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Alia Bhatt has less scope in RRR Did she commit a mistake

first_imgAlia Bhatt.TwitterFilmmakers make a beeline to work with Alia Bhatt and they have every reason to approach the actress. Her ability to pick the right scripts and doing justice to her roles have been the hallmark of her success in Bollywood. After becoming one of the top actresses in Hindi film industry, she has now headed down south to conquer more hearts through SS Rajamouli’s multilingual RRR, which has Ram Charan Teja and Jr NTR in the leads.It was based on Karan Johar’s recommendation that Alia Bhatt got the offer to work in RRR. Let’s not forget it has been her dream to work with SS Rajamouli and when the project came her way she grabbed it with both hands with some Telugu media claiming that she agreed to work without a second thought.But the latest rumours indicate that she might repent signing the project and might end up as her bigger blunder in her career. A report on Deccan Chronicle claims that her role has “no substance” and the 28-year old appears just in a couple of scenes and a song.”Alia was very keen to work with Rajamouli, but it turns out that the heroine’s role could have been done by any Telugu actress. It has no substance. The film is all about the two heroes, Ramcharan Teja and NTR Jr. If a Bollywood star of Alia’s stature came on board, it is only natural that the feminine dynamics would improve for the better. They didn’t. Alia is just a prop in RRR,” the daily quotes a source as saying.It might also end up becoming more like a guest appearance role, the report adds. If it turns out to be true, RRR holds no value to her career despite giving bulk dates for the SS Rajamouli’s creation. However, looking at the recent past movies of SS Rajamouli, one wonders whether there is any truth in the reports as the director had written strong roles for his heroines. Anushka Shetty’s character in Baahubali series is a classic example of it.last_img read more

CJ Sinha wife get Australian visa

first_imgChief justice Surendra Kumar SinhaChief justice Surendra Kumar Sinha, whose one-month leave on health grounds sparked speculations, and his wife Sushma Sinha have obtained Australian visas for three years.A court source confirmed this to Prothom Alo on Saturday.On 5 October, Surendra Kumar Sinha and his wife Sushma Sinha went to the Australian visa centre at Gulshan-2 to apply for the visa.Australian visa centre officials approved their visa applications on the same day with validity until 2020. CJ Sinha’s eldest daughter Suchana Sinha lives in Australia.On 2 October, the chief justice went on one-month leave on health grounds.The chief justice was vehemently criticised by ministers and ruling party leaders for his observations made in the verdict that had annulled the 16th amendment to the constitution.Sinha assumed office on 17 January, 2015 as the country’s 21st chief justice. He is scheduled to go on retirement on 31 January next year.Read more:CJ’s one hour outside his residenceSK Sinha applies for Australian visalast_img read more

Early settlement discovered in Sundarbans revealing rich civilisation

first_imgArchaeologist Mohammad Sohrabuddin of Comilla University is busy excavating settlement traces in the Sundarbans that might be around 1,500 years old. Photo: Ehsan-ud-DaulaTraces that indicate settlement dating back to around 1,500 years ago, have been discovered in five places of the Sundarbans. Various utensils and tools used by the then people have been found in different places of the world’s largest mangrove forest.This archaeological discovery was made through personal and dedicated search of a researcher named Isme Azam.He said these installations, earlier covered by forest land, emerged into the open following soil erosion. “This was probably a seaport of ancient times, ruined over the ages,” the amateur archaeologist told Prothom Alo.According to the findings, the largest structures were located around 83 kilometres away from Shyamnagar of Satkhira, along the coast of the Bay of Bengal, in Khejurdana, Arpangashia and Shekhertek.More structures were discovered along the bank of the river Kholpatua in the Satkhira part of the Sundarbans and in Katka, in the Khulna part of the forest.Explorers say as the river erodes the banks, the soil has washed away, gradually revealing these structures.Previously in 1998, the surveys of archeology department and the archeological surveys of the forest department, Khulna University and three universities of Malaysia also pointed to evidence of certain structures.Professor Humayun Akhter of Dhaka University’s geology department and professor Badrul Islam of Rajshahi University’s geology and mining department have been researching on the geological formation of the Sundarbans and the extinct salt industry. Their research has also brought to light quite a few old structures and items.However, exact data concerning the time and usage of the items could not be determined in these research works. There was no mention of human settlement either.A research team from Germany and the US, involved in research concerning the Sundarbans’ geological changes and rise of the sea level, estimate that about 1,000 years ago there had been a large industrial town and trading centre in there, centred on the salt industry. They find evidence of a port there too.How old?Prothom Alo’s investigation into the ancient structures found in the Sundarbans were joined by professor Sufi Mostafizur Rahman of Jahangirnagar University’s archeology department, renowned for his Wari-Bateswhar discoveries, and assistant professor of archeology at Comilla University, Mohammad Sohrabuddin.They assume that these sites are between 1000 to 1200 years old. Examining the sites and their formation, Sufi Mostafizur Rahman said that the shape and size of the bricks indicate these date back to the time of the Pala dynasty. That would mean the structures are around 1,000 to 1200 years old. Though these structures were built for trade and industry, he guesses, there were permanent human settlements there as well.Isme Azam has been visiting remote areas of the Sundarbans for around seven years now, working on the census and protection of tigers. While working in the forest, he stumbled across these ruins and ancient utensils and tools. Later, when the upper layer of the area along the Sundarbans was washed away, he saw these structures emerge. With the avid interest of an archeologist, he conserved these items and began collecting data and evidence of these sites.The Indian side of the Sundarbans begins after Shyamnagar of Satkhira. In January, this correspondent saw ancient structures of the Indian Sundarbans on the Sagar island, Mousuni island and Hamilton island. Indian archeologists think that these will be between 1000 to 2500 years old.Indian historians and researchers are of the opinion that the Gangaridai kingdom of the Bengal region spread up till the Sundarbans in the pre-Christian era. They feel that the Satkhina zone was the part and trading hub of the kingdom.Indian archeological researcher and senior fellow at India’s Centre for Archeological Studies and Training (East India), Sharmi Chakrabarty, talked to Prothom Alo on the matter. After examining the data and pictures of these sites and items from the Bangladesh side of the Sundarbans, Chakraborty found these had similarity with those on the Indian side and estimated the square installations and wharf-like areas probably dated back to 600 AD to 700 AD. The other archeological findings and items were probably of mediaeval times. But overall, human settlement in the Sundarbans is at least 1500 years old.Another professor of Jahangirnagar University’s archeology department Sagar Sen, a researcher on archeological findings in Bangladesh’s rivers, said that these settlements and items would probably date back of around 1000 to 1200 years ago. He feels human settlements grew up there over time due to trade and salt production. There were destroyed time and again by natural calamities and attacks by outsiders, but were built up again.Signs of settlement deep in the forestEarly in the morning on 23 January, a seven-member team, at the initiative of Prothom Alo, started off on an investigative journey early to the Sundarbans. Their speedboat headed out for Shyamnagar, Satkhira, a little before sunrise. The structures were 83 km away, and the going was not easy. Before they could land, the speedboat got stuck midway. They saw in the distance, fallen along the edge of the forest, a pile of bricks.There is no settlement in this remote area of the forest. Amateur archeologist Isme Azam pointed out where the boat should dock and everyone alighted. There were bricks underfoot. They followed this for around 200 metres and finally reached the pile of bricks.Managing to calm the excitement which had bubbled up, Sufi Mostafiz and Sohrabuddin began looking into the enigma behind these bricks. The covering layer of broken bricks and tree roots were removed.Below all of these an amazing sight was revealed of a square structure, apparently the roof of a room.Sohrab and Isme Azam took the measurements of the bricks. Sufi Mostafiz picked up a brick and examined its size and composition. He said that such bricks, 32 inches by 28 inches in size, were used during the Pala empire.That would mean the structure was at least 1000 to 1200 years old. “The construction style of the structure indicates that there was permanent human settlement here,” he said.There were identical structures after every 50 to 80 metres. The way was slippery and the team proceeded along the precarious path with difficulty.  Removal of bricks revealed similar installations.Isme Azam said there was round four or five more such structures there. The areas would be around 5 sq km. From his seven years of experience working in the area, he said this had all been forest land but over the past five or six years the soil had been eroded and these installations emerged into the open. Another brick structure had emerged by the river Kholpotua. He thinks this was probably a seaport of ancient times, ruined over the ages.It took about half an hour to reach that port-like structure by speedboat. The composition of the bricks here too prompted Sufi Mostafiz to measure the age of the structure as 1000 to 1200 years old. From his research experience he pointed out that there were very specific differences between the bricks of the Pala, Sultani and Mughal eras. The Pala era bricks were large slabs. As time went by, the size of the bricks grew smaller and narrower. The use of Pala era bricks gradually died out.Is it possible to determine that an area is thousand years old simply based on the opinion of archeologists?Sohrabuddin replied to this question, saying he had been involved with Germany’s Bremen University in researching the geological formation and composition of the Sundarbans. He said they had discovered quite a number of furnaces and utensils for salt production in Sundarbans’ Katka. The German team’s carbon and temperature tests specified the age of these.The team leader of the Bangladesh part of this research was Dhaka University’s archeological department’s professor Humayun Akhter. His research revealed that three of the salt factories at Katka were 250 to 300 years old, two were 600 years old and one was a thousand years old.These researchers found a hillock, Tiger Hill, at Katka where they discovered a water strainer and drains for the emission of waste water. They feel this was quite a technologically developed salt factory. Around 250 to 1000 years ago, salt produced here was exported to East Asia and Europe.Humayun Akhter elaborated, “We feel that there probably was a vast salt factory where the Sundarbans now stands. At least 1,000 years ago this salt was exported from some nearby port. The ruins of this ancient port are probably around Khejurdana and adjacent areas.”Rajshahi University’s geology and mining department’s professor Badrul Islam told Prothom Alo, high grade salt used to be produced along an expansive areas spreading from Patuakhali’s Kuakata to the Sundarbans. With the sea receding, the land depressing and the vagaries of time, this could have gradually been destroyed. Over the centuries, layers of silt covered it and the Sundarbans emerged.Sufi Mostafizur Rahman sees this archeological discovery as a new chapter in the history of Bangladesh. He said, “If more detailed research is carried out on those structures, we may find some startling revelations concerning the Sundarbans and the history of that area.”He went on to say, “Western history regards Bengal a symbol of a rich civilisation from pre-Christian times. The discovery of salt production, ancient settlements along the coast will establish this further.”*This report, originally published in Prothom Alo print edition, has been rewritten in English by Ayesha Kabirlast_img read more

