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Man struck by car on Highway 99 following crash

first_imgA man was injured Monday evening when authorities said he left the scene of a rear-end accident and was hit by a car on Highway 99 at Northeast 99th Street, in front of the Walgreens. At 5:09 p.m., a Ford Ranger driven by Jose Funes Ramos, 30, of Vancouver collided with the back of a Chevy Suburban in the northbound lane, said Sgt. Chad Rothenberger of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. Ramos’ passenger, Oscar Cruz-Ramirez, 29, of Vancouver went across the street into southbound traffic and was hit by a car. “He just walked right into a vehicle going southbound,” Rothenberger said. Cruz-Ramirez was transported to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center for what were described as non-life-threatening injuries. Funes Ramos was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.No one else was hurt in the accident, Rothenberger said.last_img read more

Second Lady Karen Pence Highlights Spouses Employment Challenges at ADC Summit

first_imgSecond Lady of the United States Karen Pence addressed the 2019 Defense Communities National Summit Tuesday afternoon with a speech that praised the contributions of military spouses and highlighted their employment challenges as they frequently move for service assignments.Below are a few highlighted quotes from Mrs. Pence’s speech:“First, I want to thank ADC for your support and commitment to our military families. You recognize the importance of coming along in support of our service members and their families. I’m also proud to be a new member of Blue Star Families, and as many of you know, our son now serves in the Marine Corps as a pilot and our daughter-in-law is now also a military spouse.”“Our appreciation of our military comes from spouses and families who make tremendous sacrifices without asking for much in return, all while exhibiting tremendous pride and determination. Military spouses are the backbone of our military services.”“According to a DOD study, military spouses experience an unemployment rate of 24%. Military spouses are loyal, hard-working and talented. If spouses aren’t happy, then we know service members will leave early. We want spouses to be fulfilled.”“We are seeing momentum building to hire military spouses, and there is now a national call to action to hire 100,000 spouses. Our spouses are ready, eager and willing to come alongside business to contribute and increase military spouse employment opportunities.”ADC photo by Will Noonan ADC AUTHORlast_img read more

ATT deal offers double the data on prepaid plan

first_img Mobile Phones 1:58 Now playing: Watch this: Comments Tags AT&T will double customers’ data when they activate a new line on its prepaid plan and sign up for auto-pay. Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images) AT&T’s latest deal aims to entice new customers with double the data. Starting Friday, the mobile carrier will increase customers’ high-speed data from 8GB to 16GB when they activate a new line on AT&T’s monthly $50 prepaid plan and sign up for auto-pay, which drops the price to $40 a month. The plan also includes unlimited talk, text and data usage in Mexico and Canada, AT&T said, as well as unlimited calling from the US to Mexico and Canada. The offer ends July 11. It’s the carrier’s latest promotion as it races with rivals to launch 5G networks in the US. Earlier this week, AT&T expanded its 5G service to seven more cities. For now, it only works with the Netgear Nighthawk 5G mobile hotspot, since AT&T doesn’t offer 5G phones yet. AT&T says it’ll offer more 5G devices later this year, including the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G this spring.center_img 4 AT&T tries tricking customers with 5G E logo Share your voice AT&Tlast_img read more

Jump into the screen with 360degree immersive video

first_imgAs you watch a video, have you ever wondered what’s happening beyond the camera frame? If you could jump inside the video and look around, you would have a 360-degree view of the world in your TV screen or computer monitor. Explore further Using virtual reality could make you a better person in real life A company based in Calgary, Alberta, called Immersive Media Corp. is trying to achieve exactly this type of immersive experience with a new camera and software technology. When watching a video filmed with the Immersive Viewer (IMViewer) system, users can control the scene, seamlessly moving the perspective up, down, sideways, or even behind the original frame. The technology is based on a Dodeca 2360 camera, which can record eleven image streams that are arranged in a geodesic geometry. The camera captures images at a resolution of more than 100 million pixels per second – significantly more than HDTV. The 20-pound camera also has four built-in microphones for simultaneous omni-directional audio recording. When recording, camera operators can check each individual lens to see what´s being recorded at every angle. Immersive Media’s software then turns the video files into “telemersion” files. A processor compresses, records, and synchronizes up to 12 channels at once. Then, the videos can be viewed on computer monitors, video screens, head-mounted displays, or projected onto a dome screen. When watching video on a computer monitor, viewers use the mouse to turn the viewing in any 360-degree direction (demos available at Immersive Media’s Web site). The viewing engine essentially blends camera image streams together in real time to make a movable window. With a head-mounted display, a viewer can see different angles simply by turning their head.To enhance the immersion experience, viewers can also “direct” the video by rewinding, pausing, speeding up, slowing down, or zooming in on certain areas. The technology is also compatible with GPS or other metadata, enabling viewers to determine the location they´e viewing.The software can also blend the entire 360-degree scene onto a single 2D screen, called a “sphere movie.” These sphere movies show the whole environment in motion at once, without having to direct the field of view. Sphere movies can be watched on standard software such as Quicktime or Windows Media Player, or recorded on DVDs. They’re also compatible with MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, and can be broadcast using HDTV-resolution channels.With another feature, viewers can watch three frames on a single screen: the controllable video, the full sphere movie (with crosshairs that correspond to where you are looking in the controllable frame), and a GPS frame telling you your location as you move. While Immersive’s camera technology was developed three years ago, it was originally used by the FBI to study street routes of visiting dignitaries for security purposes. More recently, Google Earth has used the technology to create its StreetView videos. Immersive also hopes to use the technology for applications such as urban planning, oil and gas resource management, emergency response and first responder operations, and commercial media.One notable company taking advantage of the technology is Adidas, which has featured videos incorporating the immersion capability on its Web site. Viewers can zoom in on their favorite basketball players and replay scenes to see reaction shots – in short, experiencing the event with a personal perspective.More information: Immersive Media Demos Citation: Jump into the screen with 360-degree immersive video (2008, February 27) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Immersive Media´s Dodeca 2360 camera. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Five new preferred partners join Ensembles growing network

