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Austal Philippines Wins 5th Ferry Order in 12 MonthsAustal Philippines Wins 5th Ferry Order in 12 Months

first_imgzoom Austal Philippines, part of Australian shipbuilding group Austal, has received the fifth high-speed commercial ferry order in just over twelve months. Namely, VS Ferries Corporation of Samar in the Philippines has awarded an AUD 5.5 million (USD 4.3 million) contract to Austal for the construction of a 30-meter all-aluminium catamaran, designed by Incat Crowther.“In just 5 years of operation, Austal Philippines has delivered 13 vessels and established a highly efficient workforce, utilising advanced, modular shipbuilding techniques developed right here in Australia,” David Singleton, Austal Chief Executive Officer, said.Construction of the new ferry, with capacity to carry up to 300 passengers at speeds of up to 25 knots, will commence in September 2017, with delivery scheduled for August 2018, according to the shipbuilder.Established in Balamban, Cebu in 2012, Austal Philippines specializes in commercial shipbuilding.last_img read more

Pope John Paul II Remembered For VisionPope John Paul II Remembered For Vision

first_imgPope John Paul II was a man of vision whose message of peace willbe remembered for generations, Lt.-Gov. Myra Freeman said today,April 3. “As the Queen’s representative in Nova Scotia, I extendcondolences over the passing of Pope John Paul II,” said thelieutenant-governor. “His death on Saturday, April 2, takes fromthe world a steady and guiding hand in the ongoing campaign forworld peace.” The lieutenant-governor said Pope John Paul II led by example. “Nova Scotians of all faiths join together at this sad time torecall the pontiff’s visit to our province in 1984. Through histravels, Pope John Paul II helped unite the world, reaching outto communities and to individuals, encouraging people everywhereto join him in championing the cause of human rights.” The lieutenant-governor said that commitment to world peace wasfully entwined with his passion for children and youth. “His vision and commitment to young people will ensure that hisgood works continue,” she said, “strengthening our globalfuture.” -30-last_img read more

India Nestles fastest growing key market in 2018India Nestles fastest growing key market in 2018

first_imgNew Delhi: India was the fastest growing key market for Nestle in 2018, with a 10.9 per cent growth in local currency terms, the Swiss major said Friday. Nestle India, which had faced big crisis in its popular brand Maggi four years ago, reported a revenue of Rs 11,292.27 crore in 2018 and was among top 15 markets globally. “We are the fastest growing key market for Nestle in the world in 2018. We grew at 10.9 per cent in the local currency terms,” said Nestle India Chairman Managing Director Suresh Narayanan. Also Read – Commercial vehicle sales to remain subdued in current fiscal: IcraThe company follows January-December financial year. As per Nestle’s global result, the US is the leading market in terms of sales followed by China, France, Brazil and the United Kingdom. Other major markets for the Swiss major include Mexico, Germany, Philippines, Japan and Russia. Nestle India, Friday said as part of its product portfolio expansion, the company ventured into ‘organic’ food products and introduced ‘Ceregrow Organic Selection’ in its kids cereal brand. Also Read – Ashok Leyland stock tanks over 5 pc as co plans to suspend production for up to 15 days”This is a beginning… we will look at ways and means of expanding our portfolio in the whole organic area,” he said adding “we have been working for more than two years. The raw materials have to be sourced from farms where organic practices are put in place.” Nestle, as part of its diversification strategy, is adding new products in its portfolio post Maggi crisis. The company also plans to expand its organic range and add more products. According to Narayanan, organic is a worldwide trend but for India and it is something which is relatively nascent.last_img read more

Myanmar refugees leaving Thailand for third countries passes 20000 mark – UNMyanmar refugees leaving Thailand for third countries passes 20000 mark – UN

The number of Myanmar refugees leaving Thailand to start new lives in third countries has topped 20,000, under the world’s largest refugee resettlement programme, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) announced today.Since the programme began in January 2005, a total of 20,787 refugees have left Thailand as of 10 December, while an additional 3,741 have been approved for resettlement and are waiting to leave.Most of these refugees fled the fighting and oppression in their home country of Myanmar over the past 11 years, and have taken refuge in nine camps – housing 124,300 registered refugees – along the border with Thailand.“Resettlement is an important solution for refugees for whom returning home or integrating into their countries of asylum is not possible, and we are grateful to resettlement countries for giving so many refugees the opportunity of a new life,” UNHCR spokesperson Jennifer Pagonis told reporters in Geneva today.The largest number of Myanmar refugees has departed Thailand for the United States, which made an open-ended offer in 2005 to take refugees from Thai camps.Thus far, nearly 12,000 Myanmar refugees have moved to cities such as Minneapolis, Minnesota; Fresno, California; Lansing, Michigan; and Dallas, Texas.Meanwhile, 2,154 Myanmar refugees in Thailand have begun new lives in Australia, while 2,132 have resettled in Canada. Other countries where refugees have resettled are Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden. 11 December 2007The number of Myanmar refugees leaving Thailand to start new lives in third countries has topped 20,000, under the world’s largest refugee resettlement programme, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) announced today. read more

Dixie cup plant to close in Brampton Ont 133 workers to loseDixie cup plant to close in Brampton Ont 133 workers to lose

More than 100 employees will lose their jobs after Georgia-Pacific announced it will close its Dixie cup manufacturing plant in Brampton, Ont.“The decision was based on kind of business needs and customer demand,” said spokesman Kelly Ferguson.“It really is just a reflection of the market and the demand for our cup products.”The plant will close no later than the fourth quarter of the company’s financial year, he said.The move will cost 128 manufacturing workers and five customer service employees their positions. They were informed of the decision last week.In recent months, many companies have turned away from single use plastic straws after facing pressure from environmental groups to cut back on waste.Starbucks, Ikea, A&W, Recipe Unlimited Corp. and others have announced they would phase oSut plastic straws from their restaurants over the next several years. Some cities have even banned the product.But Ferguson doesn’t think the demand issues for Dixie cups stem from companies turning to reusable or compostable alternatives — like many have done with straws. The cups are made with paper.The product is still in demand, he said, but some of the company’s customers in Canada are choosing to purchase from other cup manufacturers.Georgia-Pacific’s plants in the U.S. that manufacture Dixie cups will remain open, he said.Follow @AleksSagan on Twitter. read more

