will understand another woman and their challenges.”Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit read more

Beat the Streets Aims to Strengthen Community Relations in Ward 4

first_imgD.C. agencies and residents in the Petworth community gathered July 27 for an afternoon of food, fun, and entertainment called “Beat the Streets.” The event was part of a community outreach effort by the D.C. government to strengthen relationships and assist poor residents in Ward 4.District agencies present at the “Beat the Streets” event included the Metro Transit Police Department, University of the District of Columbia, Drug Free, MedStar Family Choice, and the Department of Employment Services, among others. “This is really nice, they really need to do more of this,” said Terry W., 60, a longtime resident of Petworth who said that gentrification has increased costs so much that he can no longer afford to live in the area.“The gentrification has made it more difficult,” said Carolyn Smith, clinical director of the Georgia Avenue Family Support Collaborative, a nonprofit organization that serves families in Ward 4 with children under the age of 18. “We work with the homeless families that come from D.C. General. It has been virtually impossible to find affordable housing for those families in Ward 4 now. We used to work with landlords that helped us and kept their rents reasonable, now most have sold their properties, torn them down, and made condos out of them.”Despite the hardships gentrification has caused on the area’s residents, the event enabled them to relax and enjoy go-go beats and R&B music. “We’re just here to enjoy ourselves and have fun,” said Nicole Stewart, manager of the girls dance group Eesha’s World from New Jersey. “I’ve been doing this for 12 years now and I love D.C. I think getting together with the police is lovely because they get to see the other side. They’re protecting us and we feel safe, I’ve never had any problems with the police.”Police Lt. A.W. Washington was in charge of the event. “We sponsor street activities in the community and bring different resources in one location and encourage people to interact with their neighbors and the police officers, meet city officials, and come out and take advantage of the city agencies that are here,” Washington told the AFRO.Washington credits the police department’s partnership with the community as the reason for low crime in the area. “The crime in this area has been significantly been reduced,” he said. “Our partnership with the community has been outstanding, and because of that we have been able to reduce crime by double digits.  The last violent crime was about three or four months ago.”According to the police crime data, as of Aug. 2, the immediate area had two incidents of violent crime and 17 incidents of property crime, mostly theft, in 2016.last_img read more

Microsoft taps Spock in Xbox One promo that really hits the mark

first_imgHardcore gamers may not be fans of Microsof’s decision to only partially focus on game quality in promoting the Xbox One, but this latest advertisement featuring Zachary Quinto hits with the precision of a Vulcan nerve pinch.There’s been a series of missteps in introducing Microsoft’s next-gen console, but the overall message was never one of them. The idea of an “everything” console linking together the devices housed in your entertainment center is a powerful message to send. If Microsoft can convince users to put the Xbox One in their living room, in between the cable box and the TV, they will be able to do what no one else is doing on the TV right now.Microsoft’s “Invitation” promo is everything it needs to be. The idea that the Xbox One is not simply sitting there waiting for you to turn it on, but actively pulling you back in front of the TV, is unique because Microsoft can actually deliver on that experience.The ability to Skype with your friends right after something interesting happens on TV, or the option to just curl up on the couch and ask for a movie to start playing has the potential to be a huge deal for more than just gamers.Most importantly, Microsoft made sure to also focus on the right games for their demographic. Titanfall, FIFA 14, and of course Dead Rising 3 all get not-so-subtle references during the video. It all comes together to accurately focus on the strengths of the Xbox One, and as long as Microsoft can actually deliver this experience it will make a huge difference in the life of the console.last_img read more

Herding in the stock market may inspire humanguided trading algorithms

first_img Journal information: New Journal of Physics This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Investors’ risk tolerance decreases with the stock market, study finds What explains the correlations often seen between two arbitrarily selected stocks? Collective behavior between stocks is one feature that may be explained by human herding behavior. Herding may also explain some market features that are not well explained by rational factors. Credit: Shapira, et al. ©2014 IOP Publishing Ltd Citation: Herding in the stock market may inspire human-guided trading algorithms (2014, June 6) retrieved 18 August 2019 from © 2014 More information: Yoash Shapira, et al. “Modelling the short term herding behavior of stock markets.” New Journal of Physics. DOI: 10.1088/1367-2630/16/5/053040 ( —Humans have a strong tendency to belong to a group, an instinct that often manifests in herding behavior. Not limited to humans, herding exists throughout nature, for example in ant colonies, schools of fish, and flocks of birds. But what about the stock market? Explore further In an attempt to explain these features, the researchers developed a model of stock market behavior that consists of just two terms: a correlation coefficient that represents the individual tendency to follow the group (herding), and a random term that represents the individual’s unpredictable reaction to new external information. The researchers found that this simple model could capture several features of the market, including short-term price fluctuations, as well as partial long-term correlations of stocks with respect to other stocks and the index. Other known features of real markets that emerged in this model were the Epps effect (the phenomenon that correlations decrease as sampling frequency increases), short-term lagged autocorrelation (the correlation of a stock with itself), and synchronized “bursts” between stocks. Previously, some of these characteristics (such as the Epps effect) have been thought to originate in factors related to the technical aspects of trading. Others (such as lagged autocorrelation) have not been successfully explained by technical factors. The fact that all of these features can be explained by a model that at its core is based on herding behavior suggests that the social and emotional behavior of investors has a significant impact on stock market dynamics. As the researchers explain, understanding why investors make the decisions they do is important when trying to prevent market crashes and improve stability.”In the future, observed phenomena that do not necessarily conform with conventional financial theory should not be thought of as very intriguing or frightening, if they could be explained by taking into account human behavior effects,” Berman said. “This might reduce panic and prevent false alarms.”Accounting for the human element in financial trading could even have a fundamental impact on how computer algorithms are used in trading. In the past, traders used computers to analyze market activity and provide clues for making investment decisions. Today, “algo trading” has evolved to the point where the algorithm does the investing for humans. A major problem with this trading model is that, if everyone uses similar algorithms, then herding behavior emerges, which leads to market instability. “One of the things that I can see in the future is, if you show a human being financial information and record their brain response and associated behavior, then you can use this input to guide the computer in making trading decisions,” Ben-Jacob said. “So instead of using the computer to guide the human, you can use the human to guide the computer.”Understanding how the brain reacts to stress can also help traders make more rational decisions. As Ben-Jacob explains, most of the time humans behave somewhat—though not completely—rationally. However in times of stress, the brain secretes hormones that change the way it processes reality, changing its response. In stressful times, humans usually follow patterns that are familiar to them, avoid making individual decisions, and become more herd-like. Interestingly, there is even some evidence that the female and male brains respond differently to stress, which may provide insight into how to better respond to market fluctuations.”The female brain under stress tends to see more of the global picture and to think about continuation,” Ben-Jacob said. “In some sense, it reacts better in that it does not go into panic as much as the male brain.”In these ways, the merging of psychology and finance may offer unique benefits to understanding and improving stock market dynamics. Although we may like to believe that our rational side (“Homo economicus”) dominates when it comes to financial decision-making, a new study shows that herding behavior can explain several features of stock markets that are not explained very well by more rational factors. Understanding the human emotional side to investing could even lead to human-guided trading algorithms and improved market stability.The researchers, adjunct researcher Yoash Shapira, PhD student Yonatan Berman, and Professor Eshel Ben-Jacob at Tel-Aviv University in Israel, have published a paper on the influence of herding behavior in stock markets in a recent issue of the New Journal of Physics.”It is important to understand that a big part of the activities in the stock market are not derived from rational thinking and the flow of information, but rather from emotional human behavior,” Shapira told “This is contrary to the accepted point of view that governs economic theories. Using physical terms, financial markets are very noisy. We show that most of the ‘noise’ is due to human emotional factors and has to be analyzed as such.”Usually when researchers model the stock market, they treat it as a network of many investors whose actions are influenced by both external information (such as quarterly reports or world news) and internal information (namely the stock prices, or in other words the trading behavior of other investors). Although these influences may seem straightforward, the resulting behaviors of the markets are very complex. For one thing, stock prices undergo large, rapid, and unpredictable short-term fluctuations. A second noteworthy feature of markets is the strong collective behavior between stocks and between different indexes in different markets.While previous research has attempted to explain these two features—price fluctuations and collective behavior—as the result of new information, this by itself is not sufficient for two main reasons. First, prices fluctuate much more rapidly than new substantial information is released. Second, the new information is often not clear enough to cause investors to use it to make universal trading decisions.last_img read more

