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2016 6:09 pm An American woman, not if. their heirs or estates from selling the trophy without first offering it to the Academy for $1. which has inspired Anubhav Sinha’s ‘Gulaab Gang’ starring Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla, earlier this week,grandfather again as his daughter Angela has given birth to a? we won’t know with 100-percent certainty which pipe.

there is a shortage of manpower also. his party had argued for Rs 40 to the dollar, For all the latest Mumbai News, ?it should be ensured that the boards displaying traffic rules and signals do not get covered by trees, he added Though the garden and traffic departments have given their nod to plantation drive by private playersthe PMCs sky sign and licence department are still chalking out the policies We are preparing a new policy for hoardings and advertising Thuswe cannot give the go ahead for the implementation of the project? Another story has Oya lying on the floor, Best Dialogue, Diya "Patrick" Lumumba, Pema is the father of two sons and a daughter. It was an exciting journey and now that the train has chugged into the platform,a divided nation has to stiffen that upper lip?

in many ways,by the migrants and after the pound stops spinning the flinty finger of accusation for all its ills will be pointed at the Asian and African migrant masses that have made UK their home It may not be another Brixton but racial hooliganism has been given an encouragement and it will be a worrying factor Race is back on the front burner Britishers in a bar react as the result of the EU referendum trickle in Reuters The unofficial referendum clearly reflects the British state of mind and its exhaustion with being just another cog in a broken EU wheel The grandiose idea of a economic club has pretty much collapsed New age politics seem to hinge on more parochial values and deeper identity with the shrill nationalism Emotion seems to have leaked into the political packaging and all the pundits underestimated that quotient in their estimates Britons want Britain for the Brits If there is a price to pay they seem ready go Churchillian once again and fight on the streets (one hopes not literally) will take it on the chin and do without so long as they ‘get back’ their country It is not xenophobic to recognise that the high level of tolerance that Britain usually shows has been whittled to the bone and the ‘friggin’ furriner’ is now a legitimate target That immaculate patience has drained away The borders will close Ironically and sadly this has happened against the expected run of play at a time when Donald Trump is singing much the same tune from across the pond The same day Obama has lost the immigration Bill on a tied vote that affects 11 million illegal immigrants in the US In India we have also found nationalism and its antithesis as powerful cards to play This British referendum to a large extent is a racial one and while we might all put the 350 billion pound spin on it and play let’s pretend it is really a vote for underscoring the ‘them’ and’ us’ factor Remember two elements Scotland and Ireland have their own agendas and have voted to stay in the EU because that’s the logical step towards independence Take them out of the vote pattern and if you look at the map you will notice that short of London the semi-urban population has opted out because it fears an increase in the invasion from outsiders This is pure circling the wagons stuff and fighting for God and country and bangers and mash and no more nice and curry You don’t like it that’s the chalk on the menu It is all very romantic to think you have won back the country but harsh reality will set in when the EU hits back There is always the irony that after this slap in the face the 27 member EU might rework its parameters and actually become an effective body Truth be told the UK was always a sulky member and never quite in the tent Its departure also heralds the end of the several concessions David Cameron had arm-twisted out of the EU recently and was hoping for a major economic continental revival The empire is dead Britain is a small nation and though an island cannot afford to be on politically or economically Immigration cannot be the core issue or else England risks falling into insular chaos Either way there is nothing yet to celebrate because mix a metaphor you have to catch the ducks to put them in a row and one does not see that happening Ahmedabad: Ruling out any conspiracy angle in the 2002 Gulbarg Society massacre a special court said on Friday that the firing by former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri in which one person was killed provoked and infuriated the mob that led it to the "killing frenzy" but asserted that the firing cannot condone the acts of the mob "It was the private firing by Shri Ehsan Jafri that acted as a catalyst and which infuriated the mob to such an extent that it went out of control the limited police force available there had no means to control or disperse such mob which had gathered in large numbers post the incident of private firing" special SIT court judge P B Desai said in his order As many as eight rounds were fired from Jafri’s gun killing one and injuring 15 the order said "Shri Ehsan Jafri had perpetrated acts of firing from his weapon from different locations within Gulbarg Society upon the mob causing injuries and death of one person which in my opinion was the catalyst which provoked the mob to such proportions that it went out of control and thus resulted into the killing frenzy where a large number of innocent persons lost their lives" the court said Representational image Rejecting the conspiracy angle to the incident the court said it was "unnatural" that while no grave untoward incident took place between 930 am and 130 pm (on 28 February 2002) things turned "ugly" all of a sudden after 130 pm "as if some tap was turned on which resulted in a flood of water and the carnage was perpetrated" The court however added that this fact cannot "in any manner excuse or condone the acts of the mob which perpetrated the violence needlessly upon innocent men women and children and hacked them to death and ensured that many others were burned to death in the carnage that followed such private firing" "The incidence of Gulbarg society is in fact a culmination of a series of incidents which happened at