Interest in condo living is on the riseInterest in condo living is on the rise

by News Staff Posted Jul 4, 2014 6:41 pm MDT Interest in condo living is on the rise AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email More and more Calgarians are considering condo living and taking it seriously.Bill Kirk with the Calgary Real Estate Board says a maturing condo market downtown can be seen with new developments going up in various price ranges and more buyers looking for that kind of home.He says, “We’ve continued to see condos as a viable lifestyle and forming more and more of a part of our real estate market, so there’s no question that they’re going to grow as a portion of our market over time.”Kirk adds new high-rises going up in the west end of downtown, as well as similar developments around the city, have seen a growing number of applications. read more

Calgary company unveils groundbreaking carbon capture project in Squamish BCCalgary company unveils groundbreaking carbon capture project in Squamish BC

Calgary company unveils groundbreaking carbon capture project in Squamish, B.C. Workers are seen at Calgary-based Carbon Engineering’s first direct air capture plant in Squamish, B.C., on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The plant extracts carbon dioxide directly from atmospheric air in a closed-loop industrial process. A pellet reactor system is used to take the carbon dioxide that has been absorbed from the air into liquid in an air contractor and transform it into a solid pellet which can be dried and moved to a calciner for carbon dioxide release and purification. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck SQUAMISH, B.C. – The mountain air in Squamish, B.C., could soon be even fresher with the launch of a groundbreaking carbon capture operation.The pilot project will suck carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, not from an industrial plant like other such operations, with the goal of turning the gas into fuel.Built and operated by Calgary-based Carbon Engineering, the $9-million plant will capture about one tonne of CO2 per day, which is the equivalent of taking about 100 cars off the road annually.Founded by Harvard climate scientist David Keith and backed by big-name investors including Bill Gates, Carbon Engineering has spent several years turning academic research into technology that could be commercialized.The company will unveil its pilot plant in Squamish on Friday.The operation has been capturing CO2 since May, but its primary purpose is to prove that the technology can work on a much larger scale, taking in up to one-million tonnes per day.“It’s still a pilot-scale plant,” explained Adrian Corless, Carbon Engineering’s CEO. “But it’s very important, because it’s the first time that anyone’s demonstrated a technology that captures CO2 that has the potential to be scaled up to be large enough to be relevant from an environmental or climate point of view.”The plant works by moving large volumes of air through a piece of equipment where CO2 is absorbed by a liquid solution, and then transformed into pellets of calcium carbonate. The pellets are then heated to 800 or 900 degrees Celsius and break down, releasing pure carbon.“There’s no real magic to it,” Corless said. “The pieces of equipment already exist today in very large scale. And we’ve really adapted them from other industries.”It may not be magic, but it is innovative — Carbon Engineering is a world leader in direct-air carbon capture, Corless said.Soon the company will take the technology even farther, building another system that will turn the captured carbon into useable transportation fuel by adding hydrogen from renewable sources, such as solar, wind or hydro.“It’s not something that we were the first to think about it,” Corless said. “I think we’re just the first to be in position with that key piece of technology — which is the scalable source of atmospheric CO2 — that allows you to think about making a larger scale fuel synthesis plant.”Once that plant is running in 2016 or 2017, it will produce 200 to 400 litres of gasoline or diesel per day, and there are already groups interested in buying the product, Corless said.Eventually, the fuel could be used for ships or planes.“The nice thing about the technology is that there are no real limitations for it to ultimately, in theory, displace all of the existing fossil-based transportation fuels,” Corless said.Built on the site of a former Nexen chemical facility in Squamish, Carbon Engineering’s pilot plant is bringing new technology to an area undergoing long-term development.The pilot plant could be game changing in terms of reducing the global carbon footprint and it could make the mountain town a hub for green technology in the process, said Mayor Patricia Heintzman.“When you start to bring in people who are problem solvers and entrepreneurs who see opportunity when it’s there and aren’t blind to it, that’s an exciting place for a community to be. You can really grow on that,” she said.“I think it’s great when smart innovators are coming into a community. That’s where your future is.” by Gemma Karstens-Smith, The Canadian Press Posted Oct 8, 2015 3:53 pm MDT Last Updated Oct 8, 2015 at 5:47 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

UN agency helps more than 25000 refugees return to their homes inUN agency helps more than 25000 refugees return to their homes in

“The 25,000 mark was passed last Friday – the current total of those helped back by UNHCR is 25,696,” said the spokesperson for the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Adrian Edwards, at a press briefing in Geneva. “UNHCR hopes to repatriate a further 24,000 more refugees, mostly from Equateur province, across the Oubangui River to the DRC by the end of this year, plus a further 32,000 next year,” he added. There are currently more than 100,000 Congolese in the neighbouring Republic of Congo, who have been living in isolated areas along the river since fleeing ethnic clashes in the DRC’s Equateur province in 2009. Since July, UNHCR has picked up the pace of returns, providing each family with an aid package on arrival and initiating reintegration activities to ensure a sustainable return especially in the Libenge and Kungu territories, the spokesperson said. “So far, and with a limited budget, UNHCR and its partners have distributed 700 shelter kits for spontaneous returnees and have also built 350 shelters and 12 wells for the most vulnerable households as well as primary schools,” Mr. Edwards noted, adding that the refugee agency has also started awareness campaigns to ensure peaceful co-existence between the various communities. Returnees have also told UNHCR staff that they believe the security situation has improved, while parents say they want to go back to enroll their young children in primary schools. At the height of the crisis, about 143,000 Congolese fled their villages for safety in Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic (CAR) when clashes erupted between the Munzaya and Enyele ethnic groups over traditional fishing and farming rights. Mr. Edwards added that an additional 100,000 Congolese were displaced inside Equateur province, but most returned home when conditions improved, while a few thousand refugees also returned on their own from the Republic of Congo and CAR. read more