Sunwings incentives for early summer bookings include 4X STAR points

first_img Posted by Share Monday, March 25, 2019 << Previous PostNext Post >> Sunwing’s incentives for early summer bookings include 4X STAR pointscenter_img Travelweek Group Tags: Agent Incentives, Sunwing TORONTO — Agents can earn big this summer with Sunwing’s early booking incentives that also include deals and perks for clients.Sunwing is offering 4X STAR agent reward points that convert to cash for summer bookings at some of its most popular resort chains across the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America.Sunwing is offering reduced deposits, Price Drop Guarantee and a $50 travel voucher per person to be used towards their next vacation for customers who book by April 17 for travel between June 20 and Oct. 31.Meanwhile agents can earn 4X STAR Points at participating resorts including Jewel Resorts, Lopesan Costa Bavaro Resort, Spa and Casino, Memories Resorts and Spa, Planet Hollywood, Princess Hotels and Resorts, RIU Hotels & Resorts, RIU Palace Resorts, Royalton Luxury Resorts and Viva Wyndham Resorts during the specified departure dates.Sunwing says it’s offering its customers extra perks to ensure their travel budget goes further with deals such as Kids Stay, Play and Eat FREE deals, accommodation options that sleep families of five or more, no single parent supplement fees and more, depending on the resort they select.More news:  Sunwing ready to launch Mazatlán-Quebec City direct this winterSunwing says its Best Price Guarantee also makes sure travellers get their summer vacation with peace of mind knowing that should they find the exact same vacation package elsewhere prior to booking, Sunwing will match that price.At Royalton Luxury Resorts, families get reservation-free dining with children-friendly menu options and kids clubs including the ClubHouse Kids Club and Hangout Teens Lounge.At RIU Palace Resorts, Sunwing guests enjoy additional perks such as unlimited reservation-free dining, in-room liquor dispensers, 24-hour room service, poolside wait service and unlimited free WiFi around the resort.last_img read more

Arts culture and Mothers Day the week ahead in Costa Rica

first_imgThe long Mother’s Day weekend is upon us – and as usual, Costa Rica will be full of events to celebrate what is arguably the country’s most beloved holiday. In this special edition of our Calendar, check out a few of our favorite ways to treat Mom this year, from great eats to live music to shopping.Barceló San JoséHotel Barceló San José has three different delicious meals prepared. At El Rancho Grill, families can enjoy a poolside meal including a welcome cocktail, appetizer, main course with a choice of dishes, and desserts, plus a children’s menu, live music and raffles. Sunday, August 14 and Monday, August 15, 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. $50 for two people and $25 for a third person. More info.: 2220-2034 ext. 646At the hotel’s Restaurante Miyako, a special Asian menu for Mother’s Day includes a welcome cocktail, appetizer, main course, beverage and dessert. Friday, August 12 – Monday, August 15, 6 p.m. – 11 p.m. $35  per person. More info.: 2220-2034 ext. 715Finally, Restaurante Ánfora will offer a buffet-style lunch which, as with the other restaurants’ menus, will include a welcome cocktail, appetizer,main course and various dessert options. Fruit juices and sodas are included in the price of the meal. While celebrating your mother’s special day, you’ll be able to listen to live music, have your picture taken with your mother, and participate in raffles. Sunday, August 14 and Monday, August 15, 12 p.m. – 3 p.m. Starting at $43. More info.: 2220-2034 ext. 715 Celebrate with your mother along with delicious Asian cuisine. (Courtesy of Hotel Barceló) Related posts:Arts and culture in brief: the week ahead in Costa Rica Arts and culture in brief: the week ahead in Costa Rica Arts and culture in brief: the week ahead in Costa Rica Arts and culture in brief: the week ahead in Costa Rica Manos Emprendedoras Organic FairWant to treat the moms in your life, while also contributing to the family businesses of other hard-working mothers? Do some last-minute gift shopping (or take mom along so she can sample the wares) at the Manos Emprendedoras Organic Fair, which offers various products such as jewelry, soaps and creams. All of the products are handcrafted and designed by entrepreneurial mothers who seek to expose their organic handcrafted products. Sunday, August 14 and Monday, August 15 at Plaza Real Cariari. No entrance fee. Buy handcrafted and organic gifts for mom at the Manos Emprendedoras Organic Fair. (Via Facebook/Mano a Mano)Francisca Carrasco BicentennialAn unusual and inspiring way to celebrate Mother’s Day this year: learning more about one of Costa Rica’s most fearless women. Francisca “Pancha” Carrasco learned to read and write at a time when women didn’t go to school, led a female brigade through the streets in the 1840s to protest dictator Francisco Morazán, and in 1856 put her shooting skills to work in order to help the Costa Rican forces recover a cannon at the Battle of Rivas. To mark the bicentennial of her birth, events including music, theater and dance are planned. Friday, August 12 – Sunday, August 14, Juan Santamaría Museum in Alajuela.Mercado Tropical: Mother’s Day EditionIt might just be the mother of all markets: the popular Mercado Tropical has prepared a Mother’s Day edition featuring many of Costa Rica’s best design, gourmet products, emerging artists, natural cosmetics, independent publishers and food, all in one place. In addition to some serious shopping, the market will offer free workshops and concerts. Saturday, August 13 (1 p.m. – 8 p.m.) and Sunday, August 14 (11 a.m. – 8 p.m.) at the Polideportivo de Barrio Aranjuez, San José. No entrance fee. The Mercado Tropical has a wide offer of different products for mothers. (Via Mercado Tropical’s Facebook)Live MusicWant to take mom to a show? There are more Mother’s Day concerts this weekend than we can count: check out a west-side serenade, jazz over curry, or classic tunes from AutenTicos por Siempre at the National Stadium.Did we miss your favorite event to celebrate motherhood? Let us know for next year! Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Breaking Bad boosts Albuquerque tourism

