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Watch On-The-Lot Coverage From Phish’s Cancelled Curveball Festival On “Show Of Life” [Video]

first_imgWhen Phish made the announcement that they were forced to cancel their Curveball festival on Thursday, August 16th, tens of thousands of people had already set up camp for the weekend at Watkins Glen International. The powers that be gave fans permission to remain on the grounds until noon the following day, allowing for a somber yet defiantly optimistic party to take place in the Watkins campgrounds that night. Those in attendance were left with lasting memories of a bizarre night of commiseration. Those who never made it there were simply left to imagine what might have been while wistfully skimming through snippets of photos and videos on social media. However, thanks to Show of Life, the live music reality news web show that’s frequented Phish lots for years, everyone can now get an on-the-ground look at the Curveball “cancellation party.”Requiem For A Curveball: Reflecting On The Phish Festival That Almost WasAfter opening the broadcast with the poignant question of the evening—”What do you do when the storm is gone, but the aftermath is the real storm?”—host Jason Wigmann and cameraman Taper420 wander the campsites looking for hot takes, thoughtful insights, silver linings and, of course, the storied Watkins Glen ditch party.The various revellers they come across seem to offer up a similar sentiment. Notes one fan, “If there’s any group of people that can have a really good time when there’s not a good time to be had, it’s Phish fans.” Adds another thoughtful consolation partier, “We are in the depths, but as you can see, we are enjoying them.” Watch the highlight reel from Show of Life‘s Curveball coverage below: Show of Life – Curveball Trailer[Video: Show of Life]You can also watch Show of Life‘s full live-streamed video coverage from the would-be Curveball grounds below:Show of Life – Curventry Edition – Full Broadcast[Video: Show of Life]Show of Life has been divining and imparting that heady “lot knowledge” throughout 3.0, taking the couch tour experience beyond the venue and into the party outside. The show recently migrated its platform and video archive from Ustream to YouTube, so make sure to subscribe to Show of Life‘s YouTube page to watch future live-from-the-lot coverage and relive other classic outings, like their Magnaball adventures and their trip to a Justin Bieber show to see how the other half lives.last_img read more

DIY landscape program

first_imgYou want your yard to not only look its best but be its best at meeting your family’s needs. You just don’t know enough about landscape design to create a place that does that. Cheer up. The University of Georgia has created a one-day program just for you.The UGA horticulture faculty will present “Landscape Design Basics for the Do-It-Yourself Gardener” Oct. 15 on the Athens, Ga., campus.The program will start at 8 a.m. and end at 4:15 p.m. at the Miller Plant Science Building Auditorium. It will cover the basics of designing your home landscape.Learn how to develop a site plan and lay out different use areas. Find out how to choose the right plant for the right place and get a top-10 list of plants for problem places like shady, wet and dry areas. Grasp the basics of using seasonal color. And see how to use proper planting techniques to ensure a successful landscape.Get all that and lunch, too, for $20. You have to preregister, though. A brochure with a registration form is on-line at learn more about the program, call Bob Westerfield at (770) 228-7243. Or just mail your name, address and phone number with a $20 check made out to the Georgia 4-H Foundation to Angela Anderson, 205 Hoke Smith Building, Athens, GA 30602-4356. University of Georgialast_img read more