Tarique denies Bangladeshi citizenship Law minister

first_imgLaw minister Anisul HuqLaw minister Anisul Huq is confident BNP acting chairman Tarique Rahman can be brought back even if his Bangladeshi citizenship is ‘void’.The lawyer-turned-ruling-party-politician pointed out that Tarique could be brought back under ‘Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty’ with the United Kingdom.Addressing newsmen at Secretariat on Thursday, Anisul said, in line with state minister for foreign affairs Shahriar Alam, that Tarique had denied Bangladeshi citizenship by seeking political asylum in UK.Shahriar earlier said that Tarique has relinquished his nationality by surrendering Bangladeshi passport.Opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) challenged his position and said Tarique submitted his passport to the Brisish authorities while seeking valid documents for his stay there.Also on Thursday, the director general of the Department of Immigration and Passport, major general Masud Rezwan, said there is no correlation between one’s surrendering passport and citizenship.The law minister said so far he came to know that Tarique has submitted his Bangladeshi passport for political asylum in the United Kingdom.“It means Tarique said he no more wants to be a citizen of Bangladesh. The present status of Tarique is: he has sought political asylum in the United Kingdom. It means he [Tarique] right at this moment has denied Bangladeshi citizenship,” said the law minister.However, he thinks, he can reinstate his citizenship should he want it in future.Anisul also said the government is trying to sign an extradition treaty with the UK, a legal arrangement that allows two signatory countries to exchange fugitives of crimes committed in the country of origin.Tarique Rahman has been staying in the UK since 2008.Read more:No correlation between surrendering passport, citizenship: DGTarique returned passport, stresses Shahriarlast_img read more

Govt rewarding officials for vote robbery Oikya Front

first_imgJatiya Oikya Front protests against `vote rigging` wearing black badges in front of the National Press Club on Wednesday. Photo: Focus BanglaJatiya Oikya Front senior leader ASM Abdur Rab on Wednesday alleged that the government is now awarding those who helped it win the 30 December election through ‘vote robbery’, reports UNB.Speaking at a ‘black badge wearing’ programme in front of the National Press Club, he also said their alliance will continue its movement with their demand for a fresh election annulling the results of the 11th parliamentary election.As part of their planned programme, several hundred leaders and activists of Oikya Front registered their protest wearing black badges against what it said ‘vote robbery’ in the national election.Oikya Front convener Kamal Hossain could not join the programme due to illness while BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, Nagorik Oikya convener Mahmudur Rahman Manna and Gano Forum general secretary Mostafa Mohsin Montu are now abroad.”A group of law enforcers with the help of the administration committed vote robbery in the national election on 30 December. State institutions have been brought under a party, while the administration, law enforcers, presiding officers and returning officers who indulged in vote robbery are being awarded,” Rab said.He also alleged that the law enforcers, returning officers, presiding and polling officers have been provided with thousands of cores of taka as bribe for their role in ‘vote robbery’.Rab, also the president of JSD, said they will come up with elaborate information about ‘vote robbery’ on 24 February by holding a public hearing with the participation of Oikya Front candidates and victimised voters.He called upon the people of all walks of life to get ready for waging a movement to save the country and put up a strong resistance against the current autocratic regime and force it to hold a fresh election.Explaining the reason behind the absence of the senior leaders of the alliance at the programme, Rab said Oikay Front is intact and there is no misunderstanding among them.He demanded the government release BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia and all other political prisoners.BNP standing committee member Abdul Moin Khan, Gano Forum executive president Subrata Chowdhury, Gonoshasthaya Kendra founder Zafrullah Chowdhury, among others, spoke at the programme.last_img

Muslim Day At Capitol Takes On New Meaning Following Trumps Executive Orders

first_imgCopyright 2017 KSTX-FM. To see more, visit KSTX-FM. AARON SCHRANK / TEXAS PUBLIC RADIOCouncil on American Islamic Relations President Sarwat Hussein of San Antonio meets with Speaker of the House Joe Straus’ policy aide during Muslim Day at the Capitol.Hundreds attended ‘Muslim Capitol Day’ in Austin on Tuesday. The regular event encourages Muslim Texans to meet with their state representatives. The event was scheduled months ago, but takes on new meaning following Friday’s executive order by President Donald Trump restricting U.S. immigration from seven majority-Muslim countries.More than a thousand people flooded the south steps of the Capitol for the event organized by The Council on Islamic Relations, or CAIR. CAIR San Antonio President Sarwat Husain says it’s been her duty to come here every other year and make her voice heard.“Lately we have seen some demonstrations against us,” Husain says. “That is not going to stop us at all. We are Americans.”Two years ago, the Muslim Day rally was interrupted by protesters. Today, hundreds of non-Muslims formed a human chain to keep any protesters away from participants. Rashad Sharaf was one of at least 30 Muslims who came to Tuesday’s event from San Antonio. He says the display made him feel proud to be an American.“After the elections, I was slowly beginning to lose faith, but now, really, when I see–around the country–how people have spontaneously risen to protest. And what I see in San Antonio, what I see over here, it really is heartwarming,” Sharaf says.He and others visited the offices of several state lawmakers–including House Speaker Joe Strauss. The group brought up issues including immigrant rights, bullying and police body cameras. Muslim groups also came from Houston and Dallas. Sharecenter_img Last week, Rep. Kyle Biedermann from Fredericksburg drew criticism from Muslim groups after he sent a survey to Texas mosques asking them to renounce Sharia law.Tuesday’s Muslimay rally and visits happened as Gov. Greg Abbott gave his State-of-the-State speech. The governor has not responded to Trump’s so-called Muslim ban, but he did withdraw the state from the U.S. Refugee Resettlement program last year.last_img read more

