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Wood Mackenzie projects massive growth in energy storage installations through 2024

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Greentech Media:For the energy storage industry, the past five years have been something of a stage rehearsal for a market explosion to come, led by the U.S. and China, but expanding to cover markets across the globe.That’s the picture painted by Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewable’s latest report, Global Energy Storage Outlook 2019: 2018 Year in Review and Outlook to 2024. Tuesday’s report projects that energy storage deployments will grow thirteenfold over the next six years, from a 12 gigawatt-hour market in 2018 to a 158 gigawatt-hour market in 2024.That equates to $71 billion in investment into storage systems excluding pumped hydro, with $14 billion of that coming in 2024 alone. This growth will be concentrated in the United States and China, which will account for 54 percent of global deployments by 2024, followed by Japan, Australia and South Korea in a second tier of growth markets, and Germany, Canada, India and the U.K. rounding out the list.And much like the renewables that are driving their growth, the batteries that make up the lion’s share of new storage systems being deployed are falling in price. That’s positioning them for a much broader integration into grid operations beyond renewables integration, Ravi Manghani, WoodMac’s head of storage research, noted in a Tuesday interview: “Over the last five years, the world began to experiment with storage; in the next five, storage will become a key grid asset.”Last year saw global energy storage deployments grow 147 percent year-over-year to reach 3.3 gigawatts, or 6 gigawatt-hours, the report states. That’s nearly double the average 74 percent compound annual growth rate for the industry from 2013 to 2018. In fact, last year’s deployments made up more than half of the total amount of storage deployed in the past five years, “indicating an inflection in storage demand,” Manghani said.More: Global energy storage to hit 158 gigawatt-hours by 2024, led by U.S. and China Wood Mackenzie projects massive growth in energy storage installations through 2024last_img read more

U.S. Army South Completes PKO-A 11, ‘Vital’ To Brazil’s Planning for World Cup, Olympics

first_img PKO-A 11 was designed to bring nations together to enhance regional relations, reinforce security arrangements, promote interoperability and obtain support for mutual security interests. In addition, the professional development engagements promote and improve cooperative measures and collective military capabilities, and support and enhance democracy and stability in the Latin American and Caribbean region. During PKO-A 11, participants negotiated their way through a mock election process. The scenario forced members of 16 different nations to work together to ensure the peaceful completion of a fictitious country’s elections, and also react to a simulated, mid-scenario earthquake that required the participants to plan and provide humanitarian assistance without losing site of the primary mission. “I know the friends I made here will help in the future,” said Brazilian Col. Paulo Eduardo Monteiro, a PKO-A 11 participant. “It really helps when you make a call and you recognize the voice on the other end. When you ask for help, you know he’ll come and support you.” ARSOUTH participated in the closing ceremony of PKO-A 11 in Brasilia, Brazil, May 13. PKO-A 11 is an annual, U.S. Army South-led, regionally oriented command post exercise involving partner nation armed forces from within the Western hemisphere. ARSOUTH was the executive planning agent for PKO-A 11. The Brazilian armed forces believes the U.S. Army South-led Peacekeeping Operations – Americas 2011 exercise has helped its country in its preparations to host two of the world’s largest sporting events. “The intent was for us to be able to capitalize on the abilities and the experiences of all the countries involved in terms of peacekeeping operations,” said Maj. Gen. Luis R. Visot, the PKO-A 11 co-director and commanding general of the 377th Theater Sustainment Command. “The key here was the exchange of ideas and to build trust in each other.” center_img “We will be able to gain from all the lessons we have learned here and move forward,” said Brazilian Maj. Gen. Fernando S. N. Ferreira, PKO-A 11 co-director. “Everything we gathered here will be vital to our ability to plan for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics.” Besides the technical skills developed during PKO-A 11, a secondary goal for the exercise was to develop working relationships among the many partner nations involved. By Dialogo May 24, 2011 The two-week command post exercise, which kicked off May 2, is the capstone event in a series of professional development engagements and command post exercises. These activities increased participants’ capabilities and prepared partner nations to conduct peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance operations worldwide. last_img read more