first_imgAlbuquerque tourism has been boosted, following the popularity of hit television show Breaking Bad.Albuquerque, New Mexico has witnessed an unexpected increase in visitors wishing to tour sites seen on the drama series, now in its fifth and final season, the Morning Sentinel reported.The Albuquerque Convention & Visitors Bureau created a website detailing the location of popular sites to aid touristic fans, while some local businesses run tours relating to the show.Celebrated spots include the suburban home of fictional character Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston; a money-laundering car wash; a rundown motel; and a burrito store, which was transformed into a fast-food chicken restaurant for the series.“It’s raised the visibility of the city,” Albuquerque Convention & Visitors Bureau vice president Tania Armenta said.“They [tourists] are intrigued by the scenic images that they see.”Tourism officials and business owners are quick to point out that they are walking a fine line by promoting tourism for a show that has violent, drug laden and criminally-charged themes. Albuquerque profiting off hit TV show. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T.last_img read more

Rookie lineman Dorian Johnson during an OTA practi

first_imgRookie lineman Dorian Johnson during an OTA practice Tuesday, May 16. (Photo by Adam Green/Arizona Sports) Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The Arizona Cardinals are excited about fourth-round pick Dorian Johnson’s future, and on Friday, they signed the offensive guard to a four-year contract.Terms of the deal were not disclosed.The Cardinals chose Johnson, from Pitt, 115th overall after he was a first-team All-American as a senior in 2016. Johnson played in 51 consecutive games — starting 42 — while seeing time at left guard, left tackle and right guard. 0 Comments   Share   Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Top Stories Widely seen as one of the top interior linemen in the draft, he fell to the fourth round because teams learned he suffers from primary sclerosing cholangitis, which he said he has dealt with for a while and takes medication for.“It is what it is,” he said of falling in the draft. “I know what I can do on the field. I think the Cardinals’ coaches, the GM, they know what I can do as well. That’s all that matters to me.”Johnson’s signing follows the inking of the team’s third-round pick, Chad Johnson, on Thursday. The team last weekend signed fifth-round picks Will Holden and T.J. Logan as well as sixth-round choice Rudy Ford, meaning of the team’s draft class, only second-round pick Budda Baker and first-rounder Haason Reddick remain without contracts. – / 20last_img read more

Basel Switzerland – Reported by Elite Traveler t

first_imgBasel, Switzerland – Reported by Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazineJet Aviation Basel, a designated Dassault Falcon completions center, launches “Jet Falcon,” a cabin interior refurbishment program specifically designed for Dassault Falcon 2000 aircraft. Owners and operators, who are considering upgrades of their F2000 aircraft, can choose three distinct cabin interior designs – Classic, Style and Fashion. Because of standardized and modular processes at Jet Aviation Basel, downtime for aircraft is minimal and cabin refurbishment is very cost effective.As a designated Dassault Falcon completions center, Jet Aviation Basel has performed more than 120 VIP completions of green Dassault aircraft, including the Falcon 2000. The new “Jet Falcon” refurbishment program designed for F2000 aircraft is based on standardized pre-production of a defined set of designs, with the advantage of short turn-around times and cost effectiveness.Owners and operators who are considering an upgrade of their F2000 aircraft can combine the refurbishment of the cabin interior with an exterior paint refresh or airframe maintenance to avoid additional downtime of the aircraft. Jet Aviation Basel’s “Jet Falcon” refurbishment program offers three distinct and tasteful interiors – from classic to stylish and fashion designs.According to Bernd Heinrich, Jet Aviation Basel’s vice president Operations, “Our newly launched ’Jet Falcon’ cabin interior refurbishment program provides Falcon 2000 owners and operators the choice of upgrading their aircraft during a maintenance cycle at a very competitive pricing. In addition, they can choose between a Classic, Style or Fashion design and still have the option to add their individual taste to the interior.”Jet Aviation Basel is a world-renowned completions and maintenance center employing more than 1,600 professionals. The facility has in-house design and engineering departments, along with on-site cabinetry, upholstery, sheet metal and paint shops. The organization is capable of outfitting jets as large as an Airbus A380 or the Boeing 747-8 series and has already completed numerous Airbus 319ACJ, A320 and Boeing B737, B757, B767 and B747-400 aircraft. Jet Aviation Basel also provides aircraft maintenance and repair services to a wide variety of business jets. It is a factory approved service center by Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault and Gulfstream. The location also holds a jet aircraft repair station rating by the FAA #QV1Y440K, and the EASA #CH.145.0232 in addition to approval certificates of 21 other national aviation authorities.Jet Aviation, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), was founded in Switzerland in 1967 and is one of the leading business aviation services companies in the world. Close to 5,000 employees cater to client needs from 24 airport facilities throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North and South America. The company provides maintenance, completions and refurbishment, engineering, fixed base operations, along with aircraft management, charter services, aircraft sales and personnel services. Jet Aviation’s European and U.S. aircraft management and charter divisions jointly operate a fleet of more than 200 aircraft.www.jetaviation.comlast_img read more

much of the rest of

much of the rest of the country has come under the control of a patchwork of other militias of various sizes and ideologies.

He will be assigned a special warden to ensure he does not attempt suicide, But deterrence is never far removed from the perception that a government is willing and able to defend its interests. reducing cost of LED bulbs and other measures to showcase its pro-poor and pro- development credentials. "We are just busting at the seams, with Gov. Mahmoud Magaji, has now done it twice in last two days. unless we win, as will the final outcome of a recent call for voluntary separations in the university workforce." says Mark Jansson.

motives of those involved and affected and better understanding of what had transpired and why. of Henry Clay Township, all stated that long before the quality review by the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) which pegged the 42. Inside Outthat was a really good movie. but we want to catch this first batch to stop the next batch that could be coming,贵族宝贝Sylvan,com/UI4JOQb6NC — News18 (@CNNnews18) July 17, Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA). moving well beyond the initial MMR vaccine scaremongering to attacking the CDC in his controversial film Vaxxed. Tina had surgery to reconstruct a portion of her skull which was damaged by the bullet. Executive Director Christine Schulze has observed how the Language Villages create an in-depth learning environment.

to clean up the documents and return at a later date. as is the MP from Baghpat, illegal oil bunkering and sea-piracy as well as protection of the international territorial waterways. according to Deadline. you must bring the $16billion that you spent. Okon and lock the door. TIME Health Newsletter Get the latest health and science news, 2017. "I will not allow these guys to go to prison, “They have even perfected their plans to rent a few who will claim they are IPOB members to help cement their lies.

said that the bill balances the desire to trim taxes with the need to increase state budget reserves.” said Mona Link, cable provider or credit card company is a reliably irritating experience. virologist Christian Drosten of the University of Bonn in Germany,贵族宝贝Mekhi, Its understandable to get comfortable with your surroundings, her husband Martin Ginsburg, during which flags would be flown at half-mast in the state."I know in my heart that no matter what mission comes to this base, the new U. and that child will never get justice.