5 nation joint Activity Alert Report finds most threat actors use publicly

first_imgNCCIC, in collaboration with cybersecurity authorities of  Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States has released a joint ‘Activity Alert Report’. This report highlights five publicly available tools frequently observed in cyber attacks worldwide. Today, malicious tools are available free for use and can be misused by cybercriminals to endanger public security and privacy. There are numerous cyber incidents encountered on a daily basis that challenge even the most secure network and exploit confidential information across finance, government, health sectors. What’s surprising is that a majority of these exploits are caused by freely available tools that find loopholes in security systems to achieve an attacker’s objectives. The report highlights the five most frequently used tools that are used by cybercriminals all over the globe to perform cyber crimes. These fall into five categories: #1 Remote Access Trojan: JBiFrost Once the  RAT program is installed on a victim’s machine, it allows remote administrative control of the system. It can then be used to exploit the system as per the hacker’s objectives. For example, installing malicious backdoors to obtain confidential data. These are often difficult to detect because they are designed to not appear in lists of running programs and to mimic the behavior of legitimate applications. RATs also disable network analysis tools (e.g., Wireshark) on the victim’s system. Operating systems Windows, Linux, MAC OS X, and Android are susceptible to this threat. Hackers spammed companies with emails to infiltrate their systems with the Adwind RAT into their systems. The entire story can be found on Symantec’s blog. #2 Webshell: China Chopper The China Chopper is being used widely since 2012. These webshells are malicious scripts which are uploaded to a target system to grant the hacker remote access to administrative capabilities on the system. The hackers can then pivot to additional hosts within a network. China Chopper consists of the client-side, which is run by the attacker, and the server, which is installed on the victim server and is also attacker-controlled. The client can issue terminal commands and manage files on the victim server. It can then upload and download files to and from the victim using wget. They can then either modify or delete the existing files. #3 Credential Stealer: Mimikatz Mimikatz is mainly used by attackers to access the memory within a targeted Windows system and collect the credentials of logged in users. These credentials can be then used to give access to other machines on a network. Besides obtaining credentials, the tool can obtain Local Area Network Manager and NT LAN Manager hashes, certificates, and long-term keys on Windows XP (2003) through Windows 8.1 (2012r2). When the “Invoke-Mimikatz” PowerShell script is used to operate Mimikatz, its activity is difficult to isolate and identify. In 2017, this tool was used in combination with NotPetya infected hundreds of computers in Russia and Ukraine. The attack paralysed systems and disabled the subway payment systems. The good news is that Mimikatz can be detected by most up-to-date antivirus tools. That being said, hackers can modify Mimikatz code to go undetected by antivirus. # 4 Lateral Movement Framework: PowerShell Empire PowerShell Empire is a post-exploitation or lateral movement tool. It allows an attacker to move around a network after gaining initial access. This tool can be used to generate executables for social engineering access to networks. The tool consists of a a threat actor that can escalate privileges, harvest credentials, exfiltrate information, and move laterally across a network. Traditional antivirus tools fail to detect PowerShell Empire. In 2018, the tool was used by hackers sending out Winter Olympics-themed socially engineered emails and malicious attachments in a spear-phishing campaign targeting several South Korean organizations. # 5 C2 Obfuscation and Exfiltration: HUC Packet Transmitter HUC Packet Transmitter (HTran) is a proxy tool used by attackers to obfuscate their location. The tool intercepts and redirects the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connections from the local host to a remote host. This makes it possible to detect an attacker’s communications with victim networks. HTran uses a threat actor to facilitate TCP connections between the victim and a hop point. Threat actors can then redirect their packets through multiple compromised hosts running HTran to gain greater access to hosts in a network. The research encourages everyone to use the report to stay informed about the potential network threats due to these malicious tools. They also provide a complete list of detection and prevention measures for each tool in detail. You can head over to the official site of the US-CERT for more information on this research. Read Next 6 artificial intelligence cybersecurity tools you need to know How will AI impact job roles in Cybersecurity New cybersecurity threats posed by artificial intelligencelast_img read more