Barnett, Barrera win Medal of Honor awards

first_img Barnett, Barrera win Medal of Honor awards Martha W. Barnett, the first woman to serve as the chair of the ABA House of Delegates and the second woman president of the ABA, received The Florida Bar Foundation 2002 Medal of Honor for a lawyer.Raul G. Barrera was also honored with a Foundation Medal of Honor for his contribution to the improvement in the administration of justice as a non-lawyer.The awards were presented at the Foundation’s 26th annual reception and dinner June 20 in Boca Raton in conjunction with the Bar’s Annual Meeting.Barnett received her award for “her courageous support of a moratorium on the death penalty, her determined work benefiting the descendants of the 1923 Rosewood massacre, and her advocacy to maintain the impartiality of the judicial system.”The Foundation said Barnett challenged the traditional roles of women in law, becoming the first female attorney to join the law firm of Holland & Knight and later to become its first female partner. Practicing in the areas of administrative and governmental law, she has distinguished herself as a leading lobbyist in the state. In 1994, Barnett’s commitment to human rights assisted in securing $2.1 million for surviving descendants of the 1923 Rosewood Massacre, a tragedy which resulted in the deaths of eight black men and women and destroyed a predominately African-American Florida town.That same year saw Barnett as the first woman to serve as the chair of the ABA House of Delegates. In 2000, Barnett went on to become the second female president of the ABA, using her position in an effort to promote a moratorium on the death penalty.“Throughout these many roles, Barnett has proven time and time again to be a champion of the rights of the poor and unpopular,” according to the Foundation.Barrera was nominated by Florida Legal Services, Inc. Barrera has dedicated more than 35 years to secure justice for migrant farmworkers.Barrera, a paralegal, began his career as an outreach worker for migrant farm-workers in Indiana in 1967, and in less than 10 years rose to the position of Indiana State Director of Associated Migrant Opportunity Services. In 1977, Raul joined the staff of Texas Rural Legal Aid, Inc., where he again provided outreach services in extremely isolated rural areas of Texas. During this time, he also developed community education programs, represented migrant farmworkers in administrative hearings, and assisted in major litigation lawsuits aimed at improving the lives of migrant workers. In 1996, Raul moved to Florida to serve as the only outreach worker on the Migrant Farmworker Justice Project, providing outreach expertise and maintaining contact with hundreds of isolated migrant farmworkers throughout the state.“His accomplishments in this position are the result of Raul’s steadfast and tireless commitment, offering inspiration to the abused worker that justice will be served on their behalf,” according to the Foundation.The Florida Bar Foundation Medal of Honor Award Program was established in 1977 to recognize outstanding achievements in improving the administration of justice in Florida. Two categories of award recipients have been designated. The first is for a member of The Florida Bar who has demonstrated his or her dedication to the objectives of The Florida Bar as set out in the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar: “.. . to inculcate in its members the principles of duty and service to the public, to improve the administration of justice and to advance the science of jurisprudence.” The second is for a nonlawyer or person not actively engaged in the practice of law who has made an outstanding contribution to the improvement of the administration of justice through research, writing, or other deeds of such character and quality that, in the judgment of the Foundation, warrant the highest award that can be bestowed by the Foundation. July 15, 2002 Regular Newscenter_img Barnett, Barrera win Medal of Honor awardslast_img read more

The credit union member experience: Why digital is the future

first_img 30SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Credit Unions across the US are focusing on Member Experience as their core reliable mantra to grow. Member Experience programs are being designed carefully and strategically to ensure that members and their needs are listened to and taken care of. In an attempt to understand why more and more credit unions are undergoing this change in mindset, we spoke to Ralph Cumbee, Chief Experience Officer of Solarity Credit Union, a Washington State-based Credit Union serving over 50,000 members.Ralph has been in the financial services industry for over 25 years; we had the opportunity to catch up with him and understand the nuances of Member Experience in Credit Unions. He spoke about a lot of exciting and forward-thinking concepts, drawing some funny yet hard-hitting analogies along the way.We’re happy to share with you all the wisdom that we gathered from our chat with him!CloudCherry: Can you take us through how you started off on the member experience journey? continue reading »last_img read more

But I want more!