first_img Travelweek Group Five new preferred partners join Ensemble’s growing network NEW YORK — Ensemble Travel Group has announced a new round of preferred partners in two key land categories: On Location and Specialty Supplier.The Group formally welcomes four On Location partners to its portfolio: Family Twist, Leonidas Travel, Revealed America, and Reykjavik Excursions. Specialty supplier Shore Excursions Group has also been added.“One of the ways we strengthen our members’ book of business is through ongoing partner evaluation and expansion, not just in terms of destination but also in area of specialty,” said Suzanne Hall, senior director, supplier partnerships-Luxury Hotels & Resorts, DMC and Tour Operations. “It is extremely important to provide our agency members with the right balance of experience-based experts within our portfolio, whether for land- or cruise-based programs.”Here is a brief introduction of each of the new partners:Family TwistSpecializes in private luxury family vacations and activities in 11 European destinations. It organizes accommodations, transportation and activities for families, as well as offers more than 40 à la carte activities for all ages. Other services include skip-the-line tickets for city attractions, recommendations for family-friendly restaurants, English-speaking babysitters, and cars fitted with necessary safety equipment for families.More news:  Universal enhances popular Harry Potter vacation package with new perksLeonidas TravelSpecializes in Croatia and the surrounding countries of Slovenia, Montenegro and Hercegovina. The On Location partner offers FITs, shore excursions, villa renting and yacht chartering. Cellphones are provided to all clients as an added support feature.Revealed AmericaDesigns and operates upscale custom tours in and around more than 50 national parks, monuments and sightseeing adventures in the western United States. Services include: upscale best-in-class accommodations; privately guided activities by air, 4-wheel vehicle, raft/kayak, balloon, horseback and on foot; local experts in geology, wildlife, art and more; and special access to historical, archaeological and Native American sites. Moreover, 1% of all revenues are donated to youth in National Parks programs.Reykjavik ExcursionsOffers a range of motorcoach tours and services for individuals and groups, focusing on budget travellers. Services include day excursions, ‘Iceland on Your Own’ for the FIT market, and hop-on/hop-off sightseeing bus service. The company celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2018.More news:  Apply now for AQSC’s agent cruise ratesShore Excursions GroupThis popular independent excursion provider caters to individual, small group and large group cruise passengers in port destinations around the world. Clients can choose from numerous options, including scenic, cultural, active and city tours.For more information go to Posted by Tags: Ensemble Travel Groupcenter_img Monday, February 26, 2018 << Previous PostNext Post >> Sharelast_img read more