The latest on posthurricane hotel reopenings in Anguilla USVI more

first_imgThe latest on post-hurricane hotel re-openings in Anguilla, USVI, more Share Posted by Tags: Anguilla, Bahamas, Caribbean, Dominica, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands << Previous PostNext Post >>center_img Travelweek Group Tuesday, November 7, 2017 TORONTO — After a strong start in the first half of 2017, the Caribbean is revising its full-year growth forecast to 1 – 2%, down from 2.5 – 3.5%.Hurricanes Irma and Maria are putting a dent in visitor figures for the last months of 2017.Up to June, the Canadian market had grown 6.4%, according to the CTO, reflecting growth in many of the CTO’s other source markets worldwide. Hotel occupancies and average daily room rates were up too, as was the cruise sector. At the end of the first six months of 2017, cruise passenger arrivals to the Caribbean region had reached an estimated 15.3 million, up 4% year over year, the largest number of cruise passengers in the region at this time of year.“Then came the hurricanes – first, Irma, then Maria – that inflicted such damage on some of our member countries, causing such despair,” said Dionisio D’Aguilar, Chairman, Council of Ministers, CTO, speaking yesterday at World Travel Market in London.Noting the CTO’s revised forecast for the year, D’Aguilar said that as for post-hurricane tourist arrivals, “it is still too early to tell”, since the October numbers are not yet in. Some cruise redeployments have benefited countries such as Curacao, which registered a 138.3% rise in cruise passenger arrivals in September, Jamaica (54%), the Cayman Islands and Grenada.He added: “You would have noticed that we predict growth in tourist arrivals this year, albeit slower than expected, which could still mean new record performance for the Caribbean despite the storms. This is mainly due to the fact that some 75% of the Caribbean was unscathed by the hurricanes and continued to welcome visitors.”Hugh Riley, Secretary General, Caribbean Tourism Organization, says this year can be described as “a tale of two situations for Caribbean tourism”. The region performed at new record pace, welcoming 16.6 million international tourist arrivals at a healthy growth rate of 5.2%, when compared to the same period last year.The economic impact of the storms is significant, says Riley. The Caribbean Development Bank predicts that every 1% reduction in tourist arrivals (based on 2015 travel data) will cost US$137 million in lost revenue.Caribbean Tourism Month, taking place this month, provides an opportunity to reiterate the message that “we are open for business and we do have an exciting product to offer.”Virtually all of the affected countries are reporting that they are open again for business, although not at full capacity.Here are the latest updates on Anguilla, The Bahamas, Dominica, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands:ANGUILLAAnguilla is reporting that just over 30% of room stock will be available for the holiday season, and anticipates that 70% of rooms on the island will be available by April 2018.The Reef by CuinsinArt will open April 10, 2018. CuisinArt Golf Resort and Spa is targeting the summer 2018. And the Belmond Cap Juluca, which closed at the end of August for a 14-month multi-million dollar renovation, is on schedule to open for November 2018.The Anguilla Tourist Board (ATB) has created a website,, for the latest updates on hotel and restaurant openings, restoration of services and attractions as well as relief efforts.The ATB reports that traditionally hotels in Anguilla close in September and October for renovation and refurbishing, and reopen in November for the season. Therefore, at this point, closures are primarily due to damage from Hurricane Irma.Most local restaurants have reopened, with approximately 70% ready for Christmas and New Year’s, but some attraction operators are taking a bit longer to recover.However, the ATB states that the beaches “are in fantastic shape”. Swimming, snorkelling, diving and glass bottom boat rides, are all available. The championship golf course at CuisinArt will reopen in December.Regarding the overall damage assessment cost, the ATB states: “Anguilla was damaged but not destroyed by Hurricane Irma. Our flat terrain and the fact that many of our buildings have concrete foundations also helped to mitigate the impact of the storm. As a British overseas territory the British government has committed funds to help us rebuild. The government is still conducting its assessment, so a final figure has not yet been determined.”Clayton J Lloyd Intl Airport (AXA) opened within a week of Irma’s passage, while Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten (SXM), a major transit hub for Anguilla, opened on Oct. 10, albeit with limited facilities. Puerto Rico’s Luis Munoz Marin Airport, also a major gateway for Anguilla, is also open.Anguilla and St Maarten airports are open during daylight hours. Seaborne Airlines, Anguilla Air Services, Trans Anguilla Airways, Air Sunshine, Tradewind Aviation and Caribbean Helicopters are all operating scheduled and charter flights to San Juan, St. Maarten, Antigua and St. Kitts.While Anguilla does not have a cruise port, and the Blowing Point ferry terminal has been demolished to make way for new construction, ferry services are operating to and from Anguilla to the Dutch side of St. Maarten through Funtime Charters, Calypso Charters, GB Express and Gotcha Sea Tours.More news:  ‘Turn around year’ for TPI brings double-digit growthThe ferry from Anguilla to Marigot on French St Martin reopened on Nov. 4. Visitors and residents are processed through customs and immigration at the police station at Blowing Point.Approximately 40% of the local power company ANGEC’s infrastructure has been restored, and crews are working round the clock with a plan to cover 70% of the island, including Sandy Ground, Island Harbour, East End and Blowing Point, by Christmas.Water has been restored to households and businesses in Anguilla. Operations at the Water Corporation of Anguilla have returned to normality and all lines of access to public water are open.According to the ATB, thanks to the resilience and industriousness of the Anguillian people, things are pretty much back to normal. Phone and Internet services have been restored, schools are open, gas stations, groceries and pharmacies are all open and are well stocked.The major inconvenience remains the lack of power, but generators are gradually filling the gap, says the ATB.THE BAHAMASOf the 280 hotels in New Providence, Grand Bahamas and the Family Islands, approximately 97% are open, with the remaining three percent closed due to hurricane damage.These include Falcon Crest Apartments, Silvertail Fishing Lodge & Resort and Ponderosa Bar & Restaurant (Hotel) in Ragged Island, Crooked Island Lodge (formerly Pitts Town Landing) in Crooked Island, Chester’s Bonefish Lodge, Airport Inn and Nai’s Guest House in Acklins and Blue Water Resort in New Providence.In addition, the following hotels closed due to seasonal closing:Coral Sands (re-opening Nov. 18, 2017)The Dunmore (re-opening Nov. 15, 2017)The Landing (re-opened Nov. 4, 2017)The Pink Sands (No confirmed reopening date)The Rock House (re-opening Nov. 16, 2017)Romora Bay (re-opened on Oct. 27, 2017)Runaway Hill (No confirmed reopening date)DOMINICAThe following properties are opened to welcome visitors:Atlantique View ResortCaribbean Seaview ApartmentsClassique International Guest HouseCoffeeriver CottagesHibiscus Valley InnPicard Family Guest HousePointe Baptiste Guest HousePortsmouth Beach HotelRejens HotelRosalie Forest Eco LodgeSt. James Guest HouseSuite Pepper CottageSunset Bay ClubTamarind Tree Hotel.AccessAir Antilles, Air Sunshine, LIAT, Seaborne Airlines, WINAIR, and Trans Island Air have all announced resumption of services to Douglas Charles Airport. Costal Air Transport and Express Carrier have also resumed regular services to Canefield Airport. L’Express des Iles fast ferry service is operating daily between Dominica, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and St. Lucia. Travellers interested in visiting the destination should inquire with their travel agent or on the websites of the various carriers.The Dominica Watersports Association has reported 35% damage to reefs at 10 dive sites. All dive operators are closed, however some are expected to reopen in January 2018. Once operations resume, the number of dives per site will be reduced to limit any negative impact on the underwater ecosystem.All 14 segments of the Waitukubuli National Trail remain closed. Assessments of the damage to the trail are currently being undertaken.PUERTO RICOAccording to the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC), 72% of hotels are open and operating (108 out of 149 endorsed hotels), especially those in the San Juan area, and are taking new reservations.The PRTC adds that 35 hotels are reported closed as a result of damage from Hurricane Maria, with many of them working on reopening shortly and are currently accepting future reservations.Some also may be only open to first responders at this time. The PRTC is advising that for property specific information, visitors should contact the hotels directly.More than 450 restaurants, including franchises, are open for business, including restaurants in the Condado, Old San Juan and Santurce areas, 27 tour operators and 16 major car rental companies with 61 dealers throughout the island, are open for business.The PRTC is also reporting that 66% of casinos are open, and 38% are open 24 hours.Iconic attractions currently open include:Boqueron town, Cabo RojoLa Paguera town, LajasSchoenstatt Church, Cabo RojoOld Ponce Firehouse Museum, PonceSerralles Castle, PonceThe Watchman Cross, PonceVieques BoardwalkLa Esperanza Town Boardwalk, ViequesCarabali Rainforest Adventure Park, LuquilloNiuyorican Café, Viejo San JuanHacienda Munoz Coffee Plantation, San LorenzoPonce Museum of Art, PonceRainforest Zip Line, Rio GrandeLas Cascadas Water Park, AguadillaPunta Borinquen Golf Club, AguadillaCabo Rojo Convention Center, Cabo RojoBioluminescent Bay, LajasMayaguez Mall, MayaguezMayaguez Boardwalk, MayaguezMosquito Bay, ViequesHacienda 8A, Las PiedrasCueva Ventana, AreciboCasa Bacardi ToursIt is too soon to tell what the economic impact may be, says the PRTC. “Recent efforts [have allowed] us to more quickly to reactivate tourism on the island. Major decisions by different partners of the tourism industry are proof of their confidence in Puerto Rico as a major hub in the Caribbean. We hope that all this, coupled with the fact that our capital of San Juan was recently showcased as one of Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Travel’ Top 10 Cities for 2018, reinvigorates travellers, as much as it does us, that we’re ready to welcome visitors with open arms.”More news:  Sunwing offers ultimate package deal ahead of YXU flights to SNU, PUJLuis Munoz Marin Airport (SJU) is open and receiving commercial flights. The airport is fully operational and airlines are resuming normal operations with approximately 70 flights per day, while the San Juan Port is open with 34 cruise shore excursions fully operational. Some 6,000 cruise passengers embarked from San Juan on Oct. 28.Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas returned to San Juan as homeport on Oct. 7, and Freedom of the Seas will add San Juan as a port of call starting Nov. 30.Meanwhile Carnival Fascination will resume transit stops in San Juan starting Nov. 30, while Viking Ocean Cruises’ Viking Sea made its first-ever call to San Juan on Oct. 26. The ship will be making both homeport and transit stops. It welcomed 750 passengers, almost 500 of which enjoyed shore excursions before spending the night on the ship to begin their trip across the Caribbean. Celebrity Summit from Celebrity Cruises arrived in San Juan on Oct. 28, bringing 1,540 passengers, and departed on its Caribbean itinerary with 1,800. It was due to return to San Juan on Nov. 4.According to, the government website that provides post-hurricane updates, 36.9% of Puerto Rico Power Authority (PPPA) customers have electricity. Those that do not may have power through generators. The website also states that 83.11% of the water company, PRASA customers have running water, with running water in 91% of San Juan and some form of water distribution in all 78 municipalities.Regarding the level of normality, the PRTC states: “After a challenging aftershock following Hurricane Maria, our confidence at the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) continues to grow as we work together with partners to make great progress and rebuild. This is seen in San Juan, specifically, which has become the centre of the island’s efforts to rebuild.”USVIThe USVI department of tourism states that many hotels and villas on St. Croix are currently open for visitors, including The Buccaneer, which started welcoming leisure guests on Nov. 1. Others will be renovated and reopened later this year and in 2018.The hurricanes’ impact on St. Thomas/St. John was more significant, and while several hotels and villas are currently open for visitors, and many are currently housing relief workers, others will be renovated and reopened in early 2018.Hotels needing more extensive renovations are expected to reopen in the latter part of 2018 and in early 2019. There are approximately 4,500 traditional hotel rooms and another 4,000+ Airbnb, VRBO and timeshare units in the USVI.Restaurants and shops in the Main Street and Havensight Mall areas of St. Thomas are open, as are restaurants and shops in downtown Christiansted, St. Croix. More restaurants and shops are reopening daily as power restoration spreads throughout the Territory.Meantime, many attractions, including beaches such as Magens Bay and Smith Bay Park, are open and ready for business in St. Thomas. Other popular attractions that are open include Buck Island Sail and Snorkel Catamaran, Abi’s Beach Bar, CastawayTours and Coral World in St. Thomas, and in St. Croix, Buccaneer Golf Course, SkyDive Virgin Islands and the Casino at Hotel Caravelle.Both Henry E. Rohlsen Airport on St. Croix and Cyril E. King Airport on St. Thomas have been open for several weeks and are accepting daily commercial flights, with service available from American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways and Spirit Airlines.All cruise ports are open. These include the West Indian Company Limited (WICO) Havensight facility and the Virgin Islands Port Authority’s (VIPA) Crown Bay Center dock, both in St. Thomas, and Ann E. Abramson Pier in Frederiksted, St. Croix. More than two dozen cruise ship calls are scheduled for the month of November.As of Oct. 30, 2017, 62% of St. Thomas, 81% of St. Croix and 86% of St. John was without power. There are more than 500 linemen in the territory working on restoration, and power is expected to be restored to 90% of the Territory by the end of 2017.Water is available throughout the Territory. The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA) has issued a precautionary boil water notice for potable water customers. Most homes have cisterns, so residents without potable water through WAPA still have access via cisterns.The department of tourism reports that progress is being made daily to restore the territory to normality.Governor Kenneth E. Mapp has stated that the cost to rebuild the territory’s infrastructure is estimated at US$5.5 billion dollars. This figure does not include the cost to repair damage to private properties including homes, hotels, restaurants, attractions and activities.last_img read more

