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Lets Look Inside ThinkGeek Capsule 2

first_imgStay on target ThinkGeek just sent out its second ThinkGeek Capsule, the company’s answer to Loot Crate (and the countless other subscription boxes out there). And, much like the first ThinkGeek Capsule, Capsule #2 is pretty strong! Even if it’s only called “Capsule #2” and still doesn’t have any specific theme to it besides geek merch. ThinkGeek sent us Capsule #2, which we opened up to check out what’s inside.Inside the box is another box with an ampersand that will look familiar to any tabletop nerds out there. It’s a Dungeons & Dragons t-shirt and patch set. The t-shirt shows a D20 in front of fantasy gear with the message “Born Lucky,” and the patch is a red D20. The patch is adhesive, not iron-on so that you can slap it onto anything.Game of Thrones is back and in its last two seasons, and dragon/wolf/Hodor references are still running hot. Capsule #2 comes with a piece of canvas art of one of four sigils from the show. I got House Targaryen. While it is “canvas,” the material seems to be a very thick paper rather than cloth, and isn’t quite as sturdy-looking as I would have hoped. It’s nice, though, and on a wood frame you can hang up.Even if you think Vulcans suck, which they do, their planet looks pretty rad. Which is why Capsule #2 includes a copy of the Vulcan Travel Guide, a hardcover book highlighting the different places you can visit on Vulcan. It even comes with four postcards. Not bad, for a planet full of uptight self-important hyper-ascetics.I gotta level with you, I have no idea what coloring has to do with the Hulk, but here’s a set of Incredible Hulk colored pencils and some black-and-white mini-posters you can color. Well, our box included Incredible Hulk pencils and posters, but the capsule could have included anyone from Marvel or DC.Once again the ThinkGeek Capsule includes a Pinz collectible pin. This month’s theme is Starstuff, and I got a happy ringed planet badge. They’re nice pins; metal and enamel. They are similar to Loot Crate’s monthly pins.If you got the previous ThinkGeek Capsule, you also got a bonus Doctor Who Funko Pop keychain. That’s like three different things, and I like one of them! You can get either the Fourth Doctor or Twelfth Doctor, both of which equipped with creepy Funko Pop tiny beady-ass eyes and no expression.And, finally, Capsule #2 includes another ThinkGeek mystery promo code. Like the code included with Capsule #1, this code can be worth $5 to $100 credit on ThinkGeek.The ThinkGeek Capsule #2 is still pretty strong, and worth the $29.99 total price tag for all the stuff you get in it. I wasn’t as wowed by it as I was by the first capsule, but that’s because I’m not a big fan of Game of Thrones and think Vulcans suck. It still comes with a great shirt and a bunch of other fun things, and stands as a strong rival to Loot Crate’s monthly crates.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. The Best Wonder Wharf Prizes for Bob’s Burgers FansOpen The Nick Box from CultureFly, Get Amazing Hat last_img read more