first_img 3SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Christie Summervill Christie Summervill’s vision and expertise led to the creation of BalancedComp in 2010, a firm that has grown to serve nearly 300 banks and credit unions across the US … Web: Details A long time ago in the land of Financial Bliss where money is never a problem, there was a new CEO who felt undervalued because his base pay was not at the midpoint of the salary range. This was his first CEO position and he had done a truly stellar job of getting the “problematic” credit union back in the black in only two years. Accolades went out from the board, management team, and employees. Still, the young CEO was greatly disappointed in his $48,000 salary increase, which put him at 92% of the midpoint. After all, he’d put two years into the job and achieved his goals.The analysts were ordered to make sure the market rate was truly accurate. The board vehemently assured the CEO that he was exceeding expectations and they had nothing but great respect for their new trailblazer. “What should we do? “cried the Chairman. Some of the board said “Give him what he wants. He might leave us for a better opportunity.” Other board members said, “If we cave, we are setting a precedent and he will never be satisfied.”So, they called in the Great Fairy Consultant who asked what their compensation philosophy was. “It’s to be competitive to the market!”, they said in unison. After looking into all the credible surveys of the land, she confirmed their established salary range was indeed accurate and a 92% compa ratio after only two years of experience is aggressive, but in alignment with excellent performance.” “But he is still not happy!” exclaimed the incoming Chairman.  “It feels good to make people happy, reflected the Great Fairy Consultant, “but people whose happiness is based on always getting what they want are difficult to keep happy, even if you achieve it in the short run. Situational ethics can get you in trouble. What if the next CEO is a member of a protected class and you pay them differently for reasons that have nothing to do with their gender or class status? Discrimination could be alleged. Follow the yellow brick road to your guidelines and you will find your answer.” “Make him like us and be happy with our salary increase and bonus”, they angrily demanded. “Ok, lets have him take a bite of this beautiful red apple” replied the Great Fairy Consultant. “Will that really work?”, asked the board. “Of course not, you Sillies.” laughed the Great Fairy Consultant. “Own your compensation philosophy or change it.”After reviewing his total cash compensation, it was noted that his short-term annual bonus was less than what an average performing CEO would be compensated and his performance scorecard required a nearly perfect performance level to get an average salary increase. They recreated his scorecard, increased his short-term bonus to be more in alignment with the market and moved the midpoint to the 60th percentile to be more competitive; still paying his base pay at 92%. “Often times it is the ambiguity of how the salary increase and bonus are determined that is the real problem,” explained the Great Fairy Consultant. The new CEO found the new plan “ moderately acceptable for the time being” and they all lived happily ever after, until the next year. The Endlast_img read more

Annual financial gut check

first_img 40SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Joe Woods Joe Woods, CUDE is a 15-year credit union veteran.  He has spent time with Corporate One FCU, Liberty Enterprises, co-founded Legacy Member Services and was part of the senior management … Web: Details It’s time for a gut check. How are your finances? Did you just get nauseous? Even if you’re in great financial shape, talking about finances can make you queasy.  It’s very common.  Discussing personal finances can be uncomfortable.  Just like talking religion or politics. Maybe it’s because we don’t know enough about our finances or how money works to ever feel completely comfortable.Or, maybe we just spend more than we make.  Study after study and countless articles touch on a growing debt crisis.  How could that be, you ask?  Employment is at record or near record highs and the economy is stable. All signs are pointing up.  But, the arrow is also pointing to our rising personal debt.  Just look to Visa & Mastercard.  They are achieving double-digit growth in their credit card portfolios.How is this happening? For starters, let’s look at your budget and focus on the requirements:  Housing & Healthcare.  Both have risen in cost significantly over the last several decades. We can hide the rising cost of housing by looking only at cost per square foot figures.  But, when is the last time you saw a neighborhood being built in the suburbs that had homes with average square footage of 1,800. The cost for that house may be reasonable.  But, it’s not being built.  Newly constructed homes are consistently clipping the 3,000 mark with square footage. And that is a very large expense.What about healthcare? Well, healthcare continues to outpace personal income in terms of year-over-year growth.  When is the last time your annual pay increased 8%?  Healthcare climbs at that rate annually.  As does the cost for higher education.  Now, some of us may not have to worry about the cost of college. But, many do.  And we are seeing the effects of a hyper-inflated cost of tuition.  Pew Charitable Trusts just published an article stating 20% of college loans are in default.  That means one in five former students hasn’t made a payment on their student loan debt in over 270 days.  And the numbers are even bigger if you look at those that haven’t made payments in the last 180 days.Not only does it cost a lot more to live, but many in the younger generations are starting out with significant debt.  Imagine graduating college, starting your new job and every month you make a $300+ payment to your student loans.  That’s an incredible hole to dig yourself out of.How can we stop or curb this growing debt crisis?  Credit Unions are perfectly suited to help with financial education, budgeting tools, smart lending programs, etc.  And members need to step up and do their part as well.  That $5 latte has replaced a pack of cigarettes as the new daily addiction that needs to be addressed.  I daily latte drinker spends about $1,500 per year on their morning joe.  $1,500 annually over 18 years is over $27,000 that you can invest in a 529 college plan for your child.  And you not only help your child eliminate future debt issues.  You show them how to be good stewards with their money.last_img read more