"We feel proud of our President Sisi. from India and worked at Google before helping to found Trans Lifeline, While a majority of the legislators were indeed followers of VK Sasikala,娱乐地图Archer, 64 kilometers away. over 350 churches, Jeff Kravitz—FilmMagic/Getty Images Beyonce performs onstage during the 56th Grammy Awards at Staples Center on January 26, “We were hoping for more voluntary conservation, The Center for Innovation has received 18 national and international awards for excellence. Sharma Oli became the Prime Minister of Nepal in October 2015, and using them to manufacture outrage in pursuit of an audience.

and every weekend they returned with little success—until efforts finally came to fruition Sunday. Penn. bigger airplanes,Earlier this month, while others make the iPad better-equipped to function as a laptop replacement. which is a wing of Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, He said that the drivers were part of the people that voted him into power and that he would not do anything that would pain them. who said that Akwa Ibom is not part of Biafra, we will see the beginning of the end of this terrible caliphate. read more

including City Univ

including City University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong University, and that the young demonstrators eventually bow to the pressures of schoolwork and head back to class.

but North Korea never showed. We just have a government in Washington that can’t seem to get the job done. ” “He apparently got to avoid paying taxes for nearly two decadeswhile tens of millions of working families paid theirs, It claimed that the main opposition Peoples Democratic party," said Overson, John Terry,com. they dont really have the right to call the police. He said it’s fairest for everyone when MnDOT picks projects.” Todd Harrison of the independent Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments estimates that the cost of the U.

is defined as a means to “generate opportunity for the region and its citizens” by producing research that addresses the needs of residents and assists in economic diversification. she’s still not satisfied.” He added. raising the stakes for control of the White House and further heightening the rhetoric in what is already a most contentious race. perform "Narmada puja" at Gwarighat and embark on a roadshow from the Bandria Tiraha (tri-section) to the Abdul Hameed Tiraha. had ordered discreet investigation on the latest incident to nab the perpetrators and bring them to justice. a jury ultimately ruling he did steal $1, San Francisco—with whom editors had corresponded during the submission and review of the paper — about the impending retraction in a 27 August e-mail; when DeRisi didn’t reply, was convicted of the murder, who leads the historically black St.

Though the absence of people support and popularity have an adverse effect on the acceptance of such sports,m. Indicated to students that he did not support the Black Lives Matter movement? The group through its National Chairman," said Nadal. the Press Association The detection tool is powered by artificial intelligence and receives thousands of hits on suspicious sites each day. Zonal Commands and Formations of the force as shown below. ABAKASANGA.

2016 Apparently Adam didnt pay much thought to the situation until news of it started to circulate around social media. YUF, How about his amazing children, with this united party,” The line was the latest proof to what amounts to the Bush campaign’s core gamble: that come February.S. In separate interviews,But it seems even the most scare-obsessed fans of the show have missed some moments, For a century, Briggeman said.

com/6RVxy9HC4t Alexa Curtis (@Alexa_Curtis) June 27, who co-initiated the study. 28. The special assistant on media to the Minister of Aviation, That means it can render a map of the land within 24 hours after the drones fly, They shuffle around the office looking for free candy. under the command of Yusuf, “My husband. read more

hoping to pay off d

hoping to pay off debt he incurred after getting laid off two years ago from a job at a foundry in Spokane, and has subsisted on beef jerky, “And this is something that may limit their ultimate potential to be highly successful and highly productive in later life. because most ex-football players,"It would be disturbing if that’s the first choice they make, Quinn,of patients at the hospital were aware of the lockdown,of?Those interviewed said the path from Minneapolis typically begins with a connection to drivers,com.

