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Irish Soldiers forced to splash out €800 for return flight from foreign tours

first_imgIrish soldiers on foreign tours of duty are forced to splash out up to €800 to return home on leave, according to a new report. Troops serving in places such as Lebanon and the Golan Heights in Syria are given three weeks of leave during their six months deployment.But they’re not allowed stay in the mission area and must fund their own travel back to Ireland to see loved ones. Ireland currently has 655 soldiers serving overseas, with 460 of these forming part of the United Nations Interim Force in the Lebanon.The 114th infantry battalion flew out to the Middle East state last month to begin their six month tour of duty in the region.It’s estimated that the cost of a return flight from the Lebanon to Ireland costs €800, which must be paid for by each member.Labour’s defence spokesman Brendan Ryan described the practice as “disgraceful”. He told the Irish Sun: “I’ve raised the mistreatment of members of the Defence Forces a number of times in the Dail and this is just another example of this.“The Minister continuously says that they are valued but it’s clear they’re not.“We keep hearing about the low pay many are made to scrape by on and then something like this just adds to their hardship, just so they can see their families.“If they have three weeks leave from any tour of duty then they are going to go home to see their families.“They, along with their loved ones, make great sacrifices when they travel abroad on missions and if they’re flying home during their tours on leave then the Defence Forces should be paying for it.” Last month, Over 400 men and women of the Irish Defence Forces paraded through Letterkenny ahead of their six-month deployment to South Lebanon.Four hundred and fifty troops rotated to South Lebanon in what is Ireland’s largest overseas deployment to a single mission area.Irish Soldiers forced to splash out €800 for return flight from foreign tours was last modified: June 14th, 2019 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

STATE CHAMPIONS: St. Bernard’s downs South-Torrance 34-20 in Division 6-AA title game

first_imgThe Crusaders are in a class of their own.Will Omey ran for four touchdowns and passed for another, the Crusaders scored 27 unanswered points to flip a two-score deficit into a two-touchdown advantage, and the St. Bernard’s football team beat visiting South-Torrance 34-20 in the CIF Division 6-AA state championship game, Saturday night at the Redwood Bowl.“It’s pure joy,” St. Bernard’s head coach Matt Tomlin said. “This senior class has been on a four-year mission to win a state championship. …last_img

Creation Geologist Fights Secular Bullies

first_imgHe has every credential a geologist could wish for, but the consensus bullies will not even let him collect rocks that might question their dogma.    Dr Snelling teaching in Grand Canyon, 2008Dr. Andrew Snelling has a PhD in geology from the University of Sydney. He has published in peer-reviewed journals. He has taught geology on numerous trips through the Grand Canyon. He wrote a two-volume book on geological evidence. But when he applied for a research permit at the Grand Canyon to collect samples, the secular uniformitarian consensus said no. They denied his application purely on grounds that his views are not consensus views. This time, though, he is not going to take being Expelled lying down. He is fighting back with a lawsuit, supported by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). Bob Unruh reported the story on May 9 in WND.ADF noted Snelling holds a Ph.D. in geology from the internationally acclaimed University of Sydney and has conducted geological research in Australia and the United States. He has published works in peer-reviewed journals and has substantial field and laboratory experience with both theoretical and practical geological research.“Nonetheless, National Park Service officials denied his routine request to obtain a few fist-sized rock samples from the Grand Canyon after learning of his Christian views about the Earth’s beginnings,” ADF said. “Despite the fact that Dr. Snelling had accomplished prior research in the canyon, Park officials ran him through a gamut of red tape for more than three years.”One-sided propaganda on Yavapai TrailThe delay tactic is tantamount to a denial. They kept piling on demands. They asked for two independent peer reviewers, Unruh says. He supplied three. They demanded more and more specifics about his research. When they couldn’t stop him with bureaucratic hurdles, they turned to secular academics for their opinion. Those, predictably, recommended denial, knowing that Snelling is associated with Answers in Genesis—a Christian young-earth creation ministry. One of them said, “ours is a secular society as per our constitution (sic)” and suggested “inappropriate interests” should be “screened out.” This is clear viewpoint discrimination.“We expect debate about what the evidence means, but the Park shouldn’t prevent us from collecting data just like other scientists. I am merely asking for equal treatment by the government.”The lawsuit names officials all the way from the federal government down to the superintendent of Grand Canyon National Park. President Trump’s recent executive order on religious freedom may come to bear on the outcome of this lawsuit. It will be a case to watch: can a dogmatic consensus treat a qualified scientist differently because of his beliefs?Dr. Snelling told CEH,All I am seeking is equal treatment by the NPS to any other scientist who wants to do valid research in the Grand Canyon, regardless of my Christian faith and worldview. This is about getting a level playing field for all Christians in all national parks. All I am seeking is 40 clenched fist-sized samples which will be investigated in the laboratory and the results openly published for all other scientists to see and decide how they want to interpret, regardless of how I might interpret them. That’s doing good science. Under the US Constitution I am supposed to be protected from any government official discriminating against me as a Christian.A win in this case could send a strong signal to secular scientists and federal regulators that they take a big risk discriminating against other qualified scientists on the basis of their beliefs. Will the new tone of religious liberty in the current administration favor Dr. Snelling’s case? Time will tell.Update 7/28/17: Answers in Genesis reports that Snelling has won. “Dr. Snelling’s attorneys at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) had uncovered evidence that the PhD geologist’s permits had been denied because of his religious and creationist beliefs,” the article says. “When evidence came to light that Dr. Snelling’s rights were being unconstitutionally denied, the Grand Canyon National Park and the Department of Interior changed course and issued the permits.” ADF is dropping the lawsuit now that the park service has ended its discriminatory action against Dr. Snelling.Readers, I know Dr. Snelling. I have been on three expeditions with him, two in the Grand Canyon. He is exceptionally qualified and a gifted communicator. He is gracious and reasonable, never confrontational. Some of you may have seen him make an appearance in the recent film Is Genesis History? where everyone could see his easy-going yet convincing command of the facts and their implications. Because of his calm and matter-of-fact manner, his knowledge and his character, I would not have imagined him ever needing to sue the government over mistreatment. But if it had to be someone to stand up to the bullies, I’m glad it’s him. Godspeed, Dr. Snelling. I hope you prevail. Update: I’m glad you prevailed! This is why we need to support organizations like the ADF. Without courageous individuals and organizations to back them, the materialist bigots would trample the rights of all who disagree with them. (Visited 1,102 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Kruger’s animal populations growing