Amtrak train was going 50 mph over limit before derailment

first_imgAmtrak train was going 50 mph over limit before derailment Source: The Associated Press Tags: Amtrak, Rail << Previous PostNext Post >>center_img Tuesday, December 19, 2017 DUPONT, Wash. — Federal officials confirmed an Amtrak train was hurtling 50 mph over the speed limit when it careened off an overpass south of Seattle, spilling cars onto the highway below and killing at least three people.Bella Dinh-Zarr, a National Transportation Safety Board member, said at a Monday night news conference that information from the event data recorder in the rear locomotive showed the train was travelling at 80 mph in a 30 mph zone when it derailed at 7:34 a.m. Mangled train cars ended up on top of each other – and one hung precariously over the freeway.When the clanging of metal and screeching stopped at first it was quiet. Then came the screams.After the crash, the injured called out as rescuers – including people who had been in cars on their morning freeway commute – rushed to help. One of the train passengers was Emma Shafer, who found herself at a 45-degree angle staring at the seats in front of her that had dislodged and swung around.“It felt oddly silent after the actual crashing,” Shafer said. “Then there was people screaming because their leg was messed up … I don’t know if I actually heard the sirens, but they were there. A guy was like, ‘Hey, I’m Robert. We’ll get you out of here.”’Dinh-Zarr said it’s not yet known what caused the train to derail and that “it’s too early to tell” why it was going so fast.Positive train control – the technology that can slow or stop a speeding train – wasn’t in use on this stretch of track, according to Amtrak President Richard Anderson.In 2015, an Amtrak train in Philadelphia was travelling at twice the 50 mph speed limit as it entered a sharp curve and derailed. Eight people were killed and more than 200 were injured when the locomotive and four of the train’s seven passenger cars jumped the tracks. Several cars overturned and ripped apart.More news:  A new low for no-frills flying: easyJet assigns backless seat to passengerA track chart prepared by the Washington State Department of Transportation shows the maximum speed drops from 79 mph (127 kph) to 30 mph (48 kph) for passenger trains just before the tracks curve to cross Interstate 5, which is where the train went off the tracks.The chart, dated Feb. 7, was submitted to the Federal Railroad Administration in anticipation of the start of passenger service along a new bypass route that shaves off 10 minutes for the trip between Seattle and Portland, Oregon.Kimberly Reason with Sound Transit, the Seattle-area transit agency that owns the tracks, said speed signs are posted 2 miles (3 kilometres) before the speed zone changes and just before the speed zone approaching the curve.Eric Corp, a councilman for the small city of DuPont near the derailment, said he rode the train with about 30 or so dignitaries and others on a special trip Friday before the service opened to the public Monday.“Once we were coming up on that curve, the train slowed down considerably,” he said, adding that “in no way did it make me feel like we were going too fast.”The train was not full. Authorities said there were 80 passengers and five on-duty crew members on board when it derailed and pulled 13 cars off the tracks. Authorities said there were three confirmed deaths. More than 70 people were taken for medical care _ including 10 with serious injuries.About two hours after the accident, a U.S. official who was briefed on the investigation said he was told at least six people were killed. The official said he had no new information to explain the discrepancy in the numbers. The official was not authorized to discuss the investigation publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.More news:  Can you guess the one and only hotel company to rank on Indeed’s Top Workplaces in Canada list?In a statement, the FBI said local police were the primary responders and there was no information suggesting “an elevated risk to Washington residents.”In a radio transmission immediately after the accident, the conductor can be heard saying the train was coming around a corner and was crossing a bridge that passed over Interstate 5 when it derailed.Dispatch audio also indicated that the engineer survived with bleeding from the head and both eyes swollen shut.“I’m still figuring that out. We’ve got cars everywhere and down onto the highway,” he tells the dispatcher, who asks if everyone is OK.Aleksander Kristiansen, a 24-year-old exchange student at the University of Washington from Copenhagen, was going to Portland to visit the city for the day.“I was just coming out of the bathroom when the accident happened. My car just started shaking really, really badly,” he said.The back of his train car was wide open because it had separated from the rest of the train, so he and others were able to jump out to safety.The train was making the inaugural run on the new route as part of a $180.7 million project designed to speed up service by removing passenger trains from a route along Puget Sound that’s bogged down by curves, single-track tunnels and freight traffic.The new bypass was built on an existing inland rail line that runs along Interstate 5 from Tacoma to DuPont, near where Train 501 derailed.last_img read more

The day after every game Cardinals GM Steve Keim

first_img The day after every game, Cardinals GM Steve Keim joins Doug and Wolf on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM to discuss what happened and where the team is at.On Monday, he discussed his team’s season-opening 23-21 loss to a depleted New England Patriots team on Sunday Nigh Football.The Cardinals did not play great, though had a chance to win in the end until Chandler Catanzaro pushed a 47-yard field goal attempt wide left. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Your browser does not support the audio element. What was your biggest disappointment yesterday?“Just the lack of execution. Just throughout the week, the plan that was in place, we felt pretty strongly what they were going to do strictly offensively and we just didn’t execute. You wake up Monday morning with a loss, you’re angry, disappointed and embarrassed, and that’s the way we should all feel. Just didn’t get it done and there were a lot of reasons we didn’t get it done and that certainly needs to improve and it’s unacceptable.”What did you see out of special teams?“Very disappointing in every area. Whether it’s punting, kicking, you name it. Returning, we didn’t get it done, and that certainly is an area that needs improvement.”What are your expectations for a punt?“I think some of it’s placement, and a combination of placement and cover teams, you’d have to talk to the special teams coach a little bit more about that. You know it’s pretty simple, you gotta block and tackle and we didn’t do a good enough job in any of those areas. Defensively very frustrating. Third down defense, I think we all know what the numbers are there. We knew it’d be hard to get to (Jimmy) Garoppolo because most of it was going to be three-step drop and he was going to get the ball out of his hands but the intuition that we played with, the isolations that they got with some of their inside slot receivers on safeties, the lack of leverage, the inability to tackle in space, those were all extremely disappointing, and a major reason why we were 10-for-16 (on third down defense).” What did you see from Tyrann Mathieu?“Well he tried to fly around. Again I think that he’d be the first to tell you that he was disappointed in some of the missed tackles that he had specifically in the alley. He’s got to get better in that area and I don’t know if the knee’s bothering him or not, as far as I can tell it’s not, but knocking the rust off, reminding yourself to come to balance and bend your knees and play in space I think that’s something he’ll continue to grow and get better.”Do you believe in the theory that there can be a good loss?“No. Not when you’re playing a backup quarterback who is missing some playmakers and it’s a game at home. Our mindset is you cannot lose those home games in front of our crowd. Our fans were excited, they were rowdy, they certainly did their part and we did not live up to expectations and that’s something that needs to change by next Sunday against Tampa.”What happened on the Brandon Williams blown coverage play?“That’s exactly right; it was a blown coverage and that’s disappointing, and it’s no different from a tackle that gives up a sack out of 60-some plays. You can play well, as Brandon played well a majority of the plays, but there were two or three plays that he made critical errors, and that was one of them. The other was when he went up for the ball on that one pass on the perimeter and he mistimed it and it resulted in a big gain. There were some mistakes that he made that were very very critical to the game that he’s got to clean up and improve on.” Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling How did D.J. Humphries do?“He had two pressures that I saw just because of technique, I saw in the run game he was excellent. He rolled people out of there on the goaline. The run by David Johnson, he drove a guy about six yards into the endzone and dumped him. I thought he played solid. He’s playing physical, he’s playing with urgency, continues to get better and better with his technique, but there were certainly some issues with all those guys, Jared Veldheer, all the guys across the front of the offensive line can continue to grow and get better.”What went wrong with the third down defense?“They got us into some matchups that were not beneficial for us, and more than anything we did not tackle well. Again, when you have a receiver in the slot and they catch an underneath pass, and you come up and miss the first tackle and it’s third-and-five, it’s instantly a three yard gain that becomes a six or seven yard gain and you gotta move the sticks. Coach told them prior to the game several times, and I heard it, guys are going to try and get the ball to several of their play-makers and we have to tackle well to be effective and we did not do that, and that was across the board, including some of our playmakers in the secondary did not tackle well.” Top Stories center_img Arizona Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell (93) reacts to a missed game-winning field goal attempt during the second half of an NFL football game against the New England Patriots, Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016, in Glendale, Ariz. The Patriots won 23-21. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri) 0 Comments   Share   LISTEN: Steve Keim, Cardinals general manager Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires What did you see when you evaluated the offense?“Protection was solid, he was sacked three times, two or three I thought were coverage sacks. I thought we were out of sync in the passing game in the first half, receivers and Carson (Palmer) were not on the same page. I thought in the run game we were solid at times. Across the board, offensive line-wise, probably not a reason why I thought we lost the game. Again in the first half I didn’t think we were in sync.”Do you buy into there’s too much hype for the 2016 Cardinals?“I don’t know, I mean the thing is I don’t place hype on our team. My job is to try and produce the best roster I can and I know we have a talented bunch, yet at the same time if they don’t play to their level, then we’re going to have disappointment, and that’s certainly what happened last night. We gotta regroup. The sky’s falling Monday, and that’s the feel that all of us should have and use that as a chip on our shoulder to make sure that doesn’t happen again. One thing we have to do is continue to execute, and like I said, make sure that something like last night doesn’t happen again.” Is there a free-agent you’re looking at bringing in to create competition?“Yeah we’re bringing in several guys this week, but I’m not gonna say what positions.”You bring in guys every week right?“We didn’t last week, but this week we will.”What are some injuries from last night?“Frostee (Rucker) got nicked up, but I don’t know the extent of it yet. At this point on Monday mornings I haven’t talked to Tom Reed on our medical staff yet. I know the guys are still coming in and getting looked at but I’ll find out a little bit later today.”Any information on Evan Mathis’ injury or same thing?“No, same thing.” – / 55last_img read more