Common Sense Talk About Sexual Harassment

first_img Share 65 Views   no discussions Every woman I know of a certain age remembers being sexually harassed. Except we didn’t call it sexual harassment way back then. We remembered the time when guys–our co-workers, our customers, and, yes, our bosses—were often making passes, hitting on us, telling an off-color joke, saying a lot of suggestive things, endlessly trying it on. And, yes, a lot of times it was upsetting and most of the time demeaning. Once in a while, maybe, even frightening, especially if one was young or felt insecure and powerless and really, really needed the job or wanted the promotion.And at the same time, let’ s not forget, there were women who turned sexual harassment around and used it to their own advantage. It was called sleeping your way to the top. A lot of very smart, very capable women, some of whom are now very respected and admired women of a certain age, did exactly that though, of course, they would now deny it. But most of us just said no or laughed it off, and most guys took no for an answer and maybe went on and tried with someone else and didn’t hold it against us. Yes, you thought less of him and for all I know, he might have thought more of you for slapping his hands away or telling him how much you liked his wife and his adorable kiddies when he was trying to pull you close. But the awkward moment was between the two of you. You didn’t complain to H.R. You didn’t file a lawsuit. And if you really did have a pig of a boss who was that unrelentingly aggressive, you knew you had to find another job because you realized it wasn’t smart to work in a place that would let such a jerk have power. Of course the reason my friends and I were talking again about sexual harassment was because of the accusations against Herman Cain. And though a couple said it just shows that guys in power never learn, most thought the women making the accusations were not the most appealing examples of woman-as-victim. The blonde from Chicago with a cloudy past seemed just too eager for her press conference moment. And the other seems to be a serial plaintiff who thinks recompense for possible sexual harassment is a free year at Harvard. What’s more, these days men can be as vulnerable to charges of sexual harassment as women are vulnerable to being harassed. Maybe, in some ways, even more so. If a young man works in almost any company today and a woman reports that he is harassing her, whether it is true or not, the guy is usually fired. It is not worth the trouble for most companies to find out the truth.They are more afraid of the woman suing, the automatic sympathy she would get, and the enormous legal expenses the company would entail. Far easier to dump the man, sidetrack his career, and seem so very protective of a woman’s rights. And when the man, who is accused, is in a powerful position, it is easier to just pay off the woman in some way than fight her in court. It may leave a shadow on him but it saves a lot of big lawyer’s bills. Was it better the way it used to be? No, of course not.There was tolerance of what was truly unacceptable behavior. But it is still far from perfect now. These days the assumption seems to be that women are so vulnerable and defenseless they always need a lawsuit and a payoff to protect them from even questionable behavior. Rather than–in most cases– simply having the good sense to say, “Cut it out.” Myrna Blyth is editor-in-chief of ThirdAge. LifestyleRelationships Common Sense Talk About Sexual Harassment by: – November 16, 2011 Sharecenter_img Sharing is caring! Share Tweetlast_img read more

NBA All-Star 2019: Full rosters, draft results for Team LeBron, Team Giannis

first_imgLegacy:13. Dirk Nowitzki*Trade: LeBron James trades Russell Westbrook for Ben Simmons. NBA All-Star 2019: Complete list of participants for 3-point contest, dunk contest, skills challenge The four-time MVP selected Kevin Durant with the No. 1 pick, which has everyone asking questions. Could this mean something? Or did he think he was simply the best fit for his team?You know James, he loves to control the narrative and he certainly started Thursday with one. Even Antetokounmpo jokingly had to ask, “Is that tampering?” after James selected Anthony Davis.   Related News The NBA All-Star teams are set after LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo picked their rosters in front of a national TV audience for the first time.James got the first pick and started off the event in a way only he can — with intrigue.center_img NBA All-Star Game 2019: Giannis Antetokounmpo starts with Steph Curry in plotting draft And, in true deadline day fashion, we have a trade as well. After the draft was over, James and Antetokounmpo agreed to trade Ben Simmons for Russell Westbrook.Here are the full rosters for the 2019 NBA All-Star game.Team LeBronStarters:1. Kevin Durant (1)2. Kyrie Irving (3)3. Kawhi Leonard (5)4. James Harden (7)Reserves:6. Anthony Davis (10)7. Klay Thompson (12)8. Damian Lillard (14)9. Russell Westbrook (16)*10. LaMarcus Aldridge (18)11. Karl-Anthony Towns (20)12. Bradley Beal (22)Legacy:13. Dwyane Wade Team GiannisStarters:1. Stephen Curry (2)2. Joel Embiid (4)3. Paul George (6)4. Kemba Walker (8)Reserves:6. Khris Middleton (9)7. Nikola Jokic (11)8. Ben Simmons (13)*9. Blake Griffin (15)10. D’Angelo Russell (17)11. Nikola Vucevic (19)12. Kyle Lowry (21)last_img read more

WATCH: Heart Wrenching Video of Child Threatening to Kill Himself over Bullying

first_imgEric Trump and Megyn Kelly also sent messages of support. People around the world have already donated more than 140-thousand dollars so Quaden can go to Disneyland. A nine-year-old Australian boy’s pleas to give him a knife so he can kill himself due to cruel bullying is going viral. Bayles was born with a condition that causes dwarfism and was filmed by his mother crying and saying he wanted a knife so he could kill himself. Fellow Australian Hugh Jackman offered his friendship, sending Quaden a personal video telling the boy he’s stronger than he knows and that bullying is not OK. last_img