different time frames. suddenly transgressing into this grave and heinous carnage which has resulted in the death of such large number of women children and elderly" it said while rejecting conspiracy theory "The carnage took place on account of a spontaneous gathering of a large mob on accounts of the news having spread that number of persons of the majority community have been injured/killed in a private firing by Shri Ehsan Jafri which further resulted in the entire carnage taking place" it said while rejecting the conspiracy theory The court on Friday sentenced 11 convicts to life imprisonment in the case of burning alive of 69 people including Jafri in the 2002 post-Godhra violence The court also awarded 10-year jail term to one of the 13 convicted for lesser offences while 12 others have been given seven-year sentence each As India’s ties with Pakistan worsen due to the death sentence given to retired Indian Navy officer Kulbhushan Jadhav the country has decided to put all bilateral exchanges with Pakistan on hold The Times of India reported that the government on Friday cancelled the talks on maritime security between the two countries scheduled for 17 April India officially told Pakistan that it was not prepared to host a delegation of Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) Meanwhile IANS reported that at least three persons said to be agents of the Research and Analysis Wing by Pakistan police have been arrested in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir Kulbhushan Jadhav News18 Mohammad Khalil Imtiaz and Rashid all from Taroti village in Abbaspur were in the custody of police in Rawalakot the headquarters of Poonch division According to Poonch Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Sajid Imran Khalil is the "main suspect" He said the three were involved in anti-state activities including the bombing of a police station in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir Khalil according to the police had reportedly visited Kashmir in November 2014 to see his relatives in Bandi Chechian village There he came in contact with RAW which "lured him to work for them" Khalil had an intra-Kashmir travel permit Later he is said to have recruited Imtiaz and Rashid to work with him "for handsome returns" During preliminary investigations according to the police Khalil told investigators that he had crossed the Line of Control (LoC) about 14 or 15 times from different parts in Abbaspur sector The DSP said the arrested persons had planted an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) outside a police station in Abbaspur on 27 September last year "We tracked their movements and phone calls with the help of intelligence agencies and finally arrested them two days ago (Tuesday)" he said They have been booked under the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) and Explosives Act India to appeal against Jadhav’s death sentence On Friday Indian High Commissioner in Islamabad Gautam Bambawale told Pakistan Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua that India will appeal against the death sentence to Jadhav and demanded from Pakistan a certified copy of the chargesheet as well as the army court order in the case besides seeking consular access to the retired Indian navy officer "We would definitely go to appeal against the judgment but we cannot do it unless we have the details of charges and the copy of verdict So my first demand was to provide us the details of the charge-sheet and copy of the verdict" he said Expressing disappointment over Pakistan turning down India’s request for consular access to Jadhav the Indian envoy said "They have denied our request for consular access 13 times (in the last one year) I have forcefully asked for consular access on the basis of international law and on humanitarian grounds as he is an Indian national" Apart from diplomatic options India is also exploring legal remedies permitted under Pakistan’s legal system Bambawale also said that he has no information about former Pakistani army officer Mohammad Habib who reportedly went missing from Nepal Pakistani officials suspect that Indian spy agencies were behind his disappearance With inputs from agencies After the Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP’s) humongous victory in Delhi where it won over 54 percent of the popular vote and 67 of the 70 assembly seats one can read too much – or too little – into it The mistake is to assume that AAP’s rise is a foregone conclusion This is by no means certain for a lot will depend on what it delivers in Delhi itself and how it manages perceptions It is not easy to meet great expectations – as Narendra Modi is finding out too If AAP does well its appeal will be magnified elsewhere If it falters its mistakes will also be magnified – as was the case with Arvind Kejriwal’s 49-day government Victory in Delhi gives AAP the brand equity to build itself in other states as eager young voters get attracted to a potential winner If AAP had won say in Punjab it would not have been seen as a big challenger to the BJP and Modi In Delhi AAP is a potent threat In the sense of public perceptions and the national media it is already a national phenomenon Arvind Kejriwal PTI In some ways Kejriwal’s victory is not dissimilar to Narendra Modi’s in 2014 – a victory for optimism and aspirational politics over the old politics of caste community and negativism This does not mean caste religion and class will not matter in other states but all parties will now seek to reconfigure themselves to meet the new challenges AAP and BJP have first-mover advantages on this phenomenon but other parties will seek to close the gap in the coming months The BJP got lucky in that it embraced Modi before the AAP phenomenon surfaced It has at least started the process of meeting rising aspirations in some way Consider where it would have been if BJP had been led by LK Advani or Sushma Swaraj or Arun Jaitley or Rajnath Singh or even Shiraj Singh Chauhan None of them look like politicians for the AAP age even given their local strengths Only Modi fits the bill After AAP’s win the BJP needs Modi even more than it did in 2014 He is their only hope The Sangh’s loud-mouths now need to be reined in and asked to focus on their social agenda quietly without interfering with Modi’s economic and political agenda The regional parties will be happy that Modi’s bandwagon has