Arsenal issue injury updates on Alexandre Lacazette, Kieran Tierney & Hector Bellerin for Eintracht Frankfurt game

first_imgArsenal issue injury updates on Alexandre Lacazette, Kieran Tierney & Hector Bellerin for Eintracht Frankfurt game Coral BarryWednesday 18 Sep 2019 12:40 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link386Shares Advertisement Lacazette will return to action in October (Picture: Getty)While Emery anticipates the return of his first-choice full-backs, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will have to continue his rich vein of form in the absence of Lacazette.Lacazette has been dealing with an issue with his left ankle since pre-season and subsequently missed the side’s Premier League opener against Newcastle.The Frenchman returned to action for Arsenal’s 2-1 win over Burnley and his injury woes were thought to be over when he started against Tottenham before the international break.But the goalscorer’s injury flared up again and Lacazette will now miss the rest of the month.MORE: Unai Emery ‘struggling to exert authority’ in Arsenal dressing roomMore: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City Lacazette will miss the rest of the month to injury (Picture: Getty)Alexandre Lacazette is on track to return from injury in October, Arsenal have confirmed ahead of their Europa League clash with Eintracht Frankfurt.Arsenal travel to Germany for their Europa League opener without their French No.9, but Kieran Tierney and Hector Bellerin remain on course to make their comebacks from injury.Bellerin has not played since January due to a serious knee injury, while Tierney is yet to make his first appearance for Arsenal since signing for the club during the summer.center_img Comment Bellerin and Tierney are back in training (Picture: Getty)The full-back duo are closing on making their returns to action and are back in full training ahead of the game against Eintracht Frankfurt.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTUnai Emery might be tempted to rotate his squad ahead of a busy spell of fixtures.Arsenal travel to Germany on Thursday, welcome Aston Villa on Sunday in the Premier League and then take on Nottingham Forest next Tuesday in the Carabao Cup. Advertisementlast_img read more

Bulldogs Participate In Milan 6-Way Wrestling Meet

first_imgThe Batesville High School wrestling team traveled to Milan for the annual 6-way tournament. The team finished the day with one win and four losses but the effort from the entire team was second to none.‘We are improving each time we step on the mat and will continue to work on the little things that will get us ready for Sectionals.’  Batesville Coach Chris Deal.The Bulldogs day was highlighted by senior Neal Nobbe winning MVP for the 160 lb class.Team results:  Batesville 48 – Union County 34; Rushville 54 – Batesville 24; Milan 60 – Batesville 18; Lawrenceburg 43 – Batesville 28; South Dearborn 64 – Batesville 12.Batesville Individual Results:  Laiken Hanna 106 lb 2 wins, 3 losses; Hunter Fetters 113 lb 1 win, 1 loss; Jackson Wooldridge 113 lb 4 wins, 1 loss; Dallas Lamping 120 lb 2 wins, 3 losses; Michael Deal 126 lb 1 loss; Nick Schneider 132 lb 1 win, 4 losses; Chris Schene 138 lb 0 wins, 5 losses; Drew McLeod 145 lb 0 wins, 5 losses; Xavier King 152 lb 1 win, 4 losses; Neal Nobbe 160 lb 4 wins,1 loss; Will Amberger 182 lb 4 wins, 1 loss; Levi Nordmeyer 195 lb 2 wins, 3 losses; and Allen Hudepohl 220 lb 2 wins, 3 losses.Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Chris Deal with Wendy Deal.last_img read more

