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Raiders take another shot at Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce

first_imgOAKLAND — The acquisitions the Raiders made in the offseason to upgrade their offensive and defensive lines and bolster their running game all paid dividends in their Week 1 win over the Denver Broncos.Now it’s time to see if the Raiders secondary, with Lamarcus Joyner but without Johnathan Abram, can slow down the Kansas City Chiefs and what is arguably the NFL’s best passing attack, led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes, receiver Sammy Watkins and tight end Travis Kelce.The Raiders host the …last_img

Creation Geologist Fights Secular Bullies

first_imgHe has every credential a geologist could wish for, but the consensus bullies will not even let him collect rocks that might question their dogma.    Dr Snelling teaching in Grand Canyon, 2008Dr. Andrew Snelling has a PhD in geology from the University of Sydney. He has published in peer-reviewed journals. He has taught geology on numerous trips through the Grand Canyon. He wrote a two-volume book on geological evidence. But when he applied for a research permit at the Grand Canyon to collect samples, the secular uniformitarian consensus said no. They denied his application purely on grounds that his views are not consensus views. This time, though, he is not going to take being Expelled lying down. He is fighting back with a lawsuit, supported by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). Bob Unruh reported the story on May 9 in WND.ADF noted Snelling holds a Ph.D. in geology from the internationally acclaimed University of Sydney and has conducted geological research in Australia and the United States. He has published works in peer-reviewed journals and has substantial field and laboratory experience with both theoretical and practical geological research.“Nonetheless, National Park Service officials denied his routine request to obtain a few fist-sized rock samples from the Grand Canyon after learning of his Christian views about the Earth’s beginnings,” ADF said. “Despite the fact that Dr. Snelling had accomplished prior research in the canyon, Park officials ran him through a gamut of red tape for more than three years.”One-sided propaganda on Yavapai TrailThe delay tactic is tantamount to a denial. They kept piling on demands. They asked for two independent peer reviewers, Unruh says. He supplied three. They demanded more and more specifics about his research. When they couldn’t stop him with bureaucratic hurdles, they turned to secular academics for their opinion. Those, predictably, recommended denial, knowing that Snelling is associated with Answers in Genesis—a Christian young-earth creation ministry. One of them said, “ours is a secular society as per our constitution (sic)” and suggested “inappropriate interests” should be “screened out.” This is clear viewpoint discrimination.“We expect debate about what the evidence means, but the Park shouldn’t prevent us from collecting data just like other scientists. I am merely asking for equal treatment by the government.”The lawsuit names officials all the way from the federal government down to the superintendent of Grand Canyon National Park. President Trump’s recent executive order on religious freedom may come to bear on the outcome of this lawsuit. It will be a case to watch: can a dogmatic consensus treat a qualified scientist differently because of his beliefs?Dr. Snelling told CEH,All I am seeking is equal treatment by the NPS to any other scientist who wants to do valid research in the Grand Canyon, regardless of my Christian faith and worldview. This is about getting a level playing field for all Christians in all national parks. All I am seeking is 40 clenched fist-sized samples which will be investigated in the laboratory and the results openly published for all other scientists to see and decide how they want to interpret, regardless of how I might interpret them. That’s doing good science. Under the US Constitution I am supposed to be protected from any government official discriminating against me as a Christian.A win in this case could send a strong signal to secular scientists and federal regulators that they take a big risk discriminating against other qualified scientists on the basis of their beliefs. Will the new tone of religious liberty in the current administration favor Dr. Snelling’s case? Time will tell.Update 7/28/17: Answers in Genesis reports that Snelling has won. “Dr. Snelling’s attorneys at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) had uncovered evidence that the PhD geologist’s permits had been denied because of his religious and creationist beliefs,” the article says. “When evidence came to light that Dr. Snelling’s rights were being unconstitutionally denied, the Grand Canyon National Park and the Department of Interior changed course and issued the permits.” ADF is dropping the lawsuit now that the park service has ended its discriminatory action against Dr. Snelling.Readers, I know Dr. Snelling. I have been on three expeditions with him, two in the Grand Canyon. He is exceptionally qualified and a gifted communicator. He is gracious and reasonable, never confrontational. Some of you may have seen him make an appearance in the recent film Is Genesis History? where everyone could see his easy-going yet convincing command of the facts and their implications. Because of his calm and matter-of-fact manner, his knowledge and his character, I would not have imagined him ever needing to sue the government over mistreatment. But if it had to be someone to stand up to the bullies, I’m glad it’s him. Godspeed, Dr. Snelling. I hope you prevail. Update: I’m glad you prevailed! This is why we need to support organizations like the ADF. Without courageous individuals and organizations to back them, the materialist bigots would trample the rights of all who disagree with them. (Visited 1,102 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Glitz4Girlz® 4 Pack 9cm Clear Hair Side Combs Slides Grips – Excellent service!

