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Former Bulldog Standout Brogan Austin To Race At Olympic Marathon Trials

first_imgFormer Drake cross country and track and field standout Brogan Austin is set to compete at the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials on Feb. 13 in Los Angeles, Calif.The trials will be Austin’s first time racing at the 26.2-mile distance after qualifying for the trials with a half marathon time of 1:04.38 at the Philadelphia Rock ‘N Roll Marathon in November.Read more about Austin’s road to the Olympic Trials and his preparation for the race via the Des Moines Register’s Lance Bergeson.  While at Drake, Austin was a five-time MVC Champion on the track with three indoor 5,000 meter titles and a 3,000-meter title to his credit. In 2013, he won the Drake Relays 5,000 meter title and claimed the MVC crown in the event as well. In cross country, he was the MVC individual champion in 2011.Academically, Austin was a recipient of an MVC Postgraduate Scholarship award and was a two-time MVC Elite 18 honoree.Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

Big Science in Crisis of Trust

first_img(Visited 37 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 A flurry of recent articles underscore the absolute necessity for integrity in science.America is having a crisis of faith in science, worries Science Magazine in its May 1, 2015 issue. Todd L. Pitensky of Stony Brook University offers six suggestions to restore confidence, including transparency, humility, righteous indignation at misconduct, and other character qualities.Numerous psychological experiments published in journals fail reproducibility tests, says Nature. Only 39% of results could be reproduced.The American Psychological Association is being hit with charges about collusion with the CIA on “torture” of Gitmo prisoners, says Science Magazine, which takes a left-leaning position on this controversial issue.A fierce debate is going on right now about the ethics of editing human embryos, reports Nature. NIH director Francis Collins reiterated America’s ban on the practice, Nature says—at least for now, as western societies fret over the ramifications of China’s frontier experiments on genetic manipulation of embryos.Science Magazine reports that a House panel is holding hearings about “politically driven science.” The AAAS, as expected, justifies all science and is finger-pointing at flaws in the investigation, but are they not an interested party as recipients of major funding?The bar graph, that very common way of displaying data, is being criticized as potentially misleading, reports Nature (see Statistics in the Baloney Detector). For continuous data, it gives a false impression of discrete values. But P-values (widely-used measures of statistical significance) have also come under fire lately. They are just the “tip of the iceberg,” Nature says, of “shoddy statistics” in scientific papers.Rachel Bernstein of Science Insider announces, “PLOS ONE ousts reviewer, editor after sexist peer-review storm.” How about double-blind peer review? Would that help? Nature says that actually poses a double risk.Electronic media have created another ethical quandary: transparency vs harassment. Michael Halpern and Michael Mann (yes, the NASA climate change guy) at Science Magazine worry over the issues involved, such as disclosure, privacy, reputations getting threatened, chilling of free speech, and other bad behavior.Japan is still struggling to recoup its reputation after the STAP stem cell debacle, Nature reports.But why worry? It’s all just evolution, a paper in Current Biology says. Even “social amoebas” (yes, the microbes) have cheaters and cooperators. Two authors claim that “slimy cheats pay a price,” but maybe cooperation is in the eye of the beholder. Like the moral equivalence some relativists claim, “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”Look, why don’t scientists just adopt the Ten Commandments? (see Prager University course). Then all would be well. Nobody would knowingly give false witness. Nobody would curse. Nobody would covet someone else’s data. If they all took Jesus’s summation of the law (to love God and love thy neighbor), every scientist would be eager for truth to prevail, regardless of who gets the credit. It would be a scientific utopia.Instead, you have this crisis of trust. Scientists have God-given consciences which they deny, but they wring their hands over all these ethical questions, knowing deep inside that truth and integrity matter. On they one hand, they claim that social cooperation is an evolutionary artifact (therefore subjective), but then they go running to Judeo-Christian theological presuppositions for implicit moral support (i.e., we must punish research misconduct, we must stop plagiarism, we must do better than “shoddy statistics” and such).Let’s laugh at Nature and Science. Force them to use their own presuppositions. “You’re evolutionists, aren’t you?” (Well, but of course.) Then cheating is an evolutionary game. It’s not wrong. We’re just like social amoebas. In fact, if I get enough cheaters to join me, we’ll become the norm and you guys will be the cheaters.” (But that’s not right!) “Oh, so you believe in objective morality? Let’s see you evolve that without God!” (You must be one of those stupid, ignorant, lying creationist dodo heads.) “Is it wrong to be one of those?” (Yes!) “Is it evil?” (Yes, it’s not right!) “OK, so you believe in objective morality? Let’s see you evolve that without God.” (Aaargh!)last_img read more

