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Latitudinal and seasonal variations of quasiperiodic and periodic VLF emissions in the outer magnetosphere

first_imgWe have analyzed ELF-VLF receiver and search coil magnetometer data from five Antarctic stations from 1998 and 1999 to study quasiperiodic emissions (QPs) and periodic emissions (PEs), which occur as ULF-range modulations of ELF-VLF signals between 0.5 kHz and similar to4 kHz. QPs are modulated at frequencies of similar to20-50 mHz, and PEs are modulated at frequencies of similar to200-500 mHz. The stations used covered a range of magnetic latitudes from -62degrees (Halley) to -74degrees (South Pole Station); three automated geophysical observatories (AGOs) were located at intermediate latitudes. Consistent with earlier studies, most QPs were observed with magnetic pulsations of identical period in the Pc3 range ( type I QPs). Of those QPs not observed with simultaneous magnetic pulsations ( type II QPs), nearly all were accompanied by PEs. Type I QPs, PEs, and events during which both appeared together (QPPEs) were found to have different latitudinal, seasonal, and diurnal occurrence patterns: QPs of both types were more likely to occur between -65degrees and -70degrees magnetic latitude, while PEs occurred more often around -60degrees magnetic latitude. QPs were more common during the months of October though March, while PEs were more common during the months of May through September. QPs, whether with or without simultaneous PEs or magnetic pulsations, were predominantly a dayside phenomenon, with a broad maximum near local noon. The occurrence of QPs unaccompanied by PEs was restricted to the dayside, however, while a small number of QPPEs appeared even during nighttime hours. PEs, on the other hand, could be seen at all local times, but with latitudinally dependent diurnal patterns. Most higher-latitude QPs were type I events (observed with magnetic pulsations), while type II QP events (without simultaneous magnetic pulsations) occurred relatively more often at lower latitudes. A case study from 1 August 1999 using wideband data from South Pole and Halley provides evidence of a transition from echoing whistler activity to PE activity and then to QP activity and suggests a causal relationship.last_img read more

IOTA’s future looks bright

first_imgIOTA’s future looks bright October 15, 2005 Managing Editor Regular News IOTA’s future looks brightcenter_img Higher interest rates mean more revenue for legal aid Mark D. Killian Managing Editor It’s a new day for The Florida Bar Foundation.After years of struggling with declining revenues that forced cuts in legal aid funding and the depletion of the Foundation’s reserve accounts, increased revenue from a steady rise in IOTA account balances and climbing IOTA interest rates are bolstering the charitable organization’s financial health.The Foundation expects to have more than $27 million available for its grant programs in 2005-2006, up from slightly more than $11 million a year ago.“Happy circumstances of increased revenue provide for increased opportunities,” President Bill Davis said at the Foundation’s recent Tallahassee meeting.On the recommendation of its Grant Program Committee, the Foundation board voted to increase its allocation for legal assistance to the poor and law student assistance grant programs from $10.5 million last year to more than $16.1 million this year. The board also doubled funding for its administration of justice grants program to $1 million.The Foundation also earmarked $10.3 million to begin re-establishing its grant program reserve. Davis said the specific goal of rebuilding the Foundation’s reserves is to maintain allocations for its grantees for up to four years if or when IOTA revenues go into another down cycle. That’s the way the annual grant allocations to legal assistance providers were kept relatively stable — along with allocating more of the Foundation’s income to legal assistance to the poor programs and less to the administration of justice and law student assistance projects — when IOTA bank interest rates dropped in the mid- to late-1990s. Then the Foundation had to deal with IOTA income that tumbled from about $19 million a year to between $10-$11 million per year.The increase in legal aid funds in 2005-06 still comes up short of the funding levels of the late 1990s, when inflation and the increase in Florida’s poverty population is taken into account.“Thank goodness we had a staff and previous boards that saw fit to create a reserve which carried [the Foundation’s] grantees without so much pain during the last downturn,” Davis said, noting the goal is to fund the reserves at about $24 million by September 2006.Board member Kathleen McLeroy of Tampa said she supports re-establishing the reserve fund because the Foundation owes an obligation to the clients of its grantees to make sure the legal aid infrastructure is in place in Florida.“I think we should be the overseer of legal aid programs throughout the state and we owe the clients, not the grantees, but the clients, a stable system,” McLeroy said.James Bell, president of Florida Legal Services, Inc., agreed, saying a reserve fund assures legal aid providers that they can continue their programs “if something drastic happens.”“I think we would be remiss to not have some type of situation where we have a reserve to keep these programs going,” Bell said.“It is nice to know that if the worst case scenario happens, we can sort of taper off our grantees, not just cut them off,” said board member Miles McGrane of Miami.last_img read more

Arjun Tendulkar has lunch with England cricketer who proposed to Virat Kohli

first_imgArjun Tendulkar, son of Sachin Tendulkar, is in England currently enjoying his break after he wasn’t picked in the one-day side for the Youth ODI series.Arjun thus, decided to travel to London and spent time with his good friends, among them is English cricketer Danielle Wyatt.Arjun caught up with Wyatt and posted a selfie with her on his Instagram account where the two can be seen having lunch. He captioned the photo “Nandos with Danielle Wyatt”. Wyatt will be remembered quite well by Indian fans for she had posted four years back “Kholi marry me”, after watching one of Virat Kohli’s top innings.READ – Danielle Wyatt wants people to see funny side of ‘Kohli marry me’ tweetShe may have got the spelling wrong but it took no time for the tweet to go viral, her father got phone calls and even her teammates did not spare trolling her.Wyatt did tweet a congratulatory message after Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s marriage last year. But she knows the story won’t die in a hurry.Fortunately for her, the Indian captain saw the funny side and even gifted her a bat when he they met and slipped in a piece of advice, “You’re the girl who sent that tweet… you can’t do that because people take it seriously”.Arjun meanwhile, recently made his first-class debut in the four-day Youth Test series in Sri Lanka.READ – Arjun Tendulkar gets maiden international wicketIndia U-19 defeated Sri Lanka in both the ‘Youth Tests’, as Arjun took his maiden wicket for India. He opened the bowling after India lost the toss in the first Test and took the wicket of RVPK Mishra in the third over of the match.advertisementIn the second innings he dismissed Nipun Malinga to finish off the match.He couldn’t make most of his opportunity with the bat as he was dismissed for a duck after facing eleven deliveries and didn’t bat in the second innings as India won the match by an innings and 21 runs.READ – India U-19 thrash Sri Lanka in 2nd Youth Test to achieve series clean sweepIn the second Test he fared no better as he scored just 14 runs and picked up another wicket.last_img read more