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22000 People Agreed To Clean Toilets And Scoop Dog Poo For Free

first_imgStay on target To most people, the terms of service that pop up when they hop on free Wifi is nothing more than a speedbump. An annoyance that stands between them and the latest cat videos or /r/mildlyinteresting submissions.That’s precisely why public Wifi and analytics provider Purple decided to have a little fun with their TOS recently. They made a minor tweak, one that they were confident would go unnoticed by the vast majority of connectivity seekers who utilized Purple’s service.According to Purple, 22,000 people agreed to perform 1,000 hours of community service at the company’s discretion. Fortunate folks would have been giving hugs to cats and dogs. Others who weren’t quite so lucky could be tasked with picking up dog poo or scraping gum off sidewalks. Those who drew the short straw might have to clean the porta-johns at a local festival or clear sewer blockages by hand.Purple doesn’t actually plan to enforce the clause, of course. “We aren’t going to round up these individuals and ask them to don their rubber gloves and repay the community debt,” reads their blog post. It was mostly done in fun, but Purple wanted to prove a point, too: that people blindly click past terms of service and they really ought to take an interest.Especially in this case. Apart from telling its users what Purple plans to do with the data it gathers, they also missed the chance to take home a nice little prize. They left their prank terms up for a full two weeks, and only one person spotted it.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. China Preps 5G Coverage For World’s Longest Sea BridgeT-Mobile Thanks U.S. Military With New Wireless Plan last_img read more