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GWI is lucky Guyanese do not actively sue for damages

first_imgDear Editor,Guyana has earned its name from the Amerindians, meaning “Land of Many Waters”. Ironically, in this land of many waters, that precious, supposedly colorless mineral, has become the most abused, wasted and expensive commodity.Just over a year ago, I had reason to publicise a Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) billing issue. Senior management and executives subsequently met with me over it. I presented my facts, and the issue, which had greater reach than my simple highlight, was acknowledged and efforts were subsequently made to correct it.My publicity of the GWI issue did not go down well with some persons and even resulted in minor collateral damage. A once close friend, who was closely linked to the GWI executives, took offence to my actions and our friendship dissipated over the ensuing months. In life, you win some and you lose some.GWI’s operation, is again the subject of my attention. On October 19, 2018 at 12:11h, I sent a video and photograph of a leaking water main located in a North-Eastern section of Georgetown to the GWI Facebook Account. All relevant details were provided. My message was read by someone at the GWI at 12:12h- one minute later- the same day. To date, the water main continues to leak. I estimate that thousands of gallons of water have been wasted over the months since the main first started leaking, although some ingenious resident in the area placed an old bucket over the breakage to prevent the water from sprouting into the air. Hundreds more gallons of water may have been wasted since I took my precious time and effort in a public-spirited gesture to inform the GWI via its fancy Facebook public interface over a week ago. Is GWI really serious about its PR, advertisements, and appeals for members of the public to report breakages and leaking water mains?I am no stranger to this type of culture of inaction in my hydrophilic country, but it is stifling to absorb the hypocrisy and even animosity that some in the corporate arena develop when the public media is engaged in such matters, which invariably expose their apparent slighting attitudes or incompetence.The people at GWI may, again, be unhappy with this missive, notwithstanding their untimeliness in addressing my report of the leakage. If acted upon, the entity will undoubtedly avert the unnecessary spending of hundreds of thousands of dollars in water wastage, as well as restore full water pressure to consumers in the affected areas.Some other time I will address the issue of that orange-ish-brown colour of the water, which permanently stains everything it comes into contact with, from linens to toilets and sanitary ware. GWI is lucky to be operating in a country where persons do not actively sue for damages.Yours faithfully,Orette Cuttinglast_img read more