At World Economic Forum Ban urges unified action on crises in SyriaAt World Economic Forum Ban urges unified action on crises in Syria

“People and policies are connected like never before. We must pull together because we are tied together. From Syria and Mali today, to the foundations for peace and prosperity tomorrow, that is my call to action to you and to the world at this time,” Mr. Ban said in his special address to the Forum. “Let not our inaction today lead to harsh judgement tomorrow.”Mr. Ban stressed that military confrontation is having an unprecedented toll for people in Syria, where more than 60,000 people have been killed and hundreds of thousands more have been displaced since the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad began in early 2011. Recent months have witnessed an escalation in the conflict, which is now in its 23rd month and has left more than 4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance.“However difficult this situation is, we must push for a political solution,” Mr. Ban said. “Seemingly intractable divides have been bridged in other conflicts and contexts. As long as there is a possibility to end this crisis through talks, that is what we must keep doing.”Mr. Ban reiterated his full support for the diplomatic efforts of the Joint Special Representative of the UN and the League of Arab States, Lakhdar Brahimi to establish a political process, while underscoring that it will be essential for the Security Council “to overcome the deadlock, and find unity that will make meaningful action possible.”Mr. Ban added that inaction would be a resignation to Syria’s destruction and would be too costly — and unacceptable. “That would be an abdication of our collective responsibility to protect. The world, and above all the Security Council, must uphold its responsibilities.”Despite restricted access due to insecurity and limitation imposed by the Syrian Government, humanitarian agencies are feeding 1.5 million people and providing relief supplies to some 400,000. However, Mr. Ban stressed that this is not enough, and added that the humanitarian community needs $1.5 billion to continue carrying out its work over the next six months, representing the largest ever short-term appeal. Regarding Mali, Mr. Ban warned that the crisis is deepening, with increasing reports of sexual violence, recruitment of child soldiers and reprisals against civilian Tuareg and Arab populations.“The country is under grave threat from extremist armed insurgents,” Mr. Ban said. “A toxic mix of poverty, extreme climatic conditions, weak institutions, drug smuggling, and the easy availability of deadly weapons is causing profound misery and dangerous insecurity in and beyond Mali.”Fighting between Government forces and Tuareg rebels broke out in the northern part of the country last January, after which radical Islamists seized control of the area. The renewed clashes in the North, as well as the proliferation of armed groups in the region, drought and political instability in the wake of a military coup d’état in March have uprooted hundreds of thousands of civilians over the course of 2012.Mr. Ban reaffirmed the UN’s commitment to support the West African country in security efforts as well as humanitarian and political assistance. Last week, a UN team arrived in the capital, Bamako, to assist in building a process that would address both military and political concerns.However, Mr. Ban underlined that the events in Mali are affecting the entire Sahel region, where some 18 million people have been affected by food shortages and the threat of insecurity, and called on the international community to support all governments there.“We cannot expect to address the issues in Mali unless we confront the challenges affecting the broader region,” he said. “The governments and people of the Sahel need our full support […] I urge all leaders to do their part in the collective response to Mali’s plight, and I reiterate the UN’s strong commitment to do ours.”While in Davos, Mr. Ban also met with the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmet Davutoglu, with whom he exchanged views on the crisis in Syria. He also met with the Prime Minister of Kenya, Raila Odinga, with whom he discussed preparations for the country’s general election later this year, and the President of Guatemala, Otto Pérez Molina. read more

Every NBA Teams Chance Of Winning In Every Minute Across Every GameEvery NBA Teams Chance Of Winning In Every Minute Across Every Game

Can you summarize the NBA season in one chart? With 794 games, more than 152,000 possessions and some 372,000 plays, probably not, but we’ve given it a shot. What you see above is the 2014-15 season’s win probabilities, summarized. At any point in an NBA game, each team has a probability of winning based on the time remaining, the score and the situation (i.e. after a made shot, shooting foul, etc.). In the chart, each team’s in-game win probability is averaged over each minute of regulation time. It’s like watching a win-loss record develop in real time.The win probability model that provides the foundation of the chart uses data from 13 NBA seasons (2000 to 2012). The model is not based on simulations, but rather it does its best to reflect how NBA games are actually played, won and lost.One of our favorite findings: The Golden State Warriors and Atlanta Hawks share a similar win-loss record, but they’ve taken different paths to get to that point. The Warriors have shown more dominance throughout games, often building early, insurmountable leads. The Hawks, in contrast, don’t pull away until the fourth quarter.Let us know about your own discoveries in the comments below. read more