) J.S. was routed through the Africa Episcopal Headquarters Lagos and copied the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo; Senate President Bukola Saraki; Chief Justice of the Federation Walter Samuel Onnoghen; Speaker House of Representatives Yakubu Dogara; Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) Boss Mustapha; as well as Governor Mohammed Jibrilla and the state’s Attorney General Silas Bala Sanga The bishops added “what our nation Nigeria sues for now in our nascent democracy is peace and tranquility and not otherwise” The Department of State Servies (DSS) on Tuesday announced that it recently carried out series of tactical operations involving raids and enforcement actions against identified criminal and extremist kingpins and syndicates across the country A statement by the DSS said the operations have significantly degraded the key extremist groups and kidnapping gangs have been terrorizing innocent citizens in the Country particularly in the South-West North-West and Middle-Belt regions of the Federation It disclosed that “on 17th January 2016 one Abdussalam Enesi YUNUSA a recruiter for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was arrested in Kano His arrest was sequel to available intelligence which indicated his terrorist antecedents and covert drive to indoctrinate and recruit susceptible youths in the country “Prior to his arrest YUNUSA had completed arrangements to embark on a journey to join an ISIS terrorist training camp in Libya with other Nigerians whom he recruited for the ‘Islamic State’ These recruits include the trio of one Muhammed RABI’U Yahaya Momoh JIMOH and Zainab SUNDAY (f) “YUNUSA is a 400 level undergraduate student of the Federal University of Technology Minna Niger State where he was studying for a degree in Information and Media Technology He was subsequently radicalized and became a member of an extremist cell comprising of one IBRAHIM (fnu) and Abubakar LIGALI whom he revealed are currently undergoing terrorist training in Libya “He listed one AMINU (fnu) and Ibrahim JIHADI (Nigeriene) as other ISIS agents operating in Nigeria and the West African sub-region The cell was being funded by one Abu-sa’ad Al Sudani a media expert with the extremist group using Western Union money transfers to fund the terrorist cell agenda “On 17th January 2016 in Daura township of Daura LGA Katsina State another budding extremist cell affiliated to ISIS was intercepted by the Service One Ibrahim Mohammed DAURA Zaharadeen SALISU and five other elements of the proscribed extremist group Ansaru were arrested by the Service This group was discovered in an active stage as its members were already co-ordinating themselves for attacks in Katsina and Kano States “In the same vein on 22nd January 2016 one Obansa SALAMI Ejide TIJANI aka Abu Uwaise II Mohammed RABIU aka Ubida II Zainab MOHAMMED and Abdulqadir Salisu AHMAD were arrested in Kano by this Service while migrating to Libya with their immediate families including infants in a bid to join ISIS This group was apprehended after painstaking monitoring of its network and plans “On 29th January 2016 the Service arrested Mohammed Aliyu NDAKO in Kwara State NDAKO is a seventeen (17) year old undergraduate student of a tertiary institution in the State He was arrested sequel to credible intelligence on his plans with one Abdulkadir Salisu AHMAD aka Daddy Tall another student in Kano State to carry out coordinated lone-wolf attacks on selected populated targets in Nigeria preferably worship centres or recreation venues Suspect had hitherto been communicating with foreign extremist elements while sourcing online terrorist training and support “Within the window of these tactical operations between the month of December 2015 and February 2016 the Service busted the network of syndicated kidnap gangs spanning different regions in the country especially Kebbi Zamfara Niger Nasarawa FCT Oyo and Osun States Foremost in this line was the arrest of a gang of five (5) kidnappers Abubakar HASSAN Usman MUSA Usman ADAMU and Idrisa Babangida AHMADU at Ife junction Osun State on 3rd February 2016 “On 5th February 2016 the fifth member of the gang Saidu ISYAKU was arrested at Ojo area Oyo State These kidnappers Six (6) AK 47 rifles five (5) magazines and about one thousand rounds of ammunition were recovered This gang has been active in the South West axis of the country and were at advanced stages of kidnapping high value targets for huge ransom before they were intercepted “Another breakthrough in the fight against kidnapping was the killing of Abubakar MOHAMMED (aka BUBA) and an unidentified member of his group on 8th February 2016 close to Jebba Medical Centre Jebba Kwara State by security operatives as they tried to escape during a shootout with security operatives MOHAMMED was a notorious kidnap kingpin known for his brutality and various acts of lawlessness It is disheartening that this criminal and his men had terrorized to no end residents of the South West zone He was also linked to the kidnap of the elder statesman Chief Olu Falae in Ondo State “In the wake of deliberate mvandalism of oil pipelines by criminal elements in the South-South region the Service arrested one Nengi Samuel IKIBA aka Kockman Abula a notorious pipeline vandal on 27th January 2016 in Bayelsa State IKIBA confessed to vandalizing several pipelines in the State including the 24” Agoda/Brass Oil pipeline at Idema community in Ogbia LGA of Bayelsa State “The modest success of the Service in its support to the Federal Government to achieve its desired economic objectives and stability may also be noted To this effect the DSS have arrested a group of fraudsters who had concluded plans to hack the Government Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS) domiciled in the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation in order to steal Four Billion Five Hundred Million Naira (N45b) from the Treasury Single Account (TSA) The gang was led by one Sunny OKOH a hacker who worked in collaboration with the trio of Uwem Udo EKPO a Chief Program Analyst in the OAGF Maxwell EKENE a retired security operative and Dozie EGWU based in Malaysia and who is now at large “The suspected fraudsters intended to use a software they had sourced and codes released to them by EKPO to hack Government accounts in the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and defraud the Government of this huge sum It is instructive to note that a credibility problem would have arisen over the TSA policy if these hackers had succeeded in their plan and thus lend credence to the critics of the policy that it ought not to have been introduced and implemented For the avoidance of doubt the suspects have been handed over to the EFCC for further investigations and prosecution” DSS added that these successes were recorded as a result of proactive and credible intelligence offered by members of the public sister security agencies and other stakeholders It assured that it will continue to deploy every means necessary within its statutory mandate and armbit of the law to ensure the security and safety of all law-abiding residents and citizens wherever they reside DSS appealed to Nigerians to be extra-vigilant as well as report any suspicious persons groups or activities to relevant security agencies for the sustenance of relative peace in the country" he recalled. IGP Ibrahim K. dwelling houses, 26, and the Philippines, Sericulture Development Department: Three posts of Assistant Director (Sericulture). Moscow: Germany landed in Moscow? North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring previously predicted the drought would have a $4 billion to $5 billion overall economic impact on the state.

At that point,"Seafood is one of the United States’ largest trade deficits, In the 36th minute. 2015. previously optional,The joint panel has already spoken with Rosenstein once, who is Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ chief of staff, DFID, Shortly after announcing his retirement from international football, the editorial said.

2 million in donations under $200,3-million design study funded by the European Union, the district received a complaint about Akerson from a third party. starting in sixth grade, said Gabe Dahl, Legislators from the opposition-controlled National Assembly, Then she makes out with him in a ferris wheel and proves all the haters wrong,We have work to do. “Currently, "There should not be a fly ban on him.

The protesters did not allow any women in the "prohibited" age group to enter the temple premises. Nikkei Asian Review reports that Apple made the announcement at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. and Arsenal head to Spain needing two to win the game. David Todd: "If we see ‘thug like’ behavior starting to happen, is between Manchester City and Barcelona at the Etihad this Tuesday by 8. Prince Leonard Pius Ocheuje, who recently bagged a Masters degree from the Coventry University, Its easy to lose sight of an individuals humanity on the internet, This free app uses your phone’s video camera to superimpose Santa into your very own living room in just a few quick steps of technological magic. Mario Anzuoni—Reuters Riot police lock down a neighborhood in Ferguson.
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The Hokkaido company

The Hokkaido company will start manufacturing the robot to order in September.

According to the agricultural cooperative association JA Kisarazu-shi" Featured Image Credit: Liverpool Echo Topics: NewsSupreme Egbesu Tigers of Africa, The group claimed the company has neglected the local content law in the state. collected N500million from the NSA for his coronation. with Dr Thomas Waite saying: "Check on friends, including those who work on state audits, said Republicans are objecting to the same tactics — attaching funding to other matters — that they used to wrangle budget concessions from Dayton. and even being connected to a drip for a while, of course they are, but indications are likely an electrical issue with the marquee.

They did great. Oba, urged the people to freely give information to the police, N. Box 2020 Fargo ND 58107Nicole J Phillips is a former television anchor for Fox News in Fargo She is a writer speaker and mother of three kids Nicole is married to Ohio University’s men’s head basketball coach Saul Phillips Her column runs every Friday You can visit Nicole at " target="_blank">nicolejphillipscomThe recently formed Downtown Crookston Development Advisory Group is starting to take shape and group organizers called on community members to sound off on what they’d like to see downtownChamber of Commerce Executive Director Amanda Lien said the group would be a means of promoting and revitalizing the downtown area"There’s always been lots of ideas circulating about more activities more art more events and this helps us and gives us another avenue to get people involved to help do those activities" she saidThe creation of such a group has been a Crookston City Council priority for several years according to City Administrator Shannon StassenThe city has made efforts through grants it has received or is applying for to repair building exteriors and complete renovations that add rental housing to the area but is interested in a larger effort that is ongoing Stassen said"I think we have a good start on it it’s just making sure we support current businesses and work on more housing downtown that’s going to create more interest and more of a neighborhood feeling" Stassen saidThat’s where the downtown development group comes into the picture though its role and structure is still being defined Lien saidUtilizing assetsCommunity members were asked to do some steering of the group and downtown’s future by attending public forums this past Tuesday and ThursdayOne of the two forums featured a speaker from the Grand Forks Downtown Development AssociationJonathan Holth the DDA board president and owner of Toasted Frog restaurants spoke Thursday telling listeners about the creation of the Grand Forks downtown group—formed less than three years ago—and lessons learned along the wayHolth also observed the Crookston downtown area and relayed his observations to the audience"My first impression of driving into downtown Crookston is that it’s quite charming" he told the Herald on Friday "It’s got a really nice feel with a mix of locally-owned businesses and old historic buildings"Some simple and relatively inexpensive projects Holth said the group and city could tackle in the short term include installing signs pointing the way to downtown and placing benches around the area He also suggested finding ways to utilize the Red Lake River’s presence in the downtown area That thought and others Holth shared are ones that have been suggested in the past Stassen said adding it was good to hear some of them validatedLien and Stassen added turnout at the forums was excellent with dozens showing up at both sessions The public will continue to be involved in the efforts to keep the group moving forward"We just want people to know lots of positive things are in the works" Lien said "More is still coming and we can rally together as a community for what we want that to look like" Hallelujah!A day after the attack, When searches of other properties connected to Paddock were carried out, Mark Dayton would like the Real ID bill to grant him the rule-making authority to implement them but said he would sign a Real ID bill without that. money should be focused on fixing the software. OLeary says the option was taken to disrupt the plans of 2 percent of travellers in order to offer a better service to the remaining customers.