Inter Milan target Barcelona defender

first_img Read Also: Messi expresses heartbreak over Copa America postponement What’s curious is that MD say that their interest in the central defender is based on the idea that Milan Skriniar, their current defensive rock, would be going the other way to join Barcelona along with Martinez. That would mean two of the team’s best players moving in one go – it’s hard to imagine there’s any way Barcelona could afford that this summer, even if they do throw in Lenglet. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Barcelona’s attempt to sign Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez rumble on, with the Catalan club now attempting to finalise the deal before the end of July. Barca want to try and reduce the cost of the Argentine striker by including players in the deal, and thus far names like Junior Firpo and Arturo Vidal have come up, none of them sounding particularly tempting for an Antonio Conte team looking to improve and challenge again for the title. Mundo Deportivo today claim that there is one Blaugrana that has caught the Italian club’s eye however – Clement Lenglet. The France defender has been impressive in Catalonia since joining from Sevilla in January 2018.Advertisement Promoted ContentYou’ve Only Seen Such Colorful Hairdos In A Handful Of AnimeNothing Compares To Stargazing Places Around The World7 Universities Where Getting An Education Costs A Hefty Penny8 Most Beautiful Chinese Women8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its Growth6 Ridiculous Health Myths That Are Actually True13 kids at weddings who just don’t give a hoot20 Facts That’ll Change Your Perception Of “The Big Bang Theory”These Maisie Williams Facts Are Bound To Shock YouCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This YearTop 10 Most Romantic Nations In The Worldcenter_img Loading… last_img read more

Duckett out, Foakes, Crane in for England Lion’s Caribbean trip

first_img(CMC) – Ben Duckett has been omitted from the England Lions’ tour of the Caribbean next year, but Ben Foakes and Mason Crane, currently part of the Ashes squad, have been included in a strong touring party announced this week.The 23-year-old Duckett, a part of the current Ashes tour, was already suspended for an incident in a Perth bar a couple of weeks ago when he poured a drink over teammate Jimmy Anderson.The England and Wales Cricket Board confirmed Duckett had been overlooked because of the incident.Foakes, however, a right-hander who averages 41 in first class cricket and leg-spinner Crane, who has played two Twenty20 Internationals, are in the four-day squad but have been overlooked for the one-day matches.Both the red and white ball squads will be led by Keaton Jennings.“We have included two members of the Ashes tour squad, Ben Foakes and Mason Crane, for the four-day matches, with the possibility of either or both of them leaving the Lions tour early, if they are selected in the England squad for the two Tests in New Zealand in March and April,” said national selector James Whitaker.“We will be naming that squad in the new year, and the same goes for the squads for the North-South Series which will be played in Barbados at the end of the Lions tour – and is likely to include the players who have been selected for the one-day series against West Indies A.Meanwhile, the highly-regarded pair of Jamie Porter and Sam Curran have been named in both squads, while fast bowler Roby Roland-Jones, who played two Tests against West Indies last summer, has been included in the red ball squad only.Porter and Roland-Jones will be making comebacks from injury.“Jamie Porter and Toby Roland-Jones are all available again after injuries – Jamie and Toby after working exceptionally hard on the ECB’s Pace Programme over the last couple of months,” Whitaker said.“Sam Curran missed out on the Lions training camp in Australia but he has also been training hard, under the supervision of Surrey’s strength and conditioning coaches, before going out to play T20 cricket in New Zealand.’England Lions face West Indies in three four-day ‘Tests’ and three one-dayers from February to March 11 next year.SQUAD – Keaton Jennings (captain), Joe Clarke, Liam Livingstone, Sam Curran, Jamie Porter, Paul Coughlin, Saqib Mahmood, Nick Gubbins, Alex Davies, Haseeb Hameed, Dan Lawrence, Ben Foakes, Toby Roland-Jones, Jack Leach, Mason Crane, Josh Tongue, Sam Northeast, Liam Dawson, Dom Bess, Tom Helm, George Garton, Matt Parkinson.last_img read more