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March 7 2016Here is the majority of Arconauts re

first_imgMarch 7, 2016Here is the majority of Arconauts, residents, volunteers and workshop participants, photo taken on March 3rd 2016 by Chihiro Saito.front row from left:Colleen Connery – ceramics, Amanda Clark – development volunteer, Jennifer Thornton – visiting alumna, Colleen Reckow and Rowan [hiding] – accounting, Andrew Herman – workshop in AIS, Betty Nguyen – scholarship, Molly Almeida – graphics internship, Carole Hao – Strathclyde Masters of Architecture, Cecilia Cavallo – planning volunteer, Tomiaki Tamura – Cosanti Foundation Director.second row from left:Ron Chandler – construction and landscaping manager, Ivan Fritz – AIS manager, David Tollas – construction, Meshell Whittaker – workshop in archives, Steven Black – workshop in planning, Viola Adriano – workshop in construction, Simon Nessman – workshop in archives, Tony Fragiacomo – volunteer in archives, standing in striped t-shirt is Rob Jameson – AIS, Mary Hoadley – Cosanti Foundation Director, Patrick Louie – maintenance, Sue Kirsch – archive manager.third row from left:Chihiro Saito – archive volunteer, Amarillis Fuentes – cafe, Leah-Ann Walker – archive volunteer, also temporary AirB+B manager, Jeff Fisher – maintenance, Cayo Romero – landscaping, Rebecca Holderbach – workshop in welding, Rodrigo de la Gomez – workshop in planning, Zach Mundt in blue checkered shirt – workshop in construction.upper row from left:Dunkin Halleck – visiting alumnus and volunteer in ceramics, Clelia Zappala – visiting alumna and wife of Dunkin,  behind Clelia is Danny Fields – guest services manager, Ariel Ky – workshop in archives, peeking out behind Ariel is Erin O’Loughlin – ceramics manager, almost hidden behind Erin is Zeb Hornberger – foundry, Taylor Courtland – foundry, Brendan Seigl – foundry, Charles Wicker – foundry, Allie Gibbs – foundry, Ryan David – foundry, Scott Riley – habitat / utilities manager, Hunter Eary – visiting alumnus, with hat is Angus Gluck – visiting alumnus, Flavio Borelli – planning manager, Jonas Fister – foundry, infront of Jonas is Laura Villa Baroncelli – photographer, Paolo Van Erp – construction – welding, behind Paolo is Steffan Phillips – foundry, Jeff Stein – Cosanti Foundation Director, Andy Chao – foundry manager.missing from the photo are:Laura Banks – tour guide and seamstress, Nadia Begin – resident working off-site, Lance Cope – Cordes Lakes Visitors Center, Thomas Crowe – extended stay alumnus, Hildemar Cruz – cafe, archives and workshop coordination assistant, Peter Dahm and his two sons Justin and Jonathan, Peter is chef in the cafe, Thomas Dean – visitors center, Alex DeWald – visitors center and tour guide, Linda Fournier – ceramics, Cliff Hersted – Cordes Lakes Visitors Center, Melanie Husband – bookkeeping, cafe and workshop coordinator, Lorenzo Mastino – maintenance, Isaak Mueske – tour guide, Kelly Pai – tour guide, Dillon Quibin – foundry, Julie Quinn – landscaping, Randall Schultz – wood working, Brent Scott – maintenance, Peter Seiter – cafe, maintenance and tour guide, Nick Skinner – cafe, Sasha and Tristan Tollas – family, Paul Vigne – purchasing – recycling, Ed Werman – extended stay alumnus, and workshop participant Lana Morris.last_img read more

Schroeder issues statement regarding governors gas tax proposal

first_img06Mar Schroeder issues statement regarding governor’s gas tax proposal State Representative Andrea Schroeder, of Independence Township and vice chair of the House Financial Services Committee, made the following statement after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer presented her proposed budget to a joint House and Senate Appropriations Committee:“Like anyone else who drives in this state, I absolutely agree more must be done to improve Michigan roads. However, the governor’s plan of nearly TRIPLING the gas tax would mean Michigan drivers would be paying the highest gas taxes in the country. This alone would cost my own family $739 more in taxes annually for just one of our family vehicles. That is simply unaffordable for many families and not a responsible measure.“Michigan has already been doing more in recent years to repair our deteriorating infrastructure. Last year, House Republicans added $600 million for road repair projects – without adding taxes or fees – in addition to the 2015 funding plan that included a guaranteed $600 million annually to speed up the process of fixing Michigan’s roads.“Michigan residents deserve better roads, good schools and safe drinking water. As state representative, I will work to make sure these things happen but, most importantly, that this budget is done the right way. We must continue to provide great value and deliver results for our hard-working citizens, while being fiscally responsible.“With that being said, I look forward to working with my colleagues in the House and Senate to craft a responsible, effective state budget that keeps our economy growing and flourishing.”### Categories: News,Schroeder Newslast_img read more

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