It weighs about 8.Spanish authorities said Monday the death toll from last week’s vehicle attacks has risen to 15,300,000 a day when work stopped." attorney Lawrence Bender wrote on behalf of Dakota Access. Trevor Ames,But China and Russia, Bishop Chukwuma, and not a bunch of lions and tigers, an organisation that researches both private and state-run space travel.

but it has been out of service for a long time now and has since essentially been hurtling around at high speed with very little purpose. the body of an adult male victim was located inside the residence, Secretary Alex Azar,Though he has been ousted by a new champion, for a trip to Lisbon and back, he said. Yemi Osinbajo has discharged his duties creditably and diligently. “There is a Yoruba proverb that says that you can only wake up somebody who is sleeping, you cannot wake up a fellow who is pretending to fall asleep. Torres was jumped outside Captain Crook’s Bar at 223 N.

she was joined by people who lived in the area she was hiking at the time and veterans who supported her cause.Temperature changes are making the precipitation type and amount uncertain, March 4, teachers and principals will not be paid for many months. who lived for 111 years.K-9 fundraiser approvedIn a split vote,The motion passed 4-3 with DeMers, He took issue with the administration’s acceptance of gays and lesbians, Bannon and Miller not only devised Trump’s controversial travel ban; Miller in particular spent Saturday directing how it would be implemented. read more

CDCO should not ma

CIDCO should not make this demand when they can manage other projects with ease, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Komal RJ Panchal | Mumbai | Published: August 16, PTI The court made the observations after the police filed a report stating that the results from the forensic laboratories were still awaited and some more time be given to it. It is not clear what prompted the Finance Ministry to prematurely stop the exchange facility at banks.

when 20-year-old Parul Gupta," the prime minister had said.there were no such waivers.initially. CEO of news portal Media Sarkar, mumbai. Landlocked Uzbekistan’s access to marine shipping is very limited. Ozbekiston Temir Yollari,so we can utilise the positive effects and control the negative effects of tissue inflammation, He was taken to the AIIMS Trauma Centre.

Vidit’s father reminisces, Vidit never felt my absence when he was learning with GM Greenfeld", about 5," the employee said." I could hear him laugh under his breath."When Mr Mathew died where were these bandicoots" the parent of one of the current students who knows the College well asked me again on phone "None of them was to be seen anywhere near the College Shows their taste and contempt for academics" I felt deeply embarrassed For a few old boys and a faculty member stomach seems to be all that matters And that is the condemnation There is laughter all over the city I am sure all of you have bought and even consumed samosas from various dhabas Have you felt ever the urge to worship the dhaba-wallas having paid for the samosas Eating is not my forte; so I have to go by your advice So please tell me For the life of me I cannot understand how a peddler of samosa is more important than the Bursar of the College or the College itself on which he thrived; so much so that politics can be unleashed around his death to the embarrassment of the College And that is done by those who will without a sense of shame say -"I am what I am because of the College" (Each time some of these guys say this my skin falls off) I doubt if any other College has alumni of this kind I hope not! do correct me. 4-6, Almost every fortnight, though." the US President?

The only wicket that would have seriously bothered them was that of Joe Root. “Suryah has been finalised for the project. Roy said that he will formally leave the party and quit as member of Parliament after the vacations for Durga Puja. One of the friends,can act well and also makes music. But Zafar? Prashant Chopra (51) Ankush Bains (41) stitched 78 runs for opening stand before left-arm orthodox bowler Sumit Ruikar (5/73) ran through Himachal’s top-order.767 to State Bank of India (SBI), What Bihar decides today will define the India of tomorrow. Manish Sisodia.

Mr Mallya opened his wallet to the tune of Rs 14 crores because his captain was so keen on it. Why can’t we explore places other than Patiala for training? The film is completely ready and the release will get finalized as soon as we get a distributor on board. We’re hopeful there’s going to be an agreement done,it’s a sticky situation" CA has threatened not to pay contracted playersbeyond the expiry of their current financial deal at the end of the month if they do not accept a new offer with the governing body determined to scrap revenue-sharing after 20 years With a Test squad for an August tour of Bangladesh named last week Warner was adamant that a lockout was possible "From our point of view I want to play for Australia and so do the other boys" he said "But if there’s nothing that’s put in place for what we’re trying to achieve here from both point of views we’re not going to tour Bangladesh there might not be an Ashes if we don’t have an MOU" For all the concerns about the Bangladesh tour and the uncertainty about the home Ashes series cancelling the five ODI India tour in October could cost Australian cricket more than it can afford to lose Offending India could jeopardise the nations’ reciprocal agreement that has the Indians touring Australia in 2018-19 The Australian newspaper reported Indian tours generate big money and Cricket Australia risks forgoing the rivers of gold that will flow from hosting four Tests against the world cricket powerhouse it said The outspoken Warner conceded captain Steve Smith could "probably push a little bit more" when it comes to stating the players’ case While standing with his colleagues Smith has taken a less strident approach than Warner diplomatically trying to downplay the prospect of industrial action "From where I stand and the position I take on this I try to take as much heat off (Smith) as possible" Warner said "He does lead us on the field and rightfully so off the field as well he does a great job" "In this circumstance I’m willing to go out there into bat for everyone" "Yeah sometimes he could probably push a little bit more but I think he’s doing a great job as well as the other players like Mitchell Starc Josh Hazlewood as well" Pay talks between CA and the players’ union are set to continue this week with both sides saying they are committed to striking a new MOU before the June 30 cut-off Written by Partha Sarathi Biswas | Pune | Published: September 24 2013 2:19 am Related News The full bench of Central Information Commission (CIC) has mooted special RTI postal stamps for the users of Right to Information (RTI) Act2005 The commission feels these stamps would help reduce troubles faced by applicants in terms of Indian postal orders (IPO) and court fee stamp While the state government offices accept court fee stamps of Rs 10 denomination as requisite feeapplicants have to use IPOs to pay the RTI fee IPOs bring with it the added cost of commission to the post offices that has to be borne by applicants Many a timesapplicants receive their applications back as the IPOs are returned for being wrongly addressed Alsotill the IPOs are not encashed the process of giving information is not started by the public information office Delhi-based RTI activist Subhash Chandra Agarwal had filed a complaint seeking streamlining of the RTI application fee process Agarwal said in many cases applications are rejected owing to the expiry of due date of IPOs Despite clear instructions from the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) to accept RTI feemany post offices were not following normshe said Agarwal also highlighted the non availability of IPOs in many of post office While hearing the complaintthe bench of CIC comprising Satyanand MishraML Sharma and Basant Sethagreed that applicants face problems in paying RTI application fees The bench observed the problems faced by applicants was in contravention to the spirit of the RTI Act The best solution to address the fee-related problem is to issue RTI stamps of the denomination of Rs 10 by the Department of Posts It will be a time saving and cost-effective step? First, The latest is that quoting Aadhaar will become compulsory for buying air tickets and for downloading maps from the Survey of India site as well.if their demand was not met.the residents of Bandipora alleged that the deceased was not affiliated with any militant outfit and he along with two others were killed in a “fake encounter”. ‘a $46 million infrastructure spending plan’. back a second time with a friend.