first_imgElephant numbers are on the rise inthe Kruger Park, as are the other Big Five populations. (Image: For more free photos, visit the image library) MEDIA CONTACTS • Sputnik RatauMedia liaison, Depat of Environmental Affairs+27 (12) 336 8790 or +27 82 874 2942• William Yingwani MabasaHead, public relations, Kruger Park+27 13 735 4363RELATED ARTICLES • Kruger Park marks 110 years • Biggest nature park in the world • The Tour de Kruger: a wild ride • New unit to rescue rhinosJanine ErasmusSouth Africa’s world-famous Kruger National Park is proving to be an ideal breeding ground for its animals, with the Big Five populations increasing steadily, and no large mammal species under threat.The announcement was made by Minister of Environmental Affairs Buyelwa Sonjica. The minister was replying in writing to a question tabled in Parliament in mid-June.The Kruger Park, which is managed by South Africa National Parks (SANParks), has experienced ample rainfall over the last 15 years, and it is this that has produced the increase in animal numbers. However, this is part of the inevitable cycle of life and, said Sonjica, when the park enters its next dry phase the numbers will drop off naturally.The park, which spans 19 000 square kilometres, is part of the part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, which encompasses the Kruger Park, the Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe, and Mozambique’s Limpopo National Park.The area normally enjoys a typical subtropical climate, with warm, humid summers and dry winters.The type of vegetation varies in different parts of the park, ranging from Sabie Thorn Thicket in the south, to Lebombo Mountain Bushveld in the east, Mopane Woodlands in the central region, and Mopane Savannah in the north, with a host of others in between.Big Five increasingSonjica stated that no large mammal species was threatened. Africa’s popular Big Five – lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo – were also doing well and in fact, numbers of the latter three species were increasing at between 4% and 7% a year.Buffalo in the park now number around 37 500, up from 22 260 in 2000. This amounts to an annual population increase of about 5%.The rare black rhino population is showing an even more robust increase, at 7% per year. There are an estimated 590 to 670 black rhino, which are listed as critically endangered on the red list of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, in the Kruger Park.The near threatened white rhino is also thriving, with the population growing at 11% a year. There are an estimated 9 460 to 12 120 white rhino in the park.Both rhino species have fallen prey to poachers in recent times – of the 92 rhino said to have been poached in South Africa since the beginning of 2010, 33 were in the Kruger Park.Elephant numbers are also increasing steadily, at around 4% a year since 2004. In 2000 there were 8 350 individuals, and the latest figure puts the population at an estimated 13 700.Lions number between 1 620 and 1 750. It is much harder to provide an accurate assessment of the leopard population. The mysterious cat is rarely seen, and Kruger Park staff have had to resort fo using older data to extrapolate the current figure. They’ve come up with a figure of 1 000 individuals.Animal diversitySonjica’s data reveals that other popular animals are gaining ground. They include the elegant giraffe, which have increased in number to between 7 090 and 10 950; Burchell’s zebra, which number between 20 870 and 33 240; and impala, which number around 125 000.Respondents on the SANParks discussion forum also reported seeing greater numbers of caracal, honey badgers, and the endangered African wild dogs.The Kruger Park’s official website provides estimates, calculated between 2008 and 2009, of mammal populations:Big Five:Lion: 1 700Leopard: 1 000Elephant: 13 573White rhinoceros: 12 158Black rhinoceros: 627Buffalo: 37 462Mammals:Cheetah: 200Wild dog: 350Spotted hyena: 2 000Burchell’s zebra: 20 868Hippopotamus: 3 000Warthog: 2 316Giraffe: 7 091Crocodile: 1 600Antelope:Eland: 300Roan antelope: 50Sable antelope: 325Greater kudu: 8 045Nyala: >300Bushbuck: >500Waterbuck: 5 000Reedbuck: 300Mountain reedbuck: 150Blue wildebeest: 8 963Tsessebe 160Impala: 127 788last_img read more