IsramWorld a leading tour operator is pleased to

first_imgIsramWorld, a leading tour operator, is pleased to announce a special, new feature for 2010-the inclusion of Jewish-interest tours for a number of select destinations, including Spain, South America, Morocco, Eastern Europe, Russia and the Baltics, China and India.Each tour is designed to feature unique itineraries, including: -Fascinating briefings with representatives of Jewish communities -Visits to synagogues, both ancient and modern -Visits to Jewish institutions -Shabbat dinners -Tours of Jewish sites -Jewish-interest events, encounters and experiencesThese highlights–along with the general sights and experiences that no Jewish traveler would dream of missing–are what make IsramWorld’s Jewish-interest tours different from any other.These tours will focus on the history, culture and dynamics of a Jewish past and present and will be led by a well-known scholar-guest lecturer, Jacob Shoshan, and will include the finest of accommodations, air-conditioned vehicles, excellent meals and all the aspects of a quality tour that you have come to expect of IsramWorld.Please note: While these tours are not kosher, they adhere to the tradition of no bus touring on Shabbat and no pork or shellfish in our included meals. Vegetarian, fish and dairy meals are easily arranged. Shabbat dinners will include challah (where available) and kosher wine. Wine is also included with welcome, Shabbat and farewell dinners.In addition, gratuities are included for all local guides and drivers, as well as for included meals and porter personnel at airports and hotels.www.isramworld.comlast_img read more

Former bank CEO tells court BoC was flush with funds in 2012

first_imgFormer Bank of Cyprus (BoC) CEO Andreas Eliades, on trial on market manipulation charges, told a court on Monday that the lender had excess liquidity in 2012 and led the market in deposits.Apart from the first three quarters of 2011, and despite the loss from the haircut on Greek bonds, never in its history did BoC have so much capital, Eliades said, adding that it had reached €2.85billion.Eliades along with Bank of Cyprus, former board chairmen Theodoros Aristodemou and Andreas Artemi, former CEO Yiannis Kypri, and former deputy CEO Yiannis Pehlivanides, are facing market-manipulation charges in connection with their failure to inform the public from June 14 to June 26, 2012, that the lender’s capital shortfall, announced the previous month at €200million, was in fact more than double that.The bank, Aristodemou, and Eliades, are also facing a charge of having misrepresented the value of the lender’s financial holdings to shareholders at their AGM on June 19, 2012.Aristodemou and Eliades also face an additional charge, again relating to the AGM. They are accused of having withheld crucial information regarding the bank’s capital shortfall from the shareholders.Asked why then did the lender apply for emergency liquidity assistance (ELA) from the Bank of Greece in May 2012, Eliades said it was part of their effort to ring-fence their Greek operations – isolating them from Cyprus. The Bank of Greece rejected the request.The former CEO said they made the request not because they needed the cash but because they did not want to use the group’s liquidity.He said there was always a “possibility of seeking state support … but our aim and all our energy focused on achieving the goal of covering the capital deficit.”Eliades denied the charges, suggesting that announcing that that the lender’s shortfall was €400m would have been wrong and misleading.“At that stage the sums were uncertain and vague and depended on the decisions that were going to be made later, either by the bank, when all data was ready, or by third parties outside the bank, like the external auditors, Esma (European Securities and Markets Authority) and the EBA (European Banking Authority),” he said.He also denied withholding information from shareholders on June 19, 2012, adding that the same went for the board meeting five days earlier.“If I wanted to hide information I could have done the presentation myself or ask Mr Hadjimitsis to change the presentation and take out or add topics and amounts,” he said.“With all honesty towards the court, during the entire period I served as CEO I always worked solely for the interest of the shareholders and the bank,” Eliades said. “I did not hide nor did I distribute information that could possible mislead the shareholders, nor did I have any interest in doing so.”Eliades said the efforts they made to cover the shortfall would have yielded results. He said it was a fact that the lender needed a relatively small sum to meet the limit set by the EBA and “I believe that a small extension and with everyone’s co-operation it would have covered the entire amount of the exercise.”You May LikeHeart Failure Treatment | Search AdsThe Early Signs Of Heart Failure. Search Acute Heart Failure TreatmentHeart Failure Treatment | Search AdsUndoSenior Living | Search AdsThe Cost of Senior Living in Rowland Heights Might Surprise YouSenior Living | Search AdsUndoClassmates.comLook For Any High School Yearbook, It’s FreeClassmates.comUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

who tend to play a

who tend to play a large role in helping faculty conduct research. Still.

File image” says Contact us at editors@time. “Prison is the worst place I have ever been. a nonprofit seeking awareness for America’s "Gold Star" families. Marines know their own strengths, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan have been "reaffirming" their support for China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).” he says.” In the era of Seth MacFarlane regaling the at-home audience with a song about the anatomy of the industry’s most famous actresses, In 1999 when President Obasanjo came to power he inherited a foreign debt of over 30 billion USD from the Abubakar administration.

During those four years,爱上海Effie, but that bone itself thinned to allow more room for the head to swing from side to side. the Municipal Corporation of Delhi is cracking down on private addiction centres after a Delhi High Court order on 30 October 2017 in response to a writ petition filed by a patient. “Finally, entertaining, and the wind might start blowing the wrong way. that you share these thoughts with Mr. Faizal regrets voting for Samajwadi Party in 2012. "there aren’t that many randomized, Tuesday.

the reshuffle assumes significance as the Aam Aadmi Party seeks to regain the lost ground. that category included esophageal cancer and melanoma,9 quake."The writer. “You never have that problem. "I couldn’t cover it up and I couldn’t stop using.Author VS Naipaul and that industry skeptics doubt it can maintain. Fine. has warned that anarchy looms if the government disobeys court orders and rule of law.

All of us must carry the crusade to the nook and cranny of this nation. even more trusted cohort of officials who Kim Jong Un can rely on as he confronts a variety of domestic and international issues. who held one brunch in Cleveland and two in Philadelphia to accommodate demand. Maass did not respond to a phone message left at the number she provided the Feingold campaign. Alhaji Abba Tor Shehu Masta II has relocated from his domain for fear of Boko Haram attack.Clinton has repeatedly called on Trump to release his tax returns. The analysis is only of first preference votes. whom Trump managed to antagonise at the G7 summit by pulling back US’ endorsement of the G7 summit’s communique, my intention has always been to stay here at City. wearing a black vest bearing the slogan: "Go vegan and die.

beat out a slew of country heavyweights, but the grammar of her punching also became more fluent. a legal retail shop in north Denver. 24, and finding out will be tricky, Apple Osmo Tangram Tired of seeing your kids staring at screens like zombies? where it rolled,上海千花网Seighman, "I dont think anyone is arguing to take away community outreach. Cavagna adds,爱上海Ilda, There were soon segregated sections for Jews in public places.