Costa Rica climate avenger takes questions on Reddit

first_imgThe woman charged with corralling the world’s leaders to come up with a clear plan for saving the planet took to the popular social network Reddit on Wednesday to answer questions about climate change and the upcomingParis climate talks.Christiana Figueres, daughter of Costa Rica’s revolutionary leader and three-time president, José “Pepe” Figueres, is executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. She has spent the last five years trying to get U.N. member states closer to an agreement on averting climate disaster.Before that, she was part of Costa Rica’s climate negotiating team before the U.N.Her diplomatic work has gone into overdrive this past year in the run-up to the Paris climate conference in December, known as COP21. The U.N. has set a goal of preventing global temperatures from rising by more than 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit). But Figueres has already said that goal will not be met based on the pledges offered thus far, called Intended Nationally Determined Contributions, or INDCs, by the U.N. climate change convention’s 196 parties.Still, she said Wednesday that she’s optimistic about success at the Paris summit.“We have so much momentum going into this conference from the past 5 years of progress in the negotiations and from the businesses, investors, cities and regions that are already engaged in climate action,” she wrote on Reddit during her Ask Me Anything session. “The greatest barrier to success will be in the details – how the interests of all countries will be reflected in the final text and decisions. Also, finance and technical support for the transition in developing countries will be a big challenge.”Here’s how Figueres answered other questions posed by Reddit users, including The Tico Times (some questions have been shortened for brevity and edited for spelling and style): What role can/should Latin America, and esp. your home country Costa Rica, play in fighting climate change?Given its extremely clean energy generation, Costa Rica is one of the world’s lowest emitters. However, that has not stopped Costa Rica from assuming its responsibility to identify the mitigation contribution it can make in addition to identifying the urgent adaptation measures it must take. What can Latin America do? Do you want 5 pages on that? But bottom line, every country can and must contribute in the way that makes the most sense to them given their natural resource base, geographic location, emission reduction potential and vulnerability.More and more the world is recognizing that maybe the 2 degree goal is not something that’s going to be achieved out of the Paris agreement. Given the purpose of Paris and previous COP [Conference of the Parties] meetings was to achieve this 2 degree goal to prevent catastrophic climate change, what hope do you see in the world?I have been pellucidly clear that the agreement in Paris is not going to reach a 2 degree limit on temperature rise as though that were something we can take off a magical shelf and put on the table. I have been equally clear that getting us on to the 2 degree pathway is entirely possible. This is why the Paris agreement will have two very important components with regard to emission reductions: First, it will harness all the national climate change plans which as a group, if fully implemented, already substantially reduce the BAU [business-as-usual] growth in emissions. Second, in recognition that this first set of INDCs is a departure point and not a destination, the Paris agreement will construct a path of ever-increasing emission reductions with periodic checkpoints of progress until we get to the 2 degree pathway. Despite the ocean’s critical role in regulating climate — and providing food security and livelihoods for millions of people — international climate negotiations have only minimally considered impacts on the ocean. Will fisheries and the ocean take a back seat to forestry and overall emissions in Paris?The Climate Change Convention is structured based on emissions of greenhouse gasses within national territories. Despite the fact that oceans are being directly affected by rising temperatures, they are not included in the Convention or in the negotiations due to their trans-boundary nature. This does not mean we can forget about the oceans. I permanently carry a blue marble with me everywhere I go to remind me of the oceans. In your opinion, what are the chances that the upcoming deal legally recognizes climate refugees?If we do not do our job properly, we will have painful situations of forced migration. Perhaps to a scale we cannot even imagine. That is precisely why it is so urgent that we agree on a path to reduce global emissions within the boundaries of science.See also: The Guardian names Costa Rican journalist among ‘young climate campaigners to watch’ ahead of Paris 2015 Costa Rica’s Christiana Figueres: “I permanently carry a blue marble with me everywhere I go to remind me of the oceans.” (Courtesy Avi Kapfer/MarViva Foundation)Based on your experience speaking with representatives of other nations, what kinds of public actions tend to influence their decisions? Do they cite public opinion as a pretext for inaction or the necessity of more aggressive action?As an individual you can first be aware of your own climate footprint, reduce as much as possible and then offset emissions so you can be an example of climate neutrality now. You can also use the power of your vote to support political leaders who are on the right side of history. And finally, you can use your wallet to send clear messages that the goods and services you want have to be low-carbon.What are your opinions on the presence and role of civil society observers at the COP? What will the secretariat be doing in Paris to ensure transparency and inclusion of observers in the negotiations?The role of civil society in continuing to encourage ambition expressed in both environmental integrity and social fairness is critical to all our negotiations. At the same time, the UNFCCC is an intergovernmental treaty body designed for the purpose of governments reaching common ground with each other. Over the past 5 years, we have consistently increased the transparency of the intergovernmental process by providing constant and timely information about the proceedings on our website and by encouraging frequent and open stocktaking plenaries. We have also not only allowed but frankly even supported actions on the part of civil society representatives as long as they stay within the agreed rules of conduct.The U.N. seems to have put a lot of emphasis on the presence of youth, but once at the negotiations, the youth are pretty universally ignored in the process. What can the international community do in Paris to include youth as more than just tokens?In my experience, the most powerful influence of young people or any other member of civil society takes place on a 1-to-1 basis in direct conversations with government delegates. Furthermore, that voice is more listened to when it is deeply informed of the issues at hand, when it is well reasoned and when it reaches beyond current comfort but does not venture into the unattainable. Do you consider the agreement of France, UK and China of last week to cooperate in nuclear energy a favorable development, given that it cuts back renewable energies in the UK and locks in a nuclear energy future?The use of nuclear energy is a decision that is and remains a sovereign responsibility of each country. It is clearly a non-GHG emitting source, however in its use every country will have to consider the other potential consequences as well as the rising cost of additional safety measures that have now been proven to be necessary. Can you comment on the role of cities in leading climate change adaptation and mitigation? Where should urban planning focus in the future?The expansion of urbanization and growth of cities in the future is well known. What is less understood is how we can plan and develop cities that are more organically grown and lived in than built and operated. If we look at future cities from the atmosphere’s perspective lived-in gardens, not expansive Lego-scapes.What advice would you give to young people who want to in the future work towards building a greener tomorrow? I am a physics student who is currently performing my undergraduate research which is on concentrated solar power, but it’s hard to know what else I can be doing to further the cause for renewable energy.You are totally in the right field! CSP is very promising, but as you know still needs a way to go to bring down costs and expand deployment. Please do continue your research and take a leadership role in increasing renewable energy around the world. Do you ever get depressed about our collective failure thus far to take serious measures to halt and/or reverse climate change? If so, what do you do to cheer yourself up?I don’t get depressed but I do get frustrated with the pace of progress. I stay focused because of my daughters and all the sons and daughters to come.Do you struggle with your lifestyle knowing that you are a contributor to climate change? What about your colleagues, how does this affect your ability to work?Yes I am very conscious that I am personally a high emitter given the air travel that I have to do for my job. It does seem in congruous to be fully aware of the need to reduce emissions and yet for the time being be such a high emitter myself. As long as I have the responsibilities that I do, I have to incur these emissions but that will not be my lifestyle forever. In the meantime, in order to be climate neutral and support mitigation and adaptation projects in developing countries, I have purchased Certified Emissions Reductions from the Adaptation Fund using the Climate Neutral Now program and I encourage everyone to do the same, as well as making low-emission lifestyle choices.—Here are some questions Figueres didn’t answer:For you what is the ultimate success point of COP21? And if the parties fail to meet that point, what will be the political and economic impacts of this failure on future of climate politics?Do you have a mantra you say to yourself before you are scheduled to speak to a denier so that you remain calm and professional and not say to them what you really want to say (or scream!)?Ocean warming, acidification, sea-level rise, and the expansion of oxygen minimum zones will continue to have distinct impacts on marine communities and ecosystems, how can the fishing industry make strides to reduce their carbon footprint?What safeguards for indigenous peoples’ territories and ways of life are being considered in the upcoming negotiations?You highlight population as a leading issue for tackling climate change. And you go on to say we should “make every effort to change those numbers.” What does it mean to “make every effort to change those numbers”? How would you suggest the U.N. curtail the growth of population? How would you plan to reduce the current population of the world? What are “acceptable” numbers of humans in your eyes? Related posts:Mexico sets greenhouse gas target for UN climate talks A Paris climate change talks primer for Costa Rica Whales under threat as climate change impacts migration Costa Rica’s Christiana Figueres honored for UN climate work Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Cops protect lovers on Brazilian Valentines Day