4 power tool safety tips to help you avoid injuries – and OSHA penalties

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The first thing my neighbor does when he buys a new power tool is remove every safety guard. He says they slow him down.Unfortunately, he’s not alone in that decision. Modifying safety equipment is one of the leading causes of farm accidents involving chain saws, circular saws, drills and related tools and equipment. In addition to serious injury or death, misuse of power tools can result in lawsuits, workers’ comp claims, higher insurance premiums and costly penalties from OSHA. It’s simply not worth it.Here are some tips to help you comply with safety regulations, avoid injuries and minimize risks when using power tools on your farm.Don’t modify tools. Farm workers are in a constant race against the clock – or the latest weather report – so it’s reasonable to think that you can boost productivity by taking shortcuts with equipment. Modifying or removing the shields or guards on a power tool may shave off time a project, but those components were placed there for a reason – to protect your workers. Plus, you have even more to lose if a worker is seriously injured as a result of your safety modification.Insist on proper equipment training. Your workers might assure you that they know what they’re doing, but it pays to make sure. Read the operator’s manual for new tools and outline proper safety guidelines before your family members or hired workers use an unfamiliar tool for the first time. Also consider whether your children are old enough to use dangerous power tools. Better to be safe than sorry.Dress for safety. Baggy shirts and pants can get caught in the teeth of equipment, creating a dangerous safety hazard. Require your workers to wear more fitted clothing when operating equipment. Also require that workers wear safety goggles when there is a chance of flying debris.Don’t settle for quick fixes. Farmers don’t have the time luxury of calling a tow truck or dropping off a faulty vehicle or piece of equipment for a quick fix. They learn early how to make their own repairs, and many have their own small machine shops. It’s all part of getting the job done — and done quickly. But don’t sacrifice a quick fix for the safety of your workers. For example, always take the time to shut off motors before investigating problems. Block wheels before working on vehicles, and use jacks to raise or prop up vehicles, rather than improvising with concrete blocks or other items.Take your time, work with the proper tools and equipment and make sure your people are properly trained and working safely. These simple guidelines for using power tools will help you keep your people out of harm’s way and your business OSHA compliant.Read more Grains of Knowledge from Westfield Insurancelast_img read more

Lalu Prasad gets bail in one fodder scam case

first_imgRashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) president Lalu Prasad was on Friday granted bail by Justice Apresh Kumar of the Jharkhand High Court in a fodder scam case in a fodder scam case on two sureties of ₹50,000. He, however, will remain in jail in three other fodder scam cases.The case is related to fraudulent withdrawal of ₹89,27,000 from the Deoghar treasury.The court asked Prasad to submit his passport, but it was informed that his passport had expired.“We requested the court to grant bail to him as he has already served nearly half of the jail term in the case and also on the ground of his old age and deteriorating health…”, his counsel Prabhat Kumar told journalists in Ranchi. Earlier, on December 23, 2017 Prasad was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in jail in the case. Mr. Kumar said they would seek bail for Prasad in other cases as well on the same ground.Prasad is sentenced to jail terms of different years in three other cases—two cases related to fraudulent withdrawal of money from the Chaibasa and one from the Dumka treasuries—in connection with the multi-crore fodder scam. He is also facing trial in another case of fraudulent withdrawal of money from the Doranda treasury. Prasad is currently admitted in the paying ward of the government’s Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) in Ranchi. RJD leaders happy The grant of bail to Prasad has excited his party leaders. They said they always had hope and trust over the judiciary and knew that sooner or later he would get justice from the court. “We’ve full faith on the judiciary, and being party leader,s we’re happy that our leader has been granted bail in a case…now, he will be granted bail in other cases too and come out of jail”, said State RJD chief Ram Chandra Purve. However, the ruling National Democratic Alliance leaders said “though, Lalu Prasad may have got bail in a case, he has to remain in jail in other cases…the RJD leaders should not celebrate this bail to their leader”.last_img read more