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Pretty Men Solve a Mystery on Once Upon a Time

first_img Last week’s episode of Once Upon a Time focused on Regina and Emma figuring out how to get home. This week, the men of Storybrooke had their own adventure. With Hook gearing up to propose to Emma, he needs all the future father-in-law bonding time he can get. Yes, Hook has a ring, and he’s going to ask Emma to marry him. If you heard an excited squealing sound at around 8:15 p.m. Sunday, it was probably your resident Captain Swan shipper. (OK, I might be a little excited about it. Still, though, Swan Queen for life.)Anyway, Hook wants to work on his relationship with Charming before he pops the question. Charming has other things going on at the moment. Gideon is still out there, planning to kill his daughter, and he and Snow White are still under the sleeping curse. To make matters worse, he’s seeing the ghost of his dead father. After the first brief encounter, Charming finds his father’s coin on the ground. At Hook’s suggestion, Charming gets some sleep, but he still sees his father’s ghost after he wakes up. He decides he’s going to find his father’s murderer. Remember how he kept that envelope the Evil Queen gave him during the first half of the season? Time to use it.Charming gets Hook to keep a lookout while he grabs a few locator spells from Emma’s garage. Because stealing from your intended is a great way to kick off an engagement. After a very awkward moment between Hook and Emma where he almost has to propose early, Charming gets the spells, allowing Hook to excuse himself. One brief potion later, and the coin tells Charming where his father was before he died: Pleasure Island. Time to see if Pinocchio knows anything.Charming’s father (David Cubitt) meets Pinocchio. (Photo: Screenshot via ABC)The flashbacks this episode were some of the best they’ve been all season. They told an interesting story with great visuals, and they were important to the main plot. Since they can’t keep doing the memory loss thing, the flashbacks have mattered less recently. It sometimes feels like they’re only there because we expect OUAT to have them. That wasn’t the case this week. The way the flashbacks and present-day stories came together made me feel like I was watching season one again.In the past, we finally get to see exactly what happened to Charming’s father. It starts (of course) when he made a deal with Rumpelstiltskin. Baby David and baby James are sick. Rumpel offers to give the family money for medicine in exchange for one of the babies. The king can’t have a son, so after a coin flip, Rumpel takes James for him. That’s what drove David’s dad to drink. It’s not until he hears that the king’s son has gone missing that he decides to turn his life around.David gives his dad his lucky coin (so that’s where it came from) to keep him safe. Well, we all know that it doesn’t work out too well. He asks Rumpelstiltskin for help in finding James, who is surprisingly generous, agreeing to do it for a single hair off the dad’s head. Once he’s alone, we learn that there really was no purpose for the hair. Rumpel helped him out hoping he could one day see his son again.Pleasure Island is a weird place. (Photo: Screenshot via ABC)David’s dad heads to Pleasure Island where he meets Pinocchio. Pinocchio insists he hasn’t seen James anywhere, but his nose gives him away. James is reunited with his true father, and the pair have to escape before the men who run Pleasure Island capture them. We learn James ran away himself, not wanting the King to turn him into a knight. The celebration doesn’t last long, as they are soon confronted by the king, who takes James back. He also has his men douse the father with alcohol and kill him, making it appear as though he drunkenly crashed his cart.Back in the present, Charming now knows who killed his father. It turns out the former king is now in Storybrooke’s jail. He breaks into the king’s cell and hands him a knife. We get a tense, well-choreographed knife battle in which Charming easily overpowers the old man. Thankfully, Hook stops him and convinces him not to become a murderer. Charming breaks down, revealing he’s worried that he won’t be able to save his daughter or his wife. It’s an effective, heartfelt moment. Realizing that Hook really has changed, Charming gives him his blessing to propose to Emma.There’s just one problem. Come on; this is Once Upon a Time, we all knew it wasn’t going to be that easy. Just as Hook arrives at Emma’s house, Pinocchio shows up. He wants to return the Pleasure Island pages he tore from the fairy tale book. He’s not exactly proud of that part of his life. Hook looks at the pages and finds he recognizes Charming’s dad. One more flashback reveals that during his pirate days, Hook robbed the king’s men and killed the only witness: Charming’s father. That’ll put off the proposal a bit.New Robin (Sean Maguire) and Regina (Lana Parilla) isn’t going nearly as well as we hoped. (Photo: Screenshot via ABC)While all this is going on Regina dealt with the Robin she brought back from the other world. He’s having a little bit of trouble adjusting. First, he finds the book of fairy tales and sees that the Sheriff of Nottingham is alive in this world. He tracks the man down and is about to kill him when Regina stops him and teleports the Sheriff away. She takes him to her basement to explain that he can’t go around killing people in this world. Robin points out the irony that she’s saying this while surrounded by jars containing the hearts of her enemies. He also notices that she takes special care to hide one heart box away.After some discussion where Regina catches Robin up on everything that happened in Storybrooke, including his daughter, they kiss. It’s a sad day for Outlaw Queen fans, though. Regina wasn’t feeling that kiss, which doesn’t spell great things for this relationship. After a conversation with Snow White, Regina realizes that the Robin she brought back isn’t the same Robin she knew. So now they have to figure out why he came to Storybrooke. As they ponder that question, we see Robin in Regina’s basement stealing the heart box.After last week’s so-so episode, it was reassuring to see a return to form like this. Watching Hook and Charming solve a mystery was fun, and the Pleasure Island sequences were so dazzling I wish we could have spent more time there. Though, I suppose that’s what the place is designed to make you feel. The mystery of Robin’s true intentions also added some intrigue to this episode. As sad as I am that it means more pain for Regina, it’s a little relieving that we’re not going straight back into cheesy love story territory. That surprise ending threw Storybrooke into turmoil once again, but it gave the show a lot of momentum. 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Rockstar Finally Releases a New Red Dead Redemption II Trailer

first_img It has been a very long time since Rockstar Games released a trailer for Red Dead Redemption II. Today, the company has finally revealed new footage of their highly anticipated game. This video spotlights the central character along with his band out outlaws. It also confirms Red Dead Redemption II is a prequel to its highly successful predecessor.The star of this particular trailer is a man named Arthur Morgan. Working for the Van Der Linde gang, Morgan is a ruthless outlaw who steals money from innocents while running from the law. If you’ve played Red Dead Redemption then you’ll recognize the Van Der Linde gang. This is the same crew protagonist John Marston associated with. In fact, the trailer ends with Morgan speaking with the outlaw leader, Dutch Van Der Linde. This is a man fans of the previous title will remember very well.In usual Rockstar fashion, this trailer is merely a tease. We know Red Dead Redemption II will feature a vast open world and some form of multiplayer. We also know it will feature seven outlaws (who are presumably part of the Van Der Linde gang). Outside of that, however, there isn’t much information to chew on. I have no doubt Rockstar will eventually release a trailer spotlighting game features. We’ll just have to wait a bit longer for that I suppose.Red Dead Redemption II was originally set to release this year. Rockstar has since pushed back the release date to Spring of 2018. Having the date moved to next year certainly stings, but if it makes for a better (and more stable) product then that’s perfectly acceptable. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait too long for the next trailer. Based off everything we’ve seen so far, it looks like Rockstar is set to deliver something special.Red Dead Redemption II will release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Red Dead Redemption 2 Isn’t BoringThe Best Western-Themed Video Games Ever Released last_img read more