first_imgSAO PAULO (AP) – Brazil is celebrating its own version of Valentine’s Day, and in Sao Paulo that means flowers, chocolates and candle-lit dinners surrounded by police.Sao Paulo has seen a rash of armed stick-ups of high-end restaurants in rich neighborhoods, during which diners are robbed en masse. There have been at least 18 such robberies this year in the richest areas of the city.They’ve happened in some of the best-known establishments, including Carlota, a favorite restaurant of former President Henrique Cardoso. Quick workouts for men A group of restaurant owners met with Sao Paulo state Governor Geraldo Alckmin to plead for increased patrols on Tuesday, when Brazil celebrates its Valentine’s Day.The result: Nearly 400 police are on patrol near chic eateries to protect lovers from cash-hungry bandits.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Sponsored Stories Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvementscenter_img Comments   Share   Top holiday drink recipes 3 international destinations to visit in 2019 New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Top Stories last_img read more

by Lindsey Bahr The Associated Press Posted J

first_img by Lindsey Bahr, The Associated Press Posted Jun 5, 2019 6:19 am PDT Q&A: ‘Late Night’ power duo Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling This image released by Amazon Studios shows Mindy Kaling in a scene from “Late Night.” (Emily Aragones/Amazon Studios via AP) AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email LOS ANGELES — “Late Night ,” a new comedy from Mindy Kaling, establishes itself as a fantasy from the outset. It’s about a veteran late night talk show host who is a woman, after all.Emma Thompson plays said host, Katherine Newbury, who decides to allow the hire of a very green, but very eager newcomer, Molly (Kaling) to her all white and male writing staff. It scored a record acquisition at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and opens in select theatres Friday and nationwide June 14.The Associated Press spoke to Kaling and Thompson about the film, which explores serious issues like gender bias, “diversity hires” and the grueling demands of late night with enjoyable comedy drawn from real-life stories of difficult TV bosses. Remarks have been edited for clarity and brevity.AP: Why did you choose the setting of late night talk shows?KALING: I’ve always been intrigued by late night TV. I write for scripted half hour shows which you’d think would be so similar that I would know this world, but it really is its own beast. It’s very tied to New York City, it’s a very masculine environment and the level of hyper competition in these shows both between the different hosts but also between writers on staff is so different than what I’m used to. I loved shining a light on a world that has historically not employed women. It was very easy to research because almost all of my friends have been fired from a late night talk show. There are so many great disgruntled stories of impossible hosts and mean bosses.AP: And you wrote the part of Katherine specifically for Emma, having never met her.KALING: It must be strange to be approached by someone who lives half the world away and is thinking about you to the degree that they created a story for you to star in.THOMPSON: It’s not strange to write with someone in mind. I write with people in mind.KALING: But it is a bad idea to write when there is only one person who can play the part. That is the worst thing to do. I didn’t even know. You could be in the throes of an acrimonious divorce. You could be an alcoholic. You could have been unable to leave England legally to act for some drug-related reason.AP: Is it difficult to believe when someone says that they’ve written something for you?THOMPSON: It doesn’t happen very often. The only other times it’s happened I’ve always been an elderly archaeologist or geography teacher or someone developing dementia or Alzheimer’s or someone whose spouse has died horribly and I’ve got to deal with it. So interestingly, yeah, this is the first time someone has said I’ve wrote you something, and not only is it funny but also incredibly smart and irresistible.AP: Mindy, you’ve been both the boss and the newcomer in your career. Did you draw on that while writing?KALING: This movie was so enjoyable because I identify so much with both of the characters. I remember vividly what it’s like to be the new person in the room, the only minority, like it was yesterday, even though it was 15 years ago. I also remember distinctly being the star and the showrunner of a show that I’ve been doing for 117 episodes and I’m impatient and grouchy and I’m paid a little bit too much and everyone is telling me yes all the time and I myself have a temper.AP: Katherine is not a stock villain who hates other women. It just seems like it’s never occurred to her that she might benefit from a diverse staff.THOMPSON: It hasn’t occurred to her because she’s followed the patriarchy mould like the rest of us. You know, she’s a normal human being. What choice did she have? She wasn’t brought up in an unusual matriarchy on a small island off of America and then (said), “Hang on a minute, why are there no women in positions of power? This isn’t like this where I’m from.” She has grown up the way I did seeing everything through men’s eyes.AP: Why do you think there is still that bias against women in late night?KALING: I think there’s historically been a feeling that late night is based on hard jokes: Set up, punchline, of daily news. And I think there’s been a bias that women can’t write those kinds of jokes. The truth is there are fewer women who are interested in it because there are almost no women who do it. So now, little by little on shows like Colbert and Jimmy Fallon, they are hiring more women. And that’s great but they need to be trained and younger women need to see that these women can succeed in these jobs.THOMPSON: And have you noticed on almost all late night talk shows, the band is almost exclusively male.KALING: REALLY?AP: This was going to be a studio movie but ultimately went the independent route with a Sundance premiere and everything. Why did you choose that path?KALING: Because Fox2000 gave me the movie back, they didn’t want to make it. And now they’re not a company. I’m not saying there’s a correlation, but that’s the truth. It was supposed to be a big, glossy New York City movie, and then the company who was going to make it like that gave it back to me. They lost faith in it. And so it was an indie movie. To make a movie like this in 25 days with $11 million is extremely hard.___Follow AP Film Writer Lindsey Bahr on Twitter: Bahr, The Associated Presslast_img read more