What We Know And Dont Know After 2 World Cup GamesWhat We Know And Dont Know After 2 World Cup Games

sara.ziegler: It did feel like the starters might have finished some of those shots in the second half, but against a keeper like Endler, maybe not!TerrenceDoyle: The eye test says Endler has been pretty remarkable in this tournament — some of the saves she’s made have looked impossible — but her goals prevented mark is actually in the red. One of those instances where the eye test and the analytics aren’t jelling.neil (Neil Paine, senior sportswriter): Endler leads the entire World Cup in saves right now, with 10. South Africa’s Andile Dlamini is second with nine saves. However, she has faced 27 shots. Endler has faced fifty.TerrenceDoyle: FIFTY.emily: That’s hockey numbers!sara.ziegler: Holy crap.TerrenceDoyle: Chile, ah, need more of the ball?tchow: I am curious to know how many of those shots were on target against her though. All 50? There’s no way.neil: Nah. Only 15. But still, a lot of danger coming her way, most due to the U.S. just controlling so much of the play.The Americans had a higher share of all shot attempts (on goal or not) against Chile than they did in the 13-0 romp over Thailand.And the possession percentages were roughly even between the games.tchow: Also, it’s worth keeping in mind that Endler has faced the U.S. and Sweden. Outside of the U.S., the Swedes are tied for second with Italy with the most goals in the tournament so far.TerrenceDoyle: Still quite a fair amount. In terms of keepers who have played in both their nation’s games, Endler is facing more shots on goal per game than any other.emily: Has Alyssa Naeher faced the least?neil: Somehow Carly Telford of England has faced one fewer than Naeher. (But in one game.)TerrenceDoyle: As has Sarah Bouhaddi of France (in two games).sara.ziegler: But don’t forget Stephanie Labbé of Canada, who has faced a grand total of ZERO shots on target. (Against Cameroon and New Zealand.)tchow: Canada, the U.S. and Germany have yet to be scored against in the tournament so far.neil: From the U.S. perspective, all of these shot differential stats really point to the idea that these first two matches were glorified warmups. What have we learned about the Americans so far? Can you learn anything from these lopsided mismatches?TerrenceDoyle: They’ve been ruthless in front of goal, which is good for confidence going forward. They’re outperforming their expected goal numbers so far. We’ll see how that holds up against Sweden, which gave them fits in 2015.sara.ziegler: ^^^ and in 2016!TerrenceDoyle: true!tchow: All due respect to Thailand and Chile, that is a good perspective to keep in mind, Neil. The game on Thursday against Sweden will tell us a lot.TerrenceDoyle: Opposition aside, the Americans have already far outpaced their goal tally from the group stage four years ago. (They scored just four times in 2015!)sara.ziegler: We haven’t learned much about the goalkeeping, that’s for sure. The one time the U.S. came closest to giving up a goal against Chile — a play in which the Chilean striker was ultimately offside — Naeher made a pretty big mistake in coming off her line.emily: I would have loved to see Ashlyn Harris get some minutes, but coach Jill Ellis has been very clear that it’s Naeher’s job.tchow: Emily, I was surprised with all her changes in this second game that she didn’t give Harris some game time too.emily: I wasn’t surprised! Ellis has been doing this since Hope Solo left.TerrenceDoyle: Is it because goalkeeping is such a confidence-based position? You want your goalie to be in a groove.sara.ziegler: Is it a confidence-boosting thing?Ha — jinxTerrenceDoyle: lolemily: But come on, give me Harris and Ali Krieger on the field together!tchow: It would have been great to see Harris and Krieger play together. I understand Ellis for wanting to stick with her goalie, but this would have been the perfect game to bring on someone else.TerrenceDoyle: Agree on that. And you have to figure it won’t happen going forward, barring injury or a disastrous performance vs. Sweden.tchow: I don’t think anyone was sure how much playing time or how well Krieger would play in this tournament, but she got a full 90 minutes and more than held her own: 84 percent pass completion as a right back, and she won 71 percent of her duels, according to ESPN’s Stats & Information Group.TerrenceDoyle: The Carli Lloyd left-footed volley against Chile is the goal of the tournament so far, idc what anyone says. The degree of difficulty, while falling backward, to get anything on that ball, let alone as much as Lloyd got on it, is high.sara.ziegler: idk, Terrence, that Julie Ertz header was pretty incredible: tchow: thErEs nOt EnOUgh scOrInG iN SOcCeR. tHeRes TOO MUCH ScORinG iN socCeRsara.ziegler: 🤣emily: It’s familiar for Thailand, but this was the first time they’ve been on the other side of things. In 2018, they beat Indonesia 13-0 and Cambodia 11-0.TerrenceDoyle: “OK, so the point of all sports is to score as many goals/points as possible.”“WHY DID YOU SCORE AS MANY GOALS AS POSSIBLE?!?!?!”sara.ziegler: But also, make sure you don’t celebrate your accomplishments, or celebrate the accomplishments or your teammates.But if you don’t celebrate the accomplishments or your teammates, WHY AREN’T YOU FRIENDSSSSSSSS?There is truly no winning.emily: There’s never any winning in women’s sports.sara.ziegler: Ain’t that the truth.TerrenceDoyle: Imagine your friend worked for, like, half a decade or more to reach the pinnacle of their career, then they got there, and they celebrated, and you were like, “Sorry, your celebrations are a little MUCH.”tchow: Nuengruetai Srathongvian, Thailand’s coach, spoke about the loss, and I think what she said should have ended all discussion about whether the scoreline was problematic. So with that in mind, let’s move on.sara.ziegler: Let’s look ahead to Sweden, a very familiar foe. This match doesn’t matter THAT much, but it’s important for seeding, and of course the U.S. doesn’t want to lose its last group game. What can we expect out of this game?TerrenceDoyle: (if they win and france wins, they’re on the same side and can see one another in the quarters, yes?)tchow: (yes)TerrenceDoyle: THE U.S. SHOULD TANK.Kidding, but only sort of.tchow: Don’t say it, Terrence. Don’t say it. Ahhh, damn it.sara.ziegler: HahahahaTerrenceDoyle: lolol sorrysara.ziegler: But if the Americans lose to Sweden, they could face Germany in the quarters! No easy roads.tchow: Going back to Sara’s question, I would expect Ellis to go back to her A-team lineup for this game.An A-Team that doesn’t include Lloyd or Press or Pugh. LOL, the US are ridiculous.emily: Ridiculously stacked.TerrenceDoyle: You can only play the opponent in front of you, and if that happens to be France, it happens to be France. They’re probably going to have to beat them at some point if they want to win the whole thing, so if that’s in the quarters, it’s in the quarters.So, yeah, roll that A-Team out and exact revenge on Sweden.Sorry, that was aggressive. I mean Sweden no harm.sara.ziegler: The U.S. is the only team with more expected goals so far (11.28) than Sweden’s 8.09, according to ESPN’s Stats & Information Group.They’ve played the same competition, of course, but that has to be a little worrying to the Americans.TerrenceDoyle: And Sweden hasn’t been taking full advantage of that high xG mark either.sara.ziegler: Yeah. And they’ve had just 18 shots on target to the U.S.’s 29.TerrenceDoyle: Kosovare Asllani and Madelen Janogy have both been quietly good so far for Sweden. I think this match could be about containing them, honestly.sara.ziegler: Leaving the U.S.