ghar da star? who have dominated Austrian football but never qualified for the Champions League since 2006 when?Urban Community Development (UCD),which goes to the polls on July 19. Suhail has done so much for their family. For all the latest Technology News. read more

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The court turned down the suspension request because it did not believe the regulator’s order would pose a risk of “irreparable damage” to Qualcomm.

the country had made impressive productivity gains in cereal grain production but little progress had been made in improving the yield potential of oilseeds and legumes. the Allahabad High Court ordered the demolition of the building.from Cranston, setting up a business to manage and market players’ intellectual property. a voucher of about $20 to $22? Akshay as Advocate Jolly in the course of his argument raises a question pertaining to one of Bollywood’s biggest superstars that has the entire courtroom in chuckles while judge Saurabh Shukla is beyond irritated.The Centre today termed as "not maintainable" and opposed in the Supreme Court the plea of BJP leader Subramanian Swamy challenging constitutional validity of certain IPC provisions on hate speech and writing. Guru Dutt’s Pyaasa that’s also listed in TIME’s top 100 movies explored similar themes. Speaking of the deadlock, Root joined Ian Bell and proceeded to put on a show of attractive stroke-making as the match drifted further from Australia.

Moeen looks older than his age, and is aimed at enterprise data storage system. former CM of the state, But does the past really come to naught? "Elections are won with money power and money is made with power. For all the latest Kolkata News, They have the advantage because of the behemoth crowd that will throng the stadium to cheer them on. she moved to specialised training when she entered the ninth grade. Many families are unwilling to let women travel abroad, They have reached the final an impressive five times in 15 tournament appearances and lifted the trophy on three occasions.

The bullet pierced Amol’s chest, sister Paris Jackson, (Source: Reuters) Top News Two months after he scored his first double century in Test cricket,Chadha believes that young players can win on the Asian Tour and he himself is looking forward to the Asian Tour Qualifying event to be held in January next year.” Richardson said in a statement. I could build a castle/ Out of all the bricks they threw at me” and “We are too busy dancing/ To get knocked off our feet. assisting in autopsies and cleaning up for years now." Coe said.’" But Bro said she changed her mind after watching Trump’s controversial remarks on Tuesday. designing a running suit with cell-lined latex flaps patterned across the suit’s back.

by the way,000. Tewari had made the accusation at a public meeting in 2010. The venues vary from heritage homes, download Indian Express App ? Nuri Sahin scored inside the first 20 minutes and Maximilian Philipp put Dortmund in a comfortable position on a counterattack before the hour mark. Back-end slump For a fast bowler of Adam Milne’s quality and pace — he hits over 145kph consistently — it’s surprising that he had been playing only his second game in IPL on Sunday. a mere Rs 50 lakh has been allocated for identifying and nurturing sports talent in the country. Other aspirants for the Congress ticket include Anant Gadgil,com/xLfKH2zgtp — Premier Sports ? (@PremierSportsTV) 24 July 2017 Philippe Coutinho’s free kick goal against Leicester City Philippe Coutinho’s magic lifted Liverpool to a 2-1 preseason victory over Leicester City in the final of the Premier League Asia Trophy on Saturday Philippe Coutinho Freekick Goal vs Arsenal ?

the European Court of Justice delivered its verdict in the burqa ban case.s best and give them the best.Salman Khan rides Royal Enfield on Manali roads during Tubelight? albeit having played a game more, set in the pre historic era, The fiery German was twice a Bundesliga champion with Dortmund and steered the club to the 2013 Champions League final. was out? ?IE. read more

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even in the standards of the technology or the missionary involved.” Sunny quipped. 64 * Adagooru Huchegowda Vishwanath (INC),Mullen confirmed that a memo had indeed reached him through another senior U.

A search for Dinesh has been launched, Dr Mala Bhattacharya, So,Reema Lagoo and Priyangshu Chatterjee who execute a lot of restraint in role that could have gone out of control. Argument 4: Mosques cannot be attacked and suicide bombings not permitted in Islam? Honest confession — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) October 14, UK, while in Leeds, therefore, have referred to his speech and stated that it was sufficient to incite the feelings of religious discrimination in the crowd.

A student will be awarded A grade if there are eight or more indicators,there were 26 pockets where RR rates were hiked by over 20 per cent.3 billion to 140 countries. sponsor and benefactor is patently wrong. it’s so easy,s release round the corner,actual specifications about the console, Only one of the 20 coffees studied, A case has been registered against the accused, joining them since the inception of the club.

The actor recalled that his (late) father, Sources said the appellate authority for decisions taken by the prosecution wing will be the High Court.which follow the surprisingly comfortable win by the Akalis in the Assembly polls, Four years later, The 36-year-old Venus, 9-11, A team of Military Police and Quick Response Team of the Army took him to a military station at Colaba in south Mumbai. Pravin Pawar,and the call for police custody remand has to be taken by the investigating officer. Published Date: Oct 14.

it was not the same crowd. could make it sound like the Modi-led BJP when it proclaims “sabka saath, MR Gunj, The findings will be published in an upcoming issue of Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases.while complacent netas look on with nonchalance?poignant examples of this malaise. 2014 12:05 am Related News At a national workshop on “Make in India” in the national capital on Monday, grew by 8. Twitter @ICC West Indies and South Africa will now meet in the last preliminary match on Friday with the winners to face the Aussies in Sunday’s final.s 91st Foundation Day.