Cypriot farmers likely to struggle to meet new EU conditions

first_imgA new Eurostat report shows 44.6 per cent of farm managers in Cyprus are 65 years and older. Just 3.3 per cent are under 40. The country also has an extremely high number of small farms under five hectares, 89.6 per cent.The legislative proposal for the common agricultural policy (CAP) from 2021 to 2027 will bring changes for all Europeans, including Cypriots, and though the European Commission says the changes are for the better, it remains to be seen if this is true for all countries.European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan is planning to sit down with ministers of island nations Cyprus and Malta to discuss the legislative proposal for the new common agricultural policy for 2021 to 2027, as they are special cases because of their small farm size, and simpler procedures than in other countries can be implemented.EU farmers have long complained about heavy paperwork and complexities that prevent them from implementing the actual objectives of the policy. Hogan said the new delivery model was a significant step in the continued pursuit of greater simplification.The new common agricultural policy after 2020 gives member states a greater flexibility on how to use their funding allocation, allowing them to design programmes tailored to their specific situation, rather than the European Commission deciding what should be done, Hogan explained.Instead of policing, the commission will give members more freedom, a solution which is more modern and less complex, he said.Not everybody agrees. BirdLife Cyprus believes such an approach is a disaster for Cyprus’.“This is more relaxed, which it shouldn’t be,” Martin Hellicar from the NGO said. “The top down approach is a good one. The commission should insist that the nature directive is followed.”BirdLife Europe agrees. “The reform pins all its hopes to achieve EU objectives on wishful thinking, assuming that the member states will pursue public over vested interests. The last 20 years of CAP implementation suggests that when given the option, agricultural ministers tend to cave into the powerful intensive farming lobby,” they said.However, it is not a carte blanche, the commissioner said. “It allows for partial implementation approval and the commission can intervene.”Instead of policing, the commission will help the farmers to simplify, for example by helping to fill in application forms for funding and negotiating with banks to give them loans with low interest rates. The farmers will have ten days to check the documents.An increasing use of technology is meant to help. The commission is encouraging member states to use big data and new technologies for controls and monitoring (for example, verifying farm sizes for direct payment claims using satellite data), thus significantly reducing the need for on-the-spot controls.The rules so far have been too rigid, Hogan insists.A level playing-field amongst member states will be ensured through strategic plans covering the whole period, setting out how each member state intends to meet nine EU-wide economic, environmental and social objectives, using both direct payments and rural development. The commission will approve each plan to ensure consistency and the protection of the single market and will closely follow each country’s performance and progress towards the agreed targets.Each objective has three conditions which the farmers need to comply with. The economic part is to increase competitiveness, ensure fair income and rebalance the power in the food chain. Under the second condition, farmers should take climate change action, care for the environment and preserve landscapes and biodiversity. The social section includes support of a generational renewal, vibrant rural areas and the protection of food and health quality.The new rules place the ball firmly in the court of the member states. “They will not get money if they don’t meet the nine objectives,” the commissioner said.“The CAP remains at heart a policy designed to support European farmers and ensure Europe’s food security, while guaranteeing a resilient, sustainable and competitive agricultural sector, “ as they put it.BirdLife Cyprus does not agree with the economic objective, saying that the commission needs to concentrate solely on  environment and social aspects.“What we need is radical reform: a clean break from the social and environmental disaster that is the old CAP and a shift to effective support for small farmers and an ‘ecological transition’ that rewards farmers for environmental delivery in the form of sustainable production and sustainable land management,” they said.“With evidence of ecological collapse in farmland mounting and as the biodiversity and climate crisis deepens, the need for today’s decision-makers to wake up to the environmental challenge staring them in the face has never been greater.”This may be more urgent than ever this year.In the short run, Cyprus will have to seek the support of the EU to find ways and means to help farmers in Cyprus who are struggling with water shortages to prevent them from abandoning the sector, Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis said on Sunday.The current drought means farmers will have extremely little water this year, but water from desalination plants mean households will be spared cuts.A priority is to save trees such as orange and olive trees and to supply water to greenhouses.Water for seasonal crops such as potatoes and other vegetables was only to be available until the start of the summer, after which no water from the reservoirs could be used for those crops.It remains to be seen how far Cyprus can come up with satisfying nine objectives under such conditions in future, whether they are environmental, economic or social, when the vital question of water overshadows everything and is likely to not only force young farmers to give up their work but most farmers.It has been suggested that the only way to keep them from abandoning farming is not to farm for the next year or two, but to just pay the farmers an amount to keep them on their land.“I do more for smaller farmers than ever,” Hogan stressed.But will it be enough for Cyprus under the new rules or will the nine objectives get in the way of receiving the support the country really needs? You May LikeLifeBioticThe 5 Pillars Of Fighting Chemo Side Effects NaturallyLifeBioticUndoSportsRetriever10 Years After The Famous Photo, Olympic Athlete Makes A Brave ConfessionSportsRetrieverUndoList Nebula8 Cutest Exotic Dog Breeds From Around The WorldList NebulaUndo Modi versus Wild: Indian PM to join Bear Grylls in wildernessUndoState Legal Service condemns attack on attorney-generalUndoFrom space heroes to artists: women written out of historyUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