first_imgThese very little combs are best for my very fine hair, which seems able to escape just about any kind of holder. (i have usually been envious of thise who can use hair slides or, as a baby, hair ribbons: 10 minutes with both and that is about the restrict on my hair right before they, very well, ‘slide’ out. ) but i locate these very successful and specifically handy to hold stray wisps that continue to control to wiggle their way out from those beaded, elasticated double combs, which are wonderful for the most component but not fairly enough for me on their individual, permitting odd bits to slip out. I am mostly mattress-certain by means of serious ailment and are not able to bear to have hair straggling round my deal with or neck (but am far too vain to slash it all shorter) and want a way to retain it below handle, even when i snooze. These minimal scarcely-noticeable combs are effective in catching strays, are just about unnoticeable and incredibly sturdy in use. Ultimately, of training course, the enamel commence to break but, in my working experience, only immediately after months of practically constant use. But then they’re very inexpensive to replace, so they are a discount as perfectly as effective wherever several other items are for me.Arrived tremendous quick, specifically as explained.Just what i wanted as appears hard to obtain in the retailers now. Retained hair in location and pretty excellent price and high-quality. I know i’ve stated this for earlier merchandise but brought both of those.Sturdy and effectiveWonderfully colourless!Excellent service!Brilliant hair side combs Fantastic delivery and really well packed, the slides work properly for me and have procured an additional established, incredibly fantastic price.For the revenue these are very good. Would want to pay back a little additional and get anything a very little a lot less brittle.Features of Glitz4Girlz® 4 Pack 9cm Clear Hair Side Combs Slides GripsPack of 4 plastic hair combsMeasure 9cm wideGlitz4Girlz® Branded ItemAll measurements approximate across widest pointI make wedding veils and these combs are fantastic as they are robust and the tooth are not way too sharp.Best sizing for attaching a bridal veil too. Fantastic high quality enamel and grip.Products as predicted, quite speedy shipping and delivery even so i have problems having them to keep in my hair.Great delivery time and products.They’re just what you see in the photo: broader than most, sturdy (a lot more potent than flexible) and not also sharp. My white-haired mom takes advantage of them very satisfactorily, but she has wiry hair and wears it ‘up’. We don’t know how these combs would perform in clean hair, worn unfastened: they may possibly perform quite well, we just will not know from working experience. It is good to find colourless combs: we generally believe that the suppliers are lacking out on a huge industry of gray- and white-haired people today for whom side combs are instruments, not decorations.last_img read more

Production Tips: How to Maintain the Stunt Double Illusion

first_imgUsing stunt doubles can protect star talent and keep a production on track, but you need more than wardrobes and wide shots to pull off the switch.When it comes to stunts, not every actor is Jackie Chan or Tom Cruise. Most actors will require a stunt double for certain scenes, whether it’s a high fall, breaking through glass, or vehicle work. Even if the actor has gone through serious and disciplined stunt training, and even in the most controlled environments, accidents can happen. Having a double can help protect star talent from injuries that could put the entire production out of commission.For example, in a rooftop leap between buildings in the latest installment of Mission: Impossible, Tom Cruise actually breaks his ankle in the take they use for the final product. Even though he was completely rigged with wires (which were digitally removed, of course) and had rehearsed the stunt and already done several takes, the slightest change in the angle of his foot caused his ankle to break against the wall, halting production for three months.Despite the risks of your lead actor doing their own stunts, the payoff is a captivated audience. The moment viewers notice a stunt double on-screen, they’re no longer paying full attention to your badass action sequence, and they become more critical of any subsequent stunts.What you need is a smooth, unnoticeable transition between actor and double. This goes beyond matching their clothes and throwing a wig on a look-a-like and cutting suddenly to a wide shot (which is honestly exactly what John Woo did in the climactic boat chase in Face/Off). Nearly every shot of Nicolas Cage and John Travolta is a mid to close-up. Once a stunt begins, Woo cuts suddenly to a wide, but even on a small screen, the stunt double switch is noticeable.A better way to go about this is to not just use the framing to hide a double’s face but to also use angles and editing to blur the lines between them. Don’t reserve close-ups for only the actor and wides only for the double. We see this done excellently in John Wick: Chapter 2.Yes, some shots do simply frame out the double’s face, but this is after we’ve seen Keanu Reeves do so many of his own smaller stunts and fighting that in that split-second moment, we believe it’s still him. But beyond that, we see a lot of Reeves in the wide shots, so when the double takes his place in a wide shot, it’s much harder for us to tell. What this does is help create “change blindness.”Change blindness happens when a change in someone’s visual field goes unnoticed. This phenomenon is more likely when the observer lacks interest, which is the exact opposite, hopefully, of those viewing your action scene. Since your viewer is so invested in the excitement on-screen, they’re more likely to notice small changes, especially between an actor’s face and their double in just a few frames. The more we blur the lines, the less we notice.However, the fact that Reeves does many of his own stunts and trains extremely hard to nail the fight choreography really helps this switch. The more time you can give your lead to train and work with your stunt coordinator, the more easily you will trick your audience.Another key factor is the double, well . . . doubling the actor! Body language is a huge communicator — and a red flag to the audience. If the double doesn’t move like the actor, then chances are they’ll get called out. In A Nightmare on Elm Street, Wes Craven originally had a stunt double for the scene wherein Nancy lights Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) on fire. But Craven didn’t think the double moved like Englund, so instead he lit Englund on fire.Make sure the stunt double studies his actor’s movements. Don’t reserve one type of shot for either actor or double. And if possible, train your lead to take on at least some of his or own stunts to better blur the lines between actor and double and fool your audience.Cover image via Terminator 2: Judgment Day (TriStar Pictures).Looking for more filmmaking tips and tricks? Check these out.The Right Way to Give and Receive Feedback on a ScriptChoosing Aspect Ratio: A Guide to What You Need to KnowProduction Tips: Walkie Talkie Codes and Etiquette on SetDirecting Fight Cinematography: The Right Way and the Wrong WayFilm Study: How to Pull Off a Twist Ending in Your Featurelast_img read more