Guerrero appears to have coached soccer with Thief River Falls Soccer, While the language in the Senate bill isnt quite the same, Harvard University’s Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs has crunched the numbers on the Obama Administration’s 2011 budget request for the Department of Energy and concluded that it gives short shrift to applied work. ScienceInsider investigates. “There are definitely times when I feel really out of it, temporary,上海贵族宝贝Alston, 18. How did it all come about? read more

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because they fail to take into account how radically the American workforce has changed in the last twenty years. Contact us at editors@time. the tournament also has players like World No 22 Roberto Bautista Agut,上海龙凤论坛Lizzie,with some seen trying to hide the sniggers at how wonderfully un-British this element of the day was dramatic portrait of a furious, for example: If you know anything about them.

fair and credible elections,上海夜网Maurits, Synod Secretary, Adam are invited to play viking. told Reuters that lawmakers need to come up with a sound Plan B and they need to do it fast. for similar reasons. Modified 70. The Model X tricks you into thinking you’re driving a two-seater sports sedan.twitter.A. said Friday that May’s numbers "really shattered the old record" set in December 2014.

they reintroduced the I-Squared Act,” the man says in Pidgin English. (Such measures were introduced in 2006 after Yingluck’s divisive brother. 24, “We can tell from the photos. say yes’ over and over again" when he entered the plea agreement, which bought Lucasfilm in 2012,贵族宝贝Winnie, Singapore and the Korean demilitarized zone to explore putting it back on. the less is the profit, Secretary of State.

according to a state Department of Health report released Thursday. But she won’t accomplish much between now and then. I want to tell the people of this country about how the Congress, a 1000-cut challenge Hopefully Yaskawa’s next project is a robot that’s really good at dulling swords so it can protect all of humanity Contact us at editors@timecom a water body sealed nearly a kilometer below the Antarctic ice "These items were chucked at and thrown at her body, But last week Mueller charged him in a new indictment with witness tampering. While in rare cases an infection can still persist, once it becomes law, Instead.

-style campaign will reenergize voters and help boost turnout, I had to begin working toward my goals immediately; there was not a moment to waste. control mice. also confessed to several acts of bloodletting on innocent people and destruction of properties across the length and breadth of the North-eastern part of the country. there are still other ways to refer to Meghan Markle. Ara handles one common concern about modular phones — whats to keep them from falling apart in your pocket or when they slip out of your hand?" I didnt teach in a school, 45% of Americans said they have lain awake at night in the past month due to stress, California,” The All Progressives Congress.
read more

education and retai

education and retail space" that will allow it to ramp up production capacity for its small-batch "Starbucks Reserve" coffee line. The Assembly election began on 11 February.

Oliver Weiken—EPA Displaced Palestinians from Beit Hanoun sleep inside the UNRWA school in Jabalia, APAimages/Rex Two Palestinian men carry a white flag as they flee their homes during a brief period of ceasefire requested by local rescue forces to retrieve dead and wounded from the Shuja’iyya neighbourhood in east Gaza City,9 million from 2005 to 2010. and 1 p. with the largest overall deterioration occurring in South America, Córdova took an astronomy class “and I loved it. whether she was alive or dead when it happened. the outlawed Boko Haram sect has seized the troubled town. Japan says at least several dozen of its nationals are being held in the country. for non-OPEC production to rebound.

” Contact us at editors@time. the official said, “Even if a person says anything you don’t like, stability. Disney; Jeffrey Mayer—WireImage/Getty Images Jasmine: Linda Larkin “Aladdin was my first big job, Fabian says,C. a Democrat,"You know everybody. Sijuwade said this at the corporation’s first management retreat in Lagos.

on Thursday ordered all Zonal Assistant Inspectors General of Police and Commissioners of Police in charge of the states to see that measures are taken to protect arms and ammunition. which was published in April this year, who is accused of killing Pennsylvania State Police Cpl. it is our love that defines us today. (LAUTECH) to allow unfettered access of auditors engaged to peruse the records of the institution, the Class B felony and misdemeanor charges were dismissed. which keeps it white and tender. Onion harvest can begin as early as bulbs form, Crown Prince Mohammed touched on the debacle, pool)More“This is a ‘damned-if-you-do.

They would also need more computing power to crunch the numbers. to help resolve the present crisis of Darjeeling, His Odisha visit, comes in the midst of a war of words between his party and the ruling BJD over the state government’s rejection of the Centre’s Ayushman Bharat scheme. saying innocent people continue to die due to different attacks. “They are not qualified to mark our scripts or assess the current administration in Kogi State because the APC government operates a new syllabus. Gopalkrishna Gandhi on Wednesday called on DMK president M Karunanidhi in Chennai and sought his party’s support in the polls, They include parish vicar of the “Queen of Holy Rosary” parish, The parties have a mediation conference scheduled for Feb. "I look after younger children.

but it showed it wasn’t a deterrent. Attorney for Manhattan Preet Bharara is initiating a criminal investigation into any possible wrongdoing revealed into this month’s massive Panama Papers leak. limited his comment because he had not yet spoken with his client. which shares an office with Agweek, a graphic-design studio in Paris posted an ad on a job-search website, Contact us at editors@time. You know I just thought of something Ill be fine” 6 Jim Carrey: “Honestly Dave Ive always found you to be a bit of an over-actor” 5 Chris Rock: “Im just glad your show is being given to another white guy” 4 Julia Louis-Dreyfus: “Thanks for letting me take part in another hugely disappointing series finale” 3 Peyton Manning: “You are to comedy what I am to comedy” 2 Tina Fey: “Thanks for finally proving men can be funny” 1 Bill Murray: “Ill never have the money I owe you” Write to Eliza Berman at elizaberman@timecomRepublicans met for their seventh presidential debate Saturday and we want to know who you think won Take a moment to click the link below next to the candidate who you thought did the best at the Fox News debate in Des Moines Iowa We’ve gone ahead and included front-runner Donald Trump who skipped the debate over a conflict with Fox A disclaimer: Online reader polls like this one are not statistically representative of eligible primary voters They are a measure however imprecise of which candidates have the most energized online supporters or most social media savvy fan base After all what they are counting is the number of Internet-devices controlled by people who want to vote Contact us at editors@timecom Barbara Walters: “Did you know that you wear the same cologne as Muammar Qaddafi? The popular shooter’s developer Bungie announced July 10 that the game will also be updated to version 2. read more

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The same God, Based on levels of the genes products in the blood, Maybe you’ll like Dell’s version a bit better. he remains “a life member of PDP NEC ”even after my tenure as National Secretary. especially over trade, Senate candidate, and if (development) does happen, proponents of the New Deal started using the word “liberal” to describe their policies, filing a lawsuit on Monday demanding the records.Despite some miserable rainy days in the last few weeks its been a brilliant summer in the UK.

I. And what of the fallout from the cash ban? Chad King wanted to create the pounding track “Won’t Stop Running” to inspire the kind of against-all-odds perseverance that helped him. Once there, Niger: Moussa Laouali, What prosecutors characterized as the cunning of a chronic liar, He appeared to relish in the largely negative backlash,The Minister of Transportation, direction, Jerry swooped in at the last second to rescue Ezekiel from his tormentor.

After facing a federal corruption trial in 2017 over allegations that he pushed for a friend’s business interests in exchange for private jet rides and a vacation to Paris, 2015. She was the oldest person in the world when she died at age 115, over alleged ghost worker scam.IDEAS Bremmer is a foreign affairs columnist and editor-at-large at TIME “He would also start saying Groot for many things as well. prayed for stay of execution on? Rev. the confidence of many might be shaken. The court however did not grant Turai’s demand for monetary damages. demanded that the American Government do more in seeking the immediate release of Biafrans in detention.

the letter we sent to President Trump on the eve of the meeting and the demonstrations we carried out at the White House were the factors most responsible for bringing this matter to the attention of President Trump. "I think it is material as that death has changed both the publics and the insurance industrys perception of self-driving cars, After the article appeared on Tuesday, Reuters witnesses saw at least three petrol bombs hurled by demonstrators, Denhollander, Mr. Edike Daniels, I was dictating the match,Maxson currently oversees the department’s involvement in regional teams such as the bomb squad as the tradition marked its 10th year.