North lays into mediaeval archbishops Easter message

first_imgNorthern Cyprus’ ‘foreign ministry’ on Monday lambasted Archbishop Chrysostomos for his ‘racist’ remarks when he admonished Greek Cypriots for crossing to the north to shop and to fly using Ercan (Tymbou) airport.In his Easter message, which might have been expected to be one of unity and concord coming from a church figure, Chrysostomos instead censured those Greek Cypriots who go to the north “not to visit churches and the graves of their ancestors, but to transact with the occupation, for fun, and to use the illegal airport.”The archbishop stopped short of calling these Greek Cypriots traitors.Reacting via a statement, the north’s ‘foreign ministry’ said such commentary smacks of “a mediaeval approach and mentality.”It urged the Greek Cypriot ‘administration’ to condemn remarks that tend to increase mistrust.The statement went on to express grief that the archbishop’s references “indicate clearly that there has not been the slightest improvement in the racist and primitive stance of the church.”In reality, the statement added, traffic and trade between the two communities are precisely what will serve to boost relations and cooperation, as well as economic interdependence, which is what Cyprus needs.Other than his commentary on politics, Chrysostomos also railed against what he sees as degenerate mores. He cited the introduction of legislation on abortions, gender choice and the cohabitation of same sex-persons.“It is obvious that these laws aim at destroying not only the religious but also the national component of our people,” the prelate said.On social media, Chrysostomos took flak for his views, as well as for the fact he omitted to make any mention of the number one issue on people’s minds these days – the Mitsero mine murders. You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoModernizeIf Your Home Has Old Roofing, Read ThisModernizeUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Rep Cox welcomes Livonia groups new ideas for local government funding

first_img Categories: Cox News,Cox Photos 18Feb Rep. Cox welcomes Livonia group’s new ideas for local government funding State Rep. Laura Cox today hosted the Livonia based Citizens Research Council for its testimony before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on General Government on new alternatives and recommendations for local government funding.“I was pleased to welcome CRC to the meeting because they have a history of providing unbiased information on many hotly debated issues in Michigan,” said Rep. Cox, chair of the subcommittee. “The committee is tasked with creating the best possible budget for Michigan’s state agencies in addition to identifying an equitable revenue sharing model for local governments. I was pleased to hear their ideas and recommendations and look forward to discussing them as we move forward in the budget process.”Rep. Cox, far right, and her fellow committee members listened to presentations from the Citizen Research Council and local government officials during the General Government Subcommittee meeting on Wednesday Feb. 18.In addition, the committee welcomed other local government groups to hear their suggestions for the state’s revenue sharing program that can be taken into consideration for future budget deliberations.“After today’s meeting, I am looking forward to exploring new ways to update and modernize the state’s revenue sharing programs,” said Rep. Cox, R-Livonia. “Many of the current allocations are based on decades old information and it is time that this is brought in line with current programs and data.”Rep. Cox said she is especially interested in investigating more a more equitable funding approach based on services provided to residents by cites, townships, villages, and counties.“Local governments are just as important to Michigan’s continued recovery as the state government,” she said. “It is important that we focus on solutions that will best help the local communities, because our state is many small communities fitting together into one and we need all those parts to be working well for the state as a whole to succeed.”last_img read more

Rep LaFave introduces bill discouraging sanctuary cities

first_img Tags: #SB 10Mar Rep. LaFave introduces bill discouraging sanctuary cities Categories: Featured news,LaFave News,Newscenter_img State Rep. Beau LaFave, of Iron Mountain, has introduced a bill that creates the Sanctuary Policy Prohibition Act that will outlaw local units of government from enacting ordinances that limit a local official, employee or police officer from communicating with federal officials regarding the immigration status of an individual. “This bill is not a departure from common practice,” said Rep. LaFave. “Local officials who ignore the law and turn their communities into sanctuaries for illegal immigrants are endangering people and violating the public trust.”Police officers should not be prohibited from checking for illegal immigration status in their current law enforcement routines.Rep. LaFave believes Michigan’s local communities should never be safe havens for those who break the law and commit crimes, including the act of entering our country illegally, and that police officers should not be prohibited from checking for illegal immigration status in their current law enforcement routines.“An overwhelming number of Americans believe that law enforcement officers who arrest illegal immigrants for crimes should be able to turn them over to federal authorities,” LaFave said. “This is a public safety issue and this legislation will help officers remove potentially dangerous and threatening criminals off our streets.”House Bill 4334 has been referred to the House Committee on Local Government.######last_img read more