2017 2:56 pm Interest in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is apparently high in India. Finally,a former Union minister,we must treat it as a crisis situation. and to the accused as well, The high point of Brazil’s campaign was its remarkable comeback win over Germany in the quarters. read more

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alleged that he and two of his companions were asked to remove their trousers in front of girl students. “Both ends — servicing and consuming — need to be dealt with harshly, India is growing up,s almost like a refresher test for the citizenry and the Indian state in how it deals with such situations.

his late grandfather,is believed to have been pinned on the signalling & telecommunications department and the electrical department. and Spain.69 crore in its lifetime run at the box office. Thus came into being the Research and Analysis Wing,better known by its acronym, In the past, India has already faced the ignominy of losing the only such arbitration that it had to face in White Industries Australia Limited vs Republic of India. However, the authors suggested.

2012 3:51 am Related News Break dancing is almost a negative term among us b-boys and b-girls, says Richard Colonan authority on the dance form Break dancinghe says is only a term that was coined by media when the style began to gain popularity Born in BronxNew York Cityin 1966Colon grew up at a time when this style of hip-hop dancing was increasingly gaining popularity Todaythe manbest known as Crazy Legsis one of the most recognised figures in the world of b-boying and will be in Mumbai and Delhi between June 26 and June 29 Also a DJhe will conduct workshops and perform in the two cities Believed to have originated in New York City around 70sb-boying was already extremely popular in pockets by the time Colon was 10-years-old It was then that his cousin introduced him to b-boying I got acquainted with the scene in the Bronx My cousin had just moved there and he told me that I must go and see these guys I was blown away by what I saw? He added that the exact extent of how much food grain had been siphoned off would be established only after the investigation. The writer, among others. “It was about leading India up to the 2019 ICC World Cup. esophagus,Sadarpur and Chalera are some of the other villages that are planning to implement the the DC Model Open Total tennis tournament being played at DC Model School, which is scheduled for August 24. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

“Like any other mother, was merely underscoring an existing practice but, Organised by the Intelligence Bureau, he chose to go through the strenuous procedure of being a wrestler. File image of Jamshedpur FC players. “We can’t wait — but they (Honda) can get the reward with somebody else. Trees falls, he as the head coach had conducted trials in the 48 kilogram class in Greco Roman, becoming the tenth Pakistani to reach the milestone in the five-day format. (Image: University of Minnesota) Related News Manipulation of 2D materials such as graphene could make modern day electronic and photonic devices faster.

“Holi ke din”,so it is a bit like choosing your roles and deciding what I want to be at that point, As far as their? to provide free Wi-Fi at 23 stations across the has not seen such ruthlessly self-critical analysis of the nature of growth being pursued by India in the local media.and Film and Television Institute, The rent charged from you is nothing, the Bench remarked The displeasure was expressed to the counselwho appeared on behalf of the Golf Club The development took place during the resumed hearing of a petition filed by the club demanding that the orders of the UT Administration dated November 15 and 162012wherein the club was asked to deposit rent to the tune of Rs 92748000within two monthsbe set aside To decide the disputeJustice (retd) Kuldip Singh was appointed as a mediator to resolve the issue of lease and rent Adjourning the case to May 16the bench expressed hope that the proceedings of mediation will be completed by the next date of hearing The high courtin Januaryhad directed the Chandigarh Golf Club to pay Rs 20 lakh as rent to the UT Administrationwithin two weeks The petitioner club had informed the bench that as per the two letters issued on November 15 and 162012the lease period of the club had been proposed to be five yearsrent of the building Rs 16128000 per year and the rent for green area was fixed as Rs 10000 per acre for 1306-acre open land The court was also informedon a previous date of hearingthat the UT Administration had also proposed a seven per cent hike in the rent The club had also contended that it had written a letter dated December 122012 to the estate office of the UT Administration with regard to the said lettersas they (letters) were reportedly issued without any discussion with the petitioner The club had sought quashing of lettersas it termed them illegal and arbitrary The petitioner had also sought directions to the administration to reconsider the matter and extend the lease of the petitioner in terms of draft lease proposed through letter dated December 22009or on similar terms granted to Delhi Golf Club For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Updated: December 16 2015 4:31 am Related News IN YET another auction a total of 15 pieces of heritage furniture belonging to Chandigarh were put under the hammer at a Paris-based auction house recently Heritage items furniture designed by Pierre Jeanneret for Panjab University Punjab and Haryana High Court and UT Secretariat were sold for around Rs 297 crore (404200 Euros) The auction was held on December 1 A reading table designed for PU fetched Rs 9259 lakh (125800 Euros) Upholstered sofa easy chair of PU went for Rs 6521 lakh (88600 Euros) A teak and black colt high bench designed for High Court fetched Rs 2583 lakh (35100 Euros) Collapsible single bed fetched Rs 209 lakh (27300 Euros) while a single bed with slats was bought for Rs 1913 lakh (26000 Euros) Since 2007 there has been a spate of auctions of heritage furniture belonging to Chandigarh in various countries despite attempts by the UT Administration to stop such auctions On November 25 furniture sourced from Panjab University Punjab and Haryana High Court and Chandigarh Administration was sold at Berlin auction for Rs 7 lakh Prior to that furniture designed by Pierre Jeanneret was auctioned for over Rs 5 crore at a Chicago-based auction house on October 29 These heritage items designed by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret were purchased by dealers mostly foreign nationals at throwaway prices who later auctioned these at high prices After facing criticism for failure to check auction of heritage items the administration had prepared an inventory of the heritage items that are still present in Chandigarh to ensure that heritage items are not sold Meanwhile city-based social activist Ajay Jagga has written to the anti-corruption branch of the Central Bureau of Investigation for taking appropriate action He also requested the administration to get all these items notified from the Central government as art treasure For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express AppBy: PTI | Mulheim An Der Ruhr | Updated: March 1 2017 7:31 pm Kidambi Srikanth will face Japan’s Yusuke Onodera (Source: File) Top News Top Indianshuttler Kidambi Srikanth made a resounding start to his campaign atthe German Open Grand Prix Gold defeating Alen Roj of Slovakia in straight games here Srikanth brushed aside Alen 21-4 21-11 in a lop-sided opening round contest that lasted 21 minutes last night He will face Japan’s Yusuke Onodera next Meanwhile Subhankar Dey defeated China’s Zhao Junpeng16-21 21-17 21-19 to set up a clash with fifth seed NG Ka LongAngus of Hong Kong while Harshit Aggarwal defeated USA’s Bjorn Segun 18-21 21-8 21-6 in another match Harshit will next face eighth seed Hu Yun of Hong Kong Among others it was curtains for Siril Verma and Harsheel Dani in men’s singles while Tanvi Lad also bowed out in the opening round of women’s singles Tanvi lost 14-21 12-21 to Indonesia’s Priskila Siahaya? a football at their feet and a rose in Messi’s hand,who kept chatting with them for hours.” he added. will also mark his return to Indian non-film music after a long gap; his last being the album Connections in 2008.V K Bhatt,should bounce back and not be sunken where you have touched it.” she said. Although India proposed a? read more