-Sweden match behind, which other teams have impressed you all the most?TerrenceDoyle: ITALYtchow: I was just about to say Italy too. We gave them just a 59 percent chance of advancing to the round of 16 before the tournament. They’ve already qualified.TerrenceDoyle: Canada are low-key looking very dangerous right now.They’re scoring less than their xG numbers say they should be and winning anyway. If they start taking their chances, they’ll look a threat. Especially if Christine Sinclair starts burying her chances. Which, I mean, she will.emily: ARGENTINA 🇦🇷sara.ziegler: Argentina has been really surprising! They had a very smart game plan against England.TerrenceDoyle: Goalkeeper Vanina Correa has been absurd.sara.ziegler: The one time they deviated from their plan … England scored.TerrenceDoyle: The Correa save on the Nikita Parris penalty kick was SPECIAL. Also LOL that it was England’s first ever pen miss at a World Cup. The men should take notes.Correa leads in goals prevented per 90 among goalies who have played in both of their team’s games as a result. She’s also the main reason Argentina still has a chance at advancing.tchow: Argentina is another squad our projections were down on and probably wrong about. They have a 25 percent chance of making it now, which still seems low to me.sara.ziegler: They’re looking up at quite a few teams that already have 3 points. And they just have the 1.TerrenceDoyle: Cruel sport. They’ve played better than their points total suggests.neil: Somehow our model had Argentina rated lower than both Chile and Thailand (!) before the tournament. (Still does, actually.)emily: They lost their funding from the Argentine soccer federation for a few years.sara.ziegler: Is that part of the consequence of not being able to schedule enough matches?It’s been great to see them play so well, though, given what they’ve been through.tchow: Argentina could still get second place if England ends up beating Japan in the final group game.TerrenceDoyle: As a Correa fan boy, I hope they make a run at it.tchow: There’s been a lot of talk about goalkeeper performance in this chat already, but Correa has been ridiculous. She has an 89 percent save percentage right now.sara.ziegler: As the first of the third matches get started right now, what are your final thoughts on what we’ve seen so far?emily: Sinclair is four goals away from breaking Abby Wambach’s record. Will she do it?TerrenceDoyle: VAR is bad and is turning the sport into a surveillance state. That yellow on the pen save for Sydney Schneider in Jamaica v. Italy was … I mean, it was terrible. It’s soooo hard to save a pen. The success rate for shooters is something like 70 percent. It’s taken from so close, the net is so big, goalies should be able to do whatever they want.sara.ziegler: It will be very interesting to see if any changes come to VAR after all of this.Seems worse than last year in the men’s World Cup.TerrenceDoyle: Straitjackets for defenders because everything is a handball now.tchow: Next chat, can we devote the entire thing to kit talk? I’ve been dying to talk to someone about China’s gray away kits.sara.ziegler: LOL. Totally, Tony.emily: Australia’s kit ❤️ ❤️ ❤️tchow: There are so many exciting games that don’t involve the U.S. to close out these group stages! Netherlands vs. Canada in Group E. England vs. Japan in Group D. Group C is all kinds of crazy with Brazil, Australia and Italy. More soccer!!TerrenceDoyle: Group C is definitely in for a wild finish, Tony. Soccer is fun, the World Cup is fun!!!sara.ziegler: But also: USA! USA!emily: 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸Check out our latest Women’s World Cup predictions. tchow: What patriots you all are. Such U.S. bias. If we’re talking goal of the tournament, Amandine Henry’s in the opening game was ridiculous.sara.ziegler: USA! USA!neil: And what about Christen Press’s rocket out of a volley from the left side (even if it was saved)?TerrenceDoyle: There have been some other *absolute bangers* so far! I just can’t get my head around the Lloyd finish.emily: What a tournament for Alex Morgan. She’s been the face of the team for years, but this feels like her real breakout on the field after grabbing only one goal in the 2015 World Cup and two in 2011, and it’s only just started!neil: It was great to see her do the bulk of the crazy scoring in the 13-0 win.I think even she was surprised that the goals kept coming, and coming, and coming, and coming…TerrenceDoyle: The Golden Boot race is going to be fun. Especially if Cristiane keeps this up for Brazil.sara.ziegler: Curious about your opinions on this: Did the U.S. let up a little after the 13-0 game? Did that criticism affect them at all?neil: Certainly it affected their celebrations against Chile.sara.ziegler: That golf clap KILLED ME.tchow: I don’t think they let up, and I would actually be really disappointed if we find out later that they did.TerrenceDoyle: With all due respect to Thailand, I think Chile is a stronger side with a better goalkeeper. The U.S. still dominated play and even passed the ball better/more cleanly against Chile.neil: Even though they scored 10 fewer goals, they could have scored more if not for the huge saves.TerrenceDoyle: 100 percent, Neil.tchow: I honestly can’t believe how long that 13-0 scoreline stayed in the headlines and my news feeds.neil: In fairness, that is a WILD score for a soccer game.TerrenceDoyle: Very much so. But agree, Tony. Had to not look at soccer Twitter for, like, a week. (Which, tbh, was a welcome vacation for my brain, which is filled with worms at this point because of soccer Twitter.)sara.ziegler: Friend of the site Michael Caley posts expected-goal maps after every match, and that one was AMAZING: sara.ziegler (Sara Ziegler, assistant sports editor): We’re two games into group stage of the Women’s World Cup, and there’s a lot we already know: Nine teams have already advanced to the knockout rounds, and even though she has played only one game, Alex Morgan looks like the player to beat for the Golden Boot.But there’s also plenty that we’re still waiting to learn. How will the seeding shake out? Which of the third-place teams will advance? And how will the American women fare against more robust competition?After a first-game drubbing of Thailand, the U.S. took a subdued but still convincing win against Chile. What were your takeaways from Sunday’s match?TerrenceDoyle (Terrence Doyle, contributor): I think it would be hard not to talk about the play of Chile’s goalkeeper, Christiane Endler, and how things could have been much worse without her sublime performance.emily (Emily Scherer, designer): Christiane Endler!!!!!!!!!!!TerrenceDoyle: She was unreal!sara.ziegler: Christen Press will be having nightmares about Endler for a while.emily: She even got into Carli Lloyd’s head in the penalty kick!sara.ziegler: Endler had six saves on nine shots on target. Pretty impressive.tchow (Tony Chow, video producer): The roster changes were a big story for the match against Chile, but I was really surprised at how some of those fringe players played. It feels really wrong to even call them second string, but players like Ali Krieger and Tierna Davidson and even Moe Brian played pretty well!TerrenceDoyle: I think that’s right. The U.S. “bench” was a known entity coming into this tournament, but … wow. Just wow. There are a lot of great players in this tournament, but I don’t think any team has the strength in depth that the U.S. has. read more