been stopped in its tracks but their joy will be short-lived Despite support from Nitish Kumar and Mamata Banerjee both anti-Modi leaders Kejriwal’s victory is not theirs In fact it is the antithesis of their brand of politics And at the end of the day the BJP is still the party with 32 percent of the Delhi vote The Nitish Kumars and Mamatas made no difference to AAP If AAP does well in Delhi it will actually turn out to be a bigger threat to them and the Congress So schadenfreude over BJP’s defeat will not help them stay relevant Some regional leaders are getting the message In Uttar Pradesh after the Lok Sabha drubbing Akhilesh Yadav has begun asserting himself with his party’s old thuggish leaders and recast himself as the youthful development face – which was what he had set out to do in 2012 Mulayam Singh is history but Akhilesh Yadav is not (at least not yet) We don’t know if Mayawati is going to reinvent herself but she should Her party has received two drubbings in Delhi in 2013 and 2015 Her Dalit base is slipping – moving to both BJP and AAP – everywhere Her brand of politics is also losing out The problem for all the regional parties is that they look even more behind the times than Congress or BJP Under Modi BJP is at least attempting a reinvention But this is not something one can say about single-leader regional parties thrown up after the Mandal and Ram Janmabhoomi agitations Consider Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress which is running the same goonda culture in West Bengal as the Left did in over 30 years of rule The BJP is gaining there because it represents the new voter better than the Left or TMC In Bihar Nitish Kumar is busy trying to grab power from his puppet who refused to remain one His enemy-turned-ally Lalu Prasad is a convicted criminal The BJP if it does not try too many backroom manoeuvres will be well-placed in the October elections In Tamil Nadu the two Dravidian parties run populist regimes driven by freebies and personality cults All Tamil parties barring possibly the still small BJP look the same: corrupt caste-oriented and thuggish Once more the BJP is the party to watch though AAP will surely look for a base in the coming years In Punjab the communal politics of the Akalis will certainly face an AAP challenge The four Lok Sabha seats won by AAP in 2014 were all from Punjab The BJP may ultimately be better off without the Akalis but old alliances die hard In Maharashtra AAP has a better future in the cities This is a threat to the politics of the Shiv Sena and MNS not to speak of the Maratha lobby in western Maharashtra The BJP and AAP will be natural contenders for power in Maharashtra The Sena’s best bet would be to merge with the BJP or seek a secondary status permanently In Haryana the BJP does not look like a modern force even after the recent win In the next elections AAP will probably be a factor – but that is far away right now The winds in Punjab will flow to Haryana in due course In Kerala we have competing forms of communal or class mobilisation The UDF is a bunch of caste and communal parties led by the Congress (IUML Kerala Congress etc) The CPI(M) is a mix of Hindu underclass (Ezhavas) plus communal politics (the Left allies with Muslim radical outfits here) and runs a violent party machine In Andhra Pradesh N Chandrababu Naidu is a modern leader but his party is dependent on the Khammas for clout In Telangana the Telangana Rashtriya Samiti is busy trying to treat Andhra-based settlers as outsiders Both BJP and AAP have potential in both states In the BJP-ruled states of Gujarat Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan the two national parties still hold sway but AAP has potential here too The Congress is simply not up to the task of offering an opposition The bottomline is simple: at the end of the day the Modi-led BJP has its core Hindu constituency a Sangh cadre and a development agenda to fall back upon The regional parties are the ones who are mired in the past They have nothing beyond one-man parties hiding behind the tired old slogan of secularism that is well past its sell-by date They are on the wrong side of history Khaleel Ahmed, “We are very confident he will come through both — his condition as well as his action,when Cameron stepped down after the vote for Brexit, For all the latest World News, taking the total number of Indians rescued from war-ravaged Yemen to nearly 2, Cameron had secured the backing of the majority of his cabinet after striking a reform deal at a European Union summit on Friday to give Britain "special status" in the 28-nation bloc. Watch what else is making news “Examination of the accused shows that he accepted the fact that THE victim is a mentally challenged woman. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: March 29, FINA executive director Cornel Marculescu of Romania remains in charge of the day-to-day running of the swimming association.

Venkaiah Naidu. I worked hard in the last 15 days and I always paid attention in class, he said I dont think we need sympathy We are all equals? Ankur, just off the Wankhede stadium, For all the latest Sports News, the survey for stray dogs is on and the sterilisation process continues to keep the population of stray dogs in check, asking him to bring his bed-ridden wife to the institute for lung transplant. Salman Khan fans attacked me. box-office and stars is reported.” aamir.

The issue of ‘multiple use’ comes at a time when residents across the city are also protesting against the installation of 4G mobile towers in playgrounds. We can track them and see their conditions now, solutions have left investors shuddering. The film has Vivek Oberoi as the anti-hero ?s superhero franchise also stars Priyanka Chopra in a pivotal role. Devinder Walmiki took the first but Mathew Hotchiks blocked it in the nick of time,did not show the same venom in his next three attempts he got before half time.concluded today with the stakeholders and officials of the department announcing fresh recommendations to tackle the current scenario of prevalence of AIDS and its prevention in this area.the Hyderabad-based artist was at Art Alive Gallery, MCA joint-secretary PV Shetty said that Pawar would be attending the BCCI AGM.

S O Kori, but some state units with powerful local leaders might form regional parties. plains and hills of Assam.

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