Africa should claim the 21st century as its own

first_imgVusi GumedeBrand South Africa, in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry, hosted a dialogue with African Heads of Mission based in South Africa at the CSIR in Pretoria on 30 September.Brand South Africa CEO Miller Matola was joined at the dialogue by African representatives from Malawi, Mauritius, Rwanda, Kenya, Cameroon, Algeria, Madagascar, Libya and Zambia as well as Dave Malcomson from the Department of International Relations and Co-operation, Prof Vusi Gumede of the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute, and Dr Petrus de Kock, Head of Research at Brand South Africa.As Africa commemorates 50 years since the formation of the Organisation of African Union, participants deliberated on the timely issue of African Integration and Improved Competitiveness through Intra-Africa Trade and Infrastructure Development.African integration at all levels – political, economic and social – has been a matter with which Heads of State and Government have been seized since the establishment of the OAU. Increased intra-African trade is seen as a critical enabler to improve the lives of citizens on the continent and this debate has been led by Heads of State and Government at continental and regional fora. Participants at the dialogue were emphatic that Africa needs to move beyond talking to the implementation of agreed policies and frameworks to drive this development.While Brand South Africa CEO Miller Matola reflected on the issue of the potential of African infrastructure to drive African development into the next 50 years, DIRCO’s Dave Malcomson cautioned African representatives that unless governments, working with civil society and citizens, deliver on the aspirations of the people of the continent, Africa shall be judged harshly by future generations. Prof Gumede of the Thabo Mbeki Leadership Institute reminded participants that in 80 years, Africa will be in the 22nd century and that it is indeed time that Africa makes the 21st century its own.This dialogue was part of Brand South Africa’s efforts to build partnerships with civil society and social partners to enable all stakeholders to play their part in creating a competitive South Africa in a competitive Africa.last_img read more

NDP to guide job creation: Gordhan

first_img23 October 2013 The government, in collaboration with business and labour, will roll out a number of packages informed by the National Development Plan (NDP) to boost economic growth and job creation in South Africa over the next three years, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan told Parliament on Wednesday. Presenting his medium term budget policy statement in Cape Town, Gordhan said plans were under way to tackle the lack of skills and high jobless rate in the country. The government’s Jobs Fund had already allocated R3.4-billion to some 65 projects that were projected to create 90 000 permanent jobs and about 100 000 training opportunities over the next three years, he said. At the same time, an employment incentive proposal has been tabled to encourage youth employment by sharing the costs of job creation in special economic zones and targeted industries. “To support job creation in special economic zones and for young work seekers, a revised Employment Tax Incentive Bill will be formally introduced in Parliament tomorrow,” Gordhan said. “This forms part of the multi-pronged approach to expanding work opportunities, especially for young people, envisaged in the National Youth Accord.” He said that several projects were under way to contribute to economic growth and job creation, with tax incentives for industrial development projects amounting to R10-billion having been approved over the past three years – these were expected to support investment amounting to R35-billion. Source: read more

Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast, September 10, 2018

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Dramatic changes to our forecast this morning. After rains moved through the state this weekend, our forecast had been for additional moisture Wednesday through Friday of this week. These changes come completely at the hand of Hurricane Florence. Over the weekend Florence sharpened her course and looks to slow as she heads toward the Carolinas for landfall later this week. A slowing storm over favorable waters for strengthening means Florence can really step up her size and scope. This storm is moving east northeast against a typical weather flow pattern across the northern hemisphere of west to east. Think of a snowplow pushing snow…the more if pushes, the more it backs up the snow in the path ahead of it and starts to push things around to either side. This hurricane will do the same to our weather pattern across the eastern US…it will back things up and slow progression down. For us here in Ohio, that will yield a much drier outlook.So, as a result, even though we still are dealing with some moisture trying to move away out of the area today, we see dry weather the rest of this week, through the weekend and through at least Wednesday morning next week. Today, we will still have to deal with plenty of clouds and scattered light precipitation, more frequent in nature over eastern parts of the state. However, as we approach sunset, action should be done and gone in most areas, and we will be drying out already late morning and early afternoon in western Ohio, even if the sun take its own sweet time breaking through the clouds. For the rest of the week, there are no significant rain threats at this time. High pressure works in by midweek, and then as the pattern slows and stalls, we will find ourselves on the backside of the high, getting good south winds and dry air working in. That being said…as moisture from Florence spreads across the Carolinas into Virginia, Tennessee and even West Virginia, we can see some clouds from that blowing into southern Ohio later this week into the weekend. We don’t think any rain is possible at this time, but will monitor areas down near the river as the hurricane progresses inland.Our next front with good potential for precipitation shows up later next Wednesday afternoon (19th) into Thursday (20th) and may bring up to half an inch of rain to the region. Behind that, for the rest of the 11-16 day period we have only one more system, around the 23rd into the 24th with scattered showers and perhaps a quarter of an inch of rain.Temps will stay cool today and will get back closer to normal for tomorrow and Wednesday. However, for the rest of the week, weekend and first part of next week, we expect warm air to build back in, and we should see afternoon highs running about 5-10 degrees above normal, averaging in the lower to middle 80s. The map at right shows afternoon highs this Saturday. With lower humidity and evaporation rates near maximum levels, we should see excellent dry down later this week through the end of the 10-day period, and we expect harvest should start to increase the farther out we go.last_img read more

BJP fields cattle smuggling accused in Assam


F1 Flitterati: Grand Prix’s grand parties

first_imgSachin TendulkarSurprise F1 Merger: Sachin Tendulkar happily waved the chequered flag as Sebastian Vettel whizzed past the finish line at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida on October 31. Now racing fans have the new India Racing League to look forward to. Brainchild of Machdar Motor Sports Company ceo,Sachin TendulkarSurprise F1 Merger: Sachin Tendulkar happily waved the chequered flag as Sebastian Vettel whizzed past the finish line at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida on October 31. Now racing fans have the new India Racing League to look forward to. Brainchild of Machdar Motor Sports Company ceo M. Darshan, the league will have eight teams from India’s largest cities with two cars each forming a 16-member grid. The usual suspects from the business and glamour worlds are already making a dash for their share of the pie: Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla, Nagarjuna, with Tendulkar having bought a 26 per cent share with Anjana Reddy, director of Machdar Motor Sports.Preity ZintaF1 Stalkerazzi Basher: As the paparazzi clamoured for Preity Zinta’s attention, she spotted an ambitious stalkerazzo trying to shoot up her black miniature sequined skirt. An enraged Zinta was quickly pacified by a smiling Chunky Pandey.F1 Sartorial Blooper: VJ Rannvijay walked in attired in something he had obviously stolen from a 15-year-old. Cascading suspenders, an ill-fitting navy blue blazer, vest over T-shirt and sagging mom jeans. Shudder.Shah Rukh KhanF1 Keepsake: Though he came in long after Lady Gaga’s performance, Shah Rukh Khan managed to spend a few private moments with her. Gaga gifted him her sunglasses once she found out that the actor’s daughter is a fan. In a moment of darkened privacy under a palm tree outside the after-party at LAP Lounge, a candid G.One announced that his favourite driver was “Mohan, my driver in Mumbai.”advertisementDeepika Padukone and Siddharth MallyaF1 Couple: Siddharth Mallya and Deepika Padukone stuck to their ‘public display of no affection’ rule even though they came together for the race, partied together and well, stayed together.Bipasha BasuF1 Sport: Now that Bipasha is done draping herself over Josh Hartnett for Singularity, she can’t stop tweeting pictures of herself with friend Binal Shah at Buddh. She turned up for the after-party in a Shane and Falguni Peacock but couldn’t pull it off. Hope she chooses her wardrobe as effectively as her workout.last_img read more