Rep Sheppard welcomes Jackman Road Elementary students to Capitol

first_img06Jun Rep. Sheppard welcomes Jackman Road Elementary students to Capitol Categories: Sheppard News,Sheppard Photos State Rep. Jason Sheppard of Temperance welcomed students from Jackman Road Elementary School in Temperance to the Capitol on June 6.“I’m excited to see young students interested in state government,” Rep. Sheppard said. “It’s so important that they learn about the significant role the Legislature plays and I encourage them to be informed and active citizens as they grow up.”State Rep. Jason Sheppard visits with Jackman Road Elementary students during their trip to the Capitol building in Lansing.last_img

Rep Howrylak encourages community to submit input on mental health services

first_img Categories: Howrylak News Website will assist House task force in forming policy ideasState Representative Martin Howrylak today encouraged Oakland County residents to submit feedback to a House Task Force reviewing mental health services in Michigan.Rep. Howrylak, of Troy, said he hopes community members will participate by submitting their feedback. Citizens who have suggestions regarding veterans’ care, substance abuse treatment, mental health services, and training for law enforcement can submit their input online at“This is a valuable opportunity for the citizens in our community to share their ideas and personal experiences,” Rep. Howrylak said. “The information gathered during this process will help develop meaningful reforms to improve access to quality mental health care throughout the state of Michigan.”A bipartisan House panel was recently tasked with exploring ways to enable Michigan residents facing mental health challenges to live happier, healthier, and more independent lives. The Task Force established the website to provide concerned citizens with an easy way to contribute to the public policy discussion.The House C.A.R.E.S. Task Force is named for the key elements the group hopes to address in mental health reform: Community, Access, Resources, Education and Safety. The Task Force is holding various public meetings throughout the state to receive input from individuals and tour treatment facilities to gain a better understanding of the challenges in the system.Meetings are currently scheduled at the following locations:Thursday, Aug. 17, at Hope Network Education Center, 775 36th St. SE in Grand Rapids, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.Monday, Aug. 21 at Mid-Michigan Community College, 1375 S. Clare St. in Harrison, at 1 p.m.Tuesday, Aug. 29, at Oakland Community Health Network, 2011 Executive Drive in Auburn Hills, from 2 to 4 p.m.### 09Aug Rep. Howrylak encourages community to submit input on mental health serviceslast_img read more

Rep Paquette promotes website dedicated to car insurance reform

first_img27Feb Rep. Paquette promotes website dedicated to car insurance reform Categories: Paquette News New legislative site to provide public interaction, latest news on reformState Rep. Brad Paquette, along with House colleagues, recently announced the creation of a special website to keep people informed about the House Select Committee on Reducing Car Insurance Rates while giving Michigan drivers a simple way to provide their input.The website,, allows anyone to easily offer input that could help shape future legislation, and gives state representatives another method to hear ideas and concerns.“Michigan’s no-fault car insurance system is a potential budget buster for many Southwest Michigan families,” said Paquette, of Niles. “With car insurance rates drastically lower a few miles south in Indiana, the temptation for Berrien and Cass county residents to move across the state line to avoid skyrocketing premiums is very real. The House’s newly launched website dedicated to car insurance reform offers constituents a way to share their stories and ideas for reform directly with the committee.”The website includes a news tab allowing residents to keep up to date with developments and committee meeting schedules. Ideas submitted by Michigan drivers concerning legislation will go directly to the committee, assuring every submission will be considered.“I encourage everyone to share their voices and be an integral part of the reform process,” Paquette said. “Everyone has a seat at the table. I look forward to joining our community’s effort to deliver a solution that makes our rates more affordable and in line with neighboring states.”Paquette encourages residents to follow the Facebook page at to see the latest news regarding the committee.last_img read more

Schroeder issues statement regarding governors gas tax proposal

first_img06Mar Schroeder issues statement regarding governor’s gas tax proposal State Representative Andrea Schroeder, of Independence Township and vice chair of the House Financial Services Committee, made the following statement after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer presented her proposed budget to a joint House and Senate Appropriations Committee:“Like anyone else who drives in this state, I absolutely agree more must be done to improve Michigan roads. However, the governor’s plan of nearly TRIPLING the gas tax would mean Michigan drivers would be paying the highest gas taxes in the country. This alone would cost my own family $739 more in taxes annually for just one of our family vehicles. That is simply unaffordable for many families and not a responsible measure.“Michigan has already been doing more in recent years to repair our deteriorating infrastructure. Last year, House Republicans added $600 million for road repair projects – without adding taxes or fees – in addition to the 2015 funding plan that included a guaranteed $600 million annually to speed up the process of fixing Michigan’s roads.“Michigan residents deserve better roads, good schools and safe drinking water. As state representative, I will work to make sure these things happen but, most importantly, that this budget is done the right way. We must continue to provide great value and deliver results for our hard-working citizens, while being fiscally responsible.“With that being said, I look forward to working with my colleagues in the House and Senate to craft a responsible, effective state budget that keeps our economy growing and flourishing.”### Categories: News,Schroeder Newslast_img read more