Golfing partners hit one in 17 million double hole in oneGolfing partners hit one in 17 million double hole in one

To hit a hole in one is something quite special. For a player’s partner to then step up and hit another is nothing short of miraculous. Indeed, according to the Hole In One Society, the odds of two players hitting a hole in one with consecutive shots stand at 17 million to one. But that is precisely what happened on Tuesday, at Richmond Golf Club in south-west London, when first Wayne Eagling, a former Royal Ballet star turned choreographer, teed off with a six iron, followed by his partner Peter Orton, an award-winning television director, also using his six iron. Both members of The Stage Golfing Society had no idea they had both holed out until they walked up to the green and could not immediately… Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Isil bride Shamima Begum legal right to return to UK and IsilIsil bride Shamima Begum legal right to return to UK and Isil

Miss Begum, now aged 19 and nine months… The head of MI6 has warned that Isil will “morph and spread” and its threat is “definitely not done” as Donald Trump and other world leaders prepare to announce the end of the terror group’s “caliphate”. Alex Younger, the chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, warned that fighters trying to return home from Syria had acquired “both skills and connections that make them potentially very dangerous”. In a rare public intervention, Mr Younger also said that British citizens had a right to re-enter the UK, after the Home Secretary vowed to block the return of Shamima Begum, the former schoolgirl who joined Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in 2015, aged 15.

Haulmax targets new product at the international coal marketHaulmax targets new product at the international coal market

first_imgHaulmax has released a large capacity rear dump body for its 3900 Series, designed for hauling light materials. At a capacity of 90 m³, the body incorporates a scissor tailgate assembly to ensure material retention over extended haulage distances. The new size complements the standard 50 m³ and 38.5 m³ rear dump bodies. Haulmax says “the ribless body design offers strength and robustness without forsaking weight. Manufactured from 400-450 grade abrasive resistant steel, it is ideal for low specific gravity materials such as coal, lignite, limestone and potash.”The first large capacity body unit is currently en route to South Africa. After a trial period it will be taken into use with the aim of generating significant population growth in the coal mining industry there and other regions of the world.The company says that “with the market expanding for this unique haulage product,” it has recognised a niche which it describes as “The Haulmax SolutionT, combining extended haulage distance with a narrow profile, flexibility and reliability. The aim is to build a purpose-designed off-highway hauler, incorporating safety enhancements such as enclosed wet disc brakes on the dual rear wheel drive axles and roll over protection structure (ROPS) as a standard.”The braking system offers inbuilt reliability, fade resistance and great retarding capabilities; enhancements unique to the enclosed wet disc design. Haulmax chose this concept based on its experience of alternative braking methods being more susceptible to reliability issues under the harsh conditions found in mines. In the larger capacity Haulmax trailer version, the 3900-T, the trailer axles incorporate the same brake groups as found on the drive axles of the cab chassis unit.Haulmax reports that in a product trial in New Zealand, “inclement weather conditions occasionally prevented the operation of traditional haulers. The Haulmax, however, continued to operate safely due to its surefootedness from its traction and braking capability in soft and slippery underfoot road conditions. The flexibility of the Haulmax product also allows it to be safely used as a tow tractor, service unit and water wagon.”last_img read more

Forty years ago todayLiam Cosgrave became TaoiseachForty years ago todayLiam Cosgrave became Taoiseach

first_imgFORTY YEARS AGO today, Liam Cosgrave became Taoiseach.Now 92 years old, the former Fine Gael leader is still participating in political life.As part of the Gathering 2013 initiative, he visited the classroom of his father’s old school, CBS James’s St on Basin Lane in Dublin, today.He is pictured with second-year pupil Morgan Campbell.(Image: Julien Behal/PA Wire/Press Association Images)last_img