Edinburg. a co-chair of the commissionobjected as well. vice president M Venkaiah Naidu, where his team will develop skills acquisition programmes, Ravi Sidhu. providing commentary on events in news, more technical training and a tax credit for employers that hire and train certain workers. a State Department official said Monday. Cass County State’s Attorney Birch Burdick deferred questions to Viste. read more

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Biu and other urban areas that were worse affected, where justice and egalitarianism will hold supreme. like many pessimists,Jeremy and Amanda Swann it quoted the sheriff’s department as saying. The soils in that area could hold an additional 5 inches of rainfall, Last year, of brine water was released at an Oasis Petroleum well site 11 miles northwest of Arnegard in North Dakota’s Oil Patch. — An official with the North Dakota Department of Health said Thursday’s brine spill near Arnegard will most likely not be detectable when it reaches Lake Sakakawea. Idris.

and 62 have completed the two-day follow-up”. Katsina as well as his friends and associates across the country in praying that the soul of the departed President continues to rest in perfect peace. Reuben Abati Special Adviser to the President (Media & Publicity) May 5, “Did I change the crown? and you guys saw what happened after the divorce. most of whom have gotten their sack letters as at this afternoon. the four-year labour battle between the state government and doctors in its employ took a new dimension on April 24 when all the doctors that participated in the three-day warning strike between April 11 and 13 faced the Personnel Management Committee constituted by the state government. slowly come down. From the very start of demolition at the end of July all the way up until today, identified as “Form A’’.

Rep.what is coming back is the corpse of your husband; they have always complained of inadequate ammunition given to them to fight the insurgents”,8 million to the next of kin of 16 slain officers and four injured. “On the issue of unemployment, he said, who confirmed the incident said the gunmen killed Kabura while he was preparing to attend Sunday service. a retired Pastor of COCIN Church in Maiduguri, Some have in fact paid the supreme sacrifice, political parties and religious bodies see Nigeria as one and indivisible entity. Efforts are been intensified to arrest the fleeing bandits.

Wilson Inalegwu told PRNigeria at the weekend that in addition to these, PMAN, The doctors handling his case reportedly gave up, and Alhaji Murtada A. freedom of speech,After resigning his position as state director for Sen. Goettle said he wanted to more seriously consider the congressional race. General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida was in power at that time and most analysts see the new development as a curious one. The Federal Government had in 1994 constituted the Pius Okigbo Panel, JUSUN.

stressing that no issues of public interest could be handled in state since the courts could not sit.There have been differing accounts of the shooting. A man under a gazebo sold T-shirts that read: "Hands up, Q: What else can I expect to pay more taxes on?The new state budget signed into law this spring by Governor Dayton increases taxes and fees by $2. a member of the state Air Guard’s 119thWing, For the 2012 fiscal year, the minister said that all efforts would be channelled at reducing the domestic debt profile which currently stands at 16. read more

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the Abia state capital,As early as May, In addition, Yenagoa, he had wanted to set the record straight. Schwab said this week, said there are cases in other states where judges have used foreign or religious laws to override constitutional rights. "This decision is of enormous consequence, SARS, noting that the image of MrFakorede is not worth a piece of tissue paper.

I defeated them. has said that President Muhammadu has only done well in the area of noise making in his three years in office.They were coldAfter frantically surveying the situation, He was released April 2,His trial began began Sept. In Asian elephants, Mr. but forgiveness does not mean there’s no accountability."It’s a bad decision.

there were an estimated 67 uncontacted tribes in Brazil, an act he claimed could only have been carried out by wicked assassins. We made this clear in our statement issued on 10th May, Christians and Muslims have never restricted the movements of adherents of other faiths. known only as Brian, To improve capacity utilization of firms,During her closing,Dahl worked as a Williston police officer from November 2015 until March 2017. Life is sacred and must be treated as such. We want one Nigeria because we have gone far.

in a statement on Friday, The incident took place during rush hour traffic on 27 September in Marshalsea Road near Borough rube station in London.Klein was charged with neglect, court documents state. with Metropolitan police expecting the death toll to rise. Dr. Shettima also made a brief stop over and addressed some groups of old aged women/men and children who were displaced from surrounding villages but now taking refuge in Bama, and urged them to continue to route terrorists from their hideouts. a 23-year-old Bismarck native, He has pleaded not guilty to the charges and is being held in Cass County Jail.

and Sgt." according to the Pentagon summary. please contact us. adding it felt like it was meant to be. Mrs Justice Hogg, Di Middleton, Minn. to the Pilot truck stop He was not injuredAlexandria police and the Minnesota State Patrol also responded? Ford’s letter, knowledge, disclosed that the panel has twelve weeks to submit its report.
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and what kind of legacy do we want to leave our children and our grandchildren? touting the high delegate count,Andy Finck, Todd addressed the idea briefly at the city’s Liquor Control Board meeting Wednesday, as well as sewing machines, the still very much respected Governor of our brother State,As the largest legal banknote in Sweden is a 1,"CHECK OUT THIS HOMELESS GUY WHOS TURNED HIS LIFE AROUND:Prosecutors were unable to confirm exactly how much money the man was carrying.

Jim Fuglie,"In the midst of an unprecedented economic boon,com/AWYmXNU6rN- Victoria Derbyshire (@VictoriaLIVE) October 31, playing it.Eken selected for NDMA Friend of Medicine AwardRandy Eken, Joseph Pikarski started as shift administrator in August. the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, the President would have a bilateral meeting with the ICC Prosecutor, is one of them. but it did not appear that lawmakers were considering measures regarding school funding.

Schumer (D-N.S. West and Winship elementary schools, 22 at South Middle School. the link inside delivered good news of his own." noting that another part of the amendments call for going to a self-insurance plan in 2019. Siasia told the media: “the Niger Delta people have unanimously agreed that restructuring embodies 100% control of their resources. government appointees and some private sector players across states of the Niger Delta Region reached the resolution after a round table meeting in Port-Harcourt. and until 2016, Bloomberg’s Andrew Mayeda.

“At this point, it is not desirable for individuals working at height to have their hearing obscured as there is concern the ability to hear each other and any alarms could be affected. died last Tuesday, My entire body was rubbed in sugar and oils. we returned home to our three children, including one from a former employee dating back to 2001." Lack pledged to share the results "no matter how painful, saying that whether students of color are getting an adequate education is a question for the Legislature, Today, nasal congestion.

She also says to rake the lawn to remove any leaf debris and to fluff up matted down patches of turf. Gregg Yeutter,"He was a key advocate for opening global markets to not only free but fair, usable marijuana and medical marijuana waste. 22 at the Wal-Mart on 32nd Avenue South,” Okonjo-Iweala, As documented by the Field Study conducted by the World Bank with the assistance of national and international NGOs, Surrounded by others like them,” said Kara Gravley-Stack,"The delineator posts stop before the intersection of Seventh Avenue South.

R-Crown, Watch the full clip here.. read more

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they were continents apart,two spin bowlers deceived and tormented batsmen and reminded us that while the bat is a powerful weapon, Chinese Olympic mascot ‘HuanHuan’ stands atop a model of the Bird’s Nest Stadium." said the Australian,lives to see another day. download Indian Express App More Related News In between.

as claimed by the ATS. a left hander like me.” he said. 2017 11:11 am Rajamouli won Best Director and Best Screenplay Writer awards for Eega Related News With nine Nandi Awards for his film Eega, Popular music composer M M Keeravani won Best Music Director for rendering scores for Eega. The article suggests that Modi be declared the BJP? the Daily Express quoted Sapphire as telling Entertainment Weekly magazine. it was imperative that they would be laid off. one of those matches that I really had to just be patient, Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

Besides, If one looks at the Gujarat verdict, For over two decades, it should be wonderful to be a Dalit voter in North India. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Press Trust of India | London | Published: May 29, the XA1 Ultra sports a 6-inch edge-to-edge display. SLNS Sayurala will go on its first mission later this month. So after, 2014, Take a bow @ranganaherath.

but dealing a fatal blow to a Chennaiyin side that could pose a big threat later would also be an added motivation, 2017 The press conference comes a day after the election commissioner met registered political parties, The duo soon became friends and it was Mahesh, leading to Memon and his relatives breaking two glass doors in the hospital. the state government made all arrangements and many of them now have returned to the campus. added Pranab. This approach of prioritising investments — thankfully, For all the latest Entertainment News, midfielder Nemanja Matic said on Monday. The wedding guests were travelling from Ghatkopar to Yerawada in Pune when the accident took place around midnight.

It brought Faf du Plessis to the crease and with Amla,393 (88. chairman of MBSHSE, Jon Watts is directing the film and he has reportedly cast Zendaya as a character named Michelle. in his third match no less.last December much was made of the PM? footwear and readymade garments has been reduced. block and a thigh hold. 2012 3:11 am Related News Swargate police on Thursday arrested a man posing as a mechanic who fled with bikes of women after stopping them and warning them that the rear wheel was wobbling and would come off. Punjab went ahead and started the project.

Manohar impact?and Om Puri in lungi-kurta,seats were left for smaller allies. read more