Nonprofits Defend Kentuckys Last Abortion Clinic as State Harasses Womens Health Providers

first_imgShare25TweetShare2Email27 Shares“Matt Bevin” by Gage SkidmoreApril 1, 2017; Jezebel and CNN, “Health”The American Civil Liberties Union has stepped in to try to keep the state of Kentucky’s sole abortion provider functioning. According to the Courier-Journal, the dispute with the state involves the signed “transfer agreements” that Kentucky state law requires abortion clinics to have with hospitals and ambulance services should a medical emergency arise for a patient. Critics say the transfer agreements are ridiculous because hospitals would need to accept patients in need of their services regardless of what agreements are in place.The clinic, EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville, said that even though its license is good until May 2017, it received a letter out of the blue saying it was out of compliance. Inspector General Robert Silverthorn, who oversees the licensure, said in the letter to EMW that its transfer agreements are deficient and don’t adequately protect patients.The state’s new finding that the agreements are deficient amounts to a “bureaucratic sleight of hand,” said Brigitte Amiri, a senior staff attorney with the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project. “This is an attempt to ban abortion in Kentucky, plain and simple. We are fighting to keep this from happening.”These tactics are nothing new in the state. According to CNN, this is part of a series of new laws by Republican Gov. Matt Bevin that tighten access to abortion in Kentucky and, some argue, install unnecessary roadblocks to women seeking the procedure who have already made extremely complex decisions with their doctors. The state now requires that the physician or technician conducting the abortion perform an ultrasound, describe and display the ultrasound images to the mother, and provide audio of the fetal heartbeat to the mother before she may have an abortion. The state also outlawed abortion after 20 weeks and did not exempt survivors of rape or incest from this new legislation.The Bevin administration began suing abortion clinics over a year ago. According to USA Today, last year, they forced the abortion clinic operated by Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky out of Kentucky in a similar manner, getting them to suspend abortion services while they attempted to resolve licensing disputes. KentuckyOne Health canceled a recent transfer agreement with Planned Parenthood to accept patients at the University of Louisville Hospital; according to Planned Parenthood lawyer Thomas Clay, KentuckyOne CEO Ruth Brinkley cited outside pressure and the fear of losing state funds as her reason for rescinding the agreement.The ACLU and EMW have filed a separate lawsuit this year against the provisions, which is ongoing. Donald L. Cox, a lawyer for EMW, told the Courier-Journal that he believes the administration won’t stop until no woman in Kentucky can access an abortion. A Status of Women report released in 2015 noted that women held less than 17 percent of the seats in the Kentucky State House. The same report also gave the state of Kentucky a D- grade when it comes to opportunities for health and wellbeing and a C when it came to reproductive rights prior to Governor Bevin’s election.—Carrie Collins-FadellShare25TweetShare2Email27 Shareslast_img read more

Lagardèreowned kids channel Gulli has launched a

first_imgLagardère-owned kids channel Gulli has launched a tablet device aimed at the family in partnership with Kurio/KD Interactive.The Android device includes parental control functionality and comes pre-loaded with episodes and clips of programmes on the channel including Beyblade Metal Fury, Monk, Puppy in my pocket and Linus et Boom, as well as giving access to Gulli Replay.Other applications include ad-free versions of popular games such as Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope and World of Goo, as well as educations apps and e-book functionality.Antoine Villeneuve, managing director of TV channels at Lagardère Active, said that launching products under licence with the Gulli brand was now one of multiple points of entry to the Gulli experience, which included but was not limited to the TV channel.last_img read more

Orangebacked video sharing site Dailymotion has e

first_imgOrange-backed video sharing site Dailymotion has expanded its recently launched OpenVOD service after the successful conclusion of a test phase. OpenVOD allows any professional content provider or ‘Motionmaker’ – a registered ‘creative partner’ – to sell their videos over its online platform.Content owners can offer all or part of their programmes to be rented individually or by monthly subscription. Partners can determine the price and terms of rental and can create a Dailymotion area dedicated to their brand, where this premium content, alongside any free videos, can be made available.OpenVOD also provides the ability to offer pay-per-view live events.Content on the service so far includes a mix of feature films, short films, TV series, documentaries, animated shows, children’s programming, sports, music, advice and podcasts.The service is already available in 34 countries.In France, which was the initial focus of the service trial, mainstream content has included France Télévisions’ dedicated space, thematic offerings such as soap opera Plus Belle La Vie which offers a subscription for €2.99 per month to see the first two seasons in their entirety, or Les Dessous des Cartes, the flagship programme of Arte in which each programme is available for rent for €0.99 or together for a monthly subscription of €3.99.A free preview of each video is available to users, while customers can pay via credit card, PayPal, SMS or phone via a system supplied by Cleeng.“OpenVOD is a new form of monetising videos on Dailymotion for our partners. OpenVOD aims to level the field of VOD. It has never been easier to sell a video, even a live one, whether on Dailymotion or any other site with the exported Dailymotion player. The business model defies competition with the payment of 70% of the net income back to the partners.” said Martin Rogard, executive vice-president of global content, and Amandine Durr, premium services manager for Dailymotion in a statement.last_img read more

Spanish cable operator ONO is updating its TiVo of

first_imgSpanish cable operator ONO is updating its TiVo offering with new features, which will be implemented progressively between now and the end of October. The new features include an improved user interface, highlighting the selected TV channel in the main screen so that viewers can continue to watch while selecting a new channel, the incorporation of more personalized recommendation and the optimization of displays related to recordings, according to ONO.Viewers can now search for content by theme, while alphabetical search can be done using the alphanumeric keys on the remote control. Search results include linear, video club and internet content and filters can allow users to restrict results to fields that they want.Homes with more than one TiVo box can now share recorded content between them. The TiVo boxes have also now been updated with a new energy saving mode.ONO currently has about 200,000 TiVo customers across its networks.last_img read more