Finland to cut corporate tax rate from 245pc to 20pcFinland to cut corporate tax rate from 245pc to 20pc

first_imgFINLAND PLANS TO cut its corporate tax from 24.5 to 20 per cent, following in the footsteps of neighbouring Denmark and Sweden, Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen has announced.The government said the tax cut would be partially financed by higher taxes on stock dividends, alcohol, tobacco and sweets, as well as a reduction of business subsidies.The tax cut was announced at a press conference at which Katainen also disclosed measures aimed at reducing Finland’s budget deficit.Sweden cut its corporate tax from 26.3 to 22 per cent on 1 January, while Denmark last month presented a growth package calling for a progressive reduction in corporate tax from 25 to 22 per cent.The Finnish government’s plan deficit cutting plan calls for savings of €600 million, half of which will be spending cuts and half of which will be financed by the higher taxes.Finance Minister Jutta Urpilainen insisted that the cuts would not hurt the country’s generous welfare state.“Social security will not be impaired,” she said.Finland’s broad coalition government, in power since 2011, already introduced a five-billion-euro savings plan in 2011 and 2012.In December, the government said it expected a budget deficit of 1.5 per cent of gross domestic product in 2013, and said it aimed to put an end to rising public debt in 2014.The Nordic country, the only member of the eurozone to hold a triple-A credit rating with a “stable” outlook at all three international credit rating agencies, saw its economy shrink by 0.2 per cent in 2012.- © AFP, 2013Read: Cyprus parliament to vote on plans to ‘armour the banking system’ >last_img read more

Rockstar Finally Releases a New Red Dead Redemption II TrailerRockstar Finally Releases a New Red Dead Redemption II Trailer

first_img It has been a very long time since Rockstar Games released a trailer for Red Dead Redemption II. Today, the company has finally revealed new footage of their highly anticipated game. This video spotlights the central character along with his band out outlaws. It also confirms Red Dead Redemption II is a prequel to its highly successful predecessor.The star of this particular trailer is a man named Arthur Morgan. Working for the Van Der Linde gang, Morgan is a ruthless outlaw who steals money from innocents while running from the law. If you’ve played Red Dead Redemption then you’ll recognize the Van Der Linde gang. This is the same crew protagonist John Marston associated with. In fact, the trailer ends with Morgan speaking with the outlaw leader, Dutch Van Der Linde. This is a man fans of the previous title will remember very well.In usual Rockstar fashion, this trailer is merely a tease. We know Red Dead Redemption II will feature a vast open world and some form of multiplayer. We also know it will feature seven outlaws (who are presumably part of the Van Der Linde gang). Outside of that, however, there isn’t much information to chew on. I have no doubt Rockstar will eventually release a trailer spotlighting game features. We’ll just have to wait a bit longer for that I suppose.Red Dead Redemption II was originally set to release this year. Rockstar has since pushed back the release date to Spring of 2018. Having the date moved to next year certainly stings, but if it makes for a better (and more stable) product then that’s perfectly acceptable. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait too long for the next trailer. Based off everything we’ve seen so far, it looks like Rockstar is set to deliver something special.Red Dead Redemption II will release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Red Dead Redemption 2 Isn’t BoringThe Best Western-Themed Video Games Ever Released last_img read more

People on the MovePeople on the Move

first_img Nojan Aminosharei has joined as entertainment director. Prior to joining HMDM, Aminosharei was senior entertainment editor at GQ from 2014 to 2015 and entertainment editor at Details from 2012-2014. Hearst Magazines has announced that Kim Wolfkill has been named editor-in-chief of Road & Track. Most recently, Wolfkill was senior business and partner manager for Microsoft’s Turn 10 Studios. Nick Bilton will join Vanity Fair as Special Correspondent, covering the intersection of technology and business for, as well as contributing regular features to the magazine. Bilton comes to Vanity Fair after more than ten years at The New York Times, where he wrote the Disruptions column. Fusion network announced the hire of Jigar Mehta as the company’s new VP of digital operations. Most recently, Jigar was at AJ+ (owned by the Al Jazeera Media Network) where he helped drive the media network’s Facebook videos to over 2.2 billion views last year. Smithsonian Media Group has announced that Amy Wilkins will assume the role of CRO. Wilkins served as publisher of Smithsonian magazine from 2000-2005. Prior to rejoining Smithsonian, Wilkins was SVP of sales and marketing for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Maura Lynch has been named beauty and lifestyle director of Rodale’s Women’s Health. Lynch joins the brand from InStyle where she was senior beauty editor. Here are the rest of this week’s people on the move: Luke Hartig, former senior director for counterterrorism at the National Security Council, has joined National Journal as executive director of the company’s new Network Science Initiative. At the National Security Council, Hartig advised White House leadership on counterterrorism matters and helped lead the NSC’s counterterrorism team. American Media, Inc. announced the appointment of Neil Goldstein as SVP and group publisher of AMI’s entertainment titles, including Star, OK!, National Enquirer, and Soap Opera Digest.  “Neil Goldstein has helped drive Star to some of its most successful years with his hard work, passion and innovative marketing platforms,” said AMI chairman and CEO David J. Pecker. “Now, by bringing together OK!, National Enquirer, and Soap Opera Digest under Neil’s leadership, we can better leverage the scale and creativity of the AMI Entertainment Group.” Hearst Magazines Digital Media announced an expansion of its editorial operations group:  Glenn Spoto has been named SVP and chief financial officer of the MPA. Spoto has an extensive finance background in the magazine media industry, most recently at Condé Nast where he was director of finance and business for Self. Michael Mooney has been named editor-at-large for SUCCESS Magazine. In addition to his partnership with SUCCESS, Mooney continues to write for D Magazine, GQ, ESPN: The Magazine, Outside, and Popular Mechanics. Tim Burke was named editor of American Drycleaner. He brings more than two decades of magazine editing experience to the position. Prior to Joining AMI, Goldstein served as the associate publisher of Maxim and held management positions at Bauer Publishing.  Goldstein joined AMI in 2009 and most recently served as VP and group publisher of Star and National Enquirer. In 2015, Star and OK! accounted for more than 30% of the celebrity weekly advertising market with approximately 2,500 combined advertising pages. Additionally, the AMI Entertainment Group has seen continued digital growth with increasing unique visitors by 155% year over year (Jan. 2016 vs. Jan. 2015).  Whitney Joiner has joined the division as senior features editor. Joiner had been senior features editor at Marie Claire since 2013.last_img read more

