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GGMC misguided in its authority and functions

first_imgDear Editor,The Guyana Gold Board, under Chairman GHK Lall, has become an institution, and is misguided in its authority and functions. As a miner, I am convinced that Lall has bluffed his way to the reins of the Gold Board, and acts not in the interest of the gold miners and Government, but rather himself.From the numerous press statements in the various newspapers about the board having no wiggle room under the guise of the conflict free gold is completely false.This is utter nonsense, since the international reference countries for conflicts fold does not include Guyana. Furthermore, conflict-affected and high-risk areas are identified by the presence of armed conflicts, widespread violence, or other risk of harm to people.Armed conflicts may take a variety of forms, such as conflict of international and non-international character, which may involve two or more states, or may consist of war of liberation, or insurgencies, civil war etc.High-risk areas may include areas of political instability or repression, institutional weakness, insecurity, collapse of civil infrastructure, and widespread violence. Such areas are often characterised by widespread human rights abuses and violations of national and international law.Guyana is not in any of the definition described above, and, as such, the chairman makes these false statements, contrary to the Gold Board Act, and requires from dealers and miners unnecessary documentation under the guise of having to be complaint within international partners.What is even more astounding is that Lall seems to be usurping the functions of the Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman, and by his actions is killing the goose that lay the golden egg for Guyana.Mr Lall should understand that it is us, the miners, who keep the wheel of the industry and sector turning; and being the largest foreign exchange earners, his continuous actions are causing unnecessary burden on simple miners.This, in turn, has caused dealers to turn away miners, as they say it is the Gold Board requirement for compliance, all of which we have been using for years and no issue.The Gold Board is being run like a cake shop, constantly changing their minds when it comes to what they require from miners, all at the bequest of the chairman.Lall seems to be speaking and making decisions as if he is the minister, realizing fully well that his actions will have detrimental impact on miners, dealers and the industry as a whole, as though the minister has no power.I urge the President and the Minister of Natural Resources to seriously look into the mismanagement of the Gold Board, as it seems that under their Chairman the board is being treated like a personal guinea pig for Mr Lall’s infatuations with power, and in the process he is impeding the progress made with stakeholders, such as miners, dealers and associations.With thanks,Minerlast_img read more