Theyre Breaking The Law And Using Marijuana But They Want To HelpTheyre Breaking The Law And Using Marijuana But They Want To Help

first_img Share BILL ZEEBLE / KERA NEWSMark Zartler prepares a tiny amount of marijuana for a vapor treatment for his autistic daughter, Kara, who hits herself in the face. He says she stops hurting herself minutes after inhaling the vapor.In Texas, only a handful of people can legally use medical marijuana. So the vast majority who use it that way just keep quiet. One Richardson family with an autistic child has broken its silence.The Zartlers hope Senate Bill 269 will pass in the state Legislature; it would change the medical marijuana law, so they’d no longer have to break it.The KERA radio storyA cycle of self-harm Kara Zartler, 17, has cerebral palsy and is autistic. She just got home from school, and she’s in the kitchen with Mom, dad, her daily caregiver and the family’s dogs.Her mom talks with Kara. “Kara, can you look? He wants to take your picture. Can you keep looking? Over here,” says Christy Zartler, who’s a pediatric nurse practitioner.She says her daughter, who’s non-verbal, is having a good day.“Look,” Zartler says. “She smiled at you. That’s so positive.”It’s not always this way, says her father, Mark Zartler, a software engineer.“She has self-injurious behaviors,” he says. “These have been a constant in her life since she was 4. She will hit herself repeatedly in the face and gets into a cycle and just can’t stop. That just goes on and on.”Zartler’s behavior was captured in a home video and posted on Facebook and YouTube last month. Warning: Video might be difficult to watch for some viewers. The video shows Kara screaming as she’s strapped in a car seat. Then she’s in a living room rocking chair, rhythmically hitting herself with both fists on each side of her head.Doctors say it’s how she responds to pain, likely from cerebral palsy.It’s hard to know. It’s also hard to watch.In the video, Mark Zartler puts a mask to Kara’s face and squeezes cannabis vapor from a plastic bag he’s filled. About three minutes later, Kara is calmer. She still rocks and grunts. But the episode is over, her mom says.“It’s lessened. It doesn’t completely stop it,” Christy Zartler says. “But it slows her down. It slows her mind and her brain down to where she’s just more focused and aware.”  The Zartlers first took a chance on marijuana 10 years ago. They were going to the beach. For Kara, the car can be a screaming, biting nightmare. Then Mark Zartler remembered a neighbor who had given them a marijuana brownie for Kara, hoping it might help.  “In the car, there’s not really a way to get control of her arms because she’ll bite,” he explains. “She loves the beach but it’s hard to get to the beach. We were like, ‘well, why don’t we give her a little bit of brownie before we [have a] high-stress day, and we’ll see how it works out?’ And it worked out great.”  Cindy Roacha is Kara’s caregiver.“It’s like a miracle,” she says. “I noticed that her parents would try everything. And she always had the issue where she would always hit herself for hours and hours. But once they experimented with different types of medicines, we noticed that this was the most effective.”‘Being the water for the fire’It’s probably because of the THC in marijuana, Christian Bogner says. The Michigan doctor, who also has an autistic child, has researched cannabis for years. He says it helps reduce inflammation of the brain in some with autism.“I would think of it more like it being the water for the fire,” Bogner says. “Now, imagine the autistic patient to have a headache with hallucinations and horrible emotions. This is the result of a complete dysregulation of neurotransmitters [that happens in their brains]. And we know that cannabis can help regulate these neurotransmitter dysregulations.”Research backing Bogner has been limited. Because cannabis is an FDA Schedule I drug, like heroin or LSD, it’s hard to study, legally. By comparison, there’s more research on Schedule II drugs, such as cocaine, opium or fentanyl.Kara’s sister Keeley is an identical twin, but doesn’t have autism. CREDIT BILL ZEEBLE / KERA NEWSKara is neither the first nor only autistic patient who seems to benefit from cannabis. But she’s in Texas, where using it is illegal except for intractable epilepsy.The Zartlers hope sharing their story will change that. Mark Zartler knows he’s taking a risk, so he keeps a small amount for Kara — only enough for a misdemeanor.Approving medical marijuanaState Sen. José Menéndez, a San Antonio Democrat, wants to ease that pressure.“It’s time that Texas step up to the plate and allow many of our sickest patients to have access to the medicine that they want and that their doctors feel they would benefit from,” Menendez says.He says 28 other states and Washington D.C. have approved medical marijuana. That’s what his Senate Bill 269 would do. He’s tried this before. It’s a long shot.“Every once in a while, you get an opportunity to really help people and I do believe this would help people,” Menéndez says.A.J. Louderback isn’t so sure. He’s sheriff of Jackson County, midway between Galveston and Corpus Christi. He’s also the legislative director for the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas.“I understand that many people are willing to try anything for the relief of the children,” Louderback says. “We’re not unpassionate about that at all. But in every state that’s become a recreational marijuana state, the first part is always the medical marijuana.”Louderback asks: “Where’s the science?” There’s not enough to convince him. He worries sheriffs will be overwhelmed with recreational cannabis users claiming medical need.  His group opposed a much narrower bill that passed two years ago, and will fight SB 269, which hasn’t yet made it out of committee. Copyright 2017 KERA-FM. To see more, visit KERA-FM.last_img read more