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H5N1 virus continues to strike humans, poultry

first_imgJan 12, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – A flurry of H5N1 avian influenza activity continued today with reports of another confirmed human case and several suspected cases in Indonesia, along with poultry outbreaks of probable H5N1 in Nigeria and Japan.Indonesia’s health ministry confirmed a case in a 22-year-old woman from Banten province who fell ill Jan 3, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced today. Investigators found reports of chicken deaths near the woman’s home in the days before she became ill, the agency said.The woman is Indonesia’s third confirmed case-patient this year. A 14-year-old boy and a 37-year-old woman from Tangerang, west of Jakarta, died of the disease this week. Indonesia has had 77 confirmed cases and 59 deaths, by the WHO’s count. Worldwide, the tally is 265 cases with 159 deaths.A Jakarta television station reported the death of a 27-year-old woman from suspected avian flu in Jakarta’s Persahabatan Hospital, according to an item in the Jakarta Post today. In addition, the newspaper—citing a radio news report—said three teenagers were admitted to the hospital with suspected H5N1 cases today.Yesterday the father and son of the 37-year-old Indonesian woman who died of avian flu were reported to be hospitalized with suspicious symptoms, but no new information about them was available today.In Nigeria, avian flu outbreaks were reported in two states, prompting the culling of 25,000 chickens and pigeons.Veterinary officials culled more than 20,000 chickens on a farm in the northwestern state of Sokoto, which had no previous outbreaks, a Reuters report said. In the northern state of Katsina, 5,000 infected chickens and pigeons on three farms were culled, according to Agence France-Presse (AFP).Agriculture Commissioner Ali Hussein Dutsin-Ma said all the evidence in the Katsina outbreak pointed to avian flu, though the disease had not yet been confirmed by lab testing, AFP reported.Japan this week had its first suspected outbreak of H5N1 in 3 years, according to Reuters. About 2,400 chickens died on a farm in the Miyazaki area in southwestern Japan over the past 3 days. Initial tests pointed to H5N1, the story said.The recent reports suggest that this year’s pattern of H5N1 activity may echo the past 3 years, with human cases increasing in the northern hemisphere winter. Human cases in 2004 peaked in January, and in the past 2 years they peaked in March, according to a chart published by Eurosurveillance Weekly in December.Dr. Keiji Fukuda, coordinator of the WHO’s global influenza program, told Reuters, “It really looks like this has a kind of seasonal pattern that increases in winter months in the northern hemisphere.”Fukuda added that health officials’ concern about the threat of a flu pandemic remains high. “It’s not that these new cases increase it; our concerns have been high all along,” he said.He also said there was no evidence of any person-to-person transmission of the H5N1 virus in the recent cases, Reuters reported.See also:Jan 12 WHO statement on Indonesian case Weekly report with chart of human H5N1 cases by month read more

For ACT, euthanasia is a free market solution to health – why I will always oppose euthanasia in NZ

first_imgThe Daily Blog 9 June 2017Family First Comment: You won’t find us agreeing with Martyn Bradbury very often – and probably he with us. But this column is fascinating – and very revealing.#rejectassistedsuicide In a country with a mental health system as horrifically underfunded as ours, euthanasia would simply become a tread mill by faceless Wellington bureaucrats for cost cutting purposes on the most vulnerable.So David Seymour gets to debate his euthanasia bill.How awful.For ACT, euthanasia is a free market solution to health.In a country with a mental health system as horrifically underfunded as ours, euthanasia would simply become a tread mill by faceless Wellington bureaucrats for cost cutting purposes on the most vulnerable.Look at the way CYFS abuse children in its care.Look at the way mental health services shrug off their responsibilities for the suicide rates.Look at how Housing NZ don’t care about toddlers in freezing homes.Look at how the Ministry of Development simply shoves people into motels.Look at how WINZ torment rape victims and trap beneficiaries into debt.Are you seriously telling me the neoliberal welfare state of NZ cares about NZers so much they can be trusted with administering euthanasia?I don’t support euthanasia in NZ.I’ve heard the arguments, I’ve listened to the debate, and I just don’t support it.“If you were an animal you wouldn’t let it suffer” – Yes but we aren’t animals are we. We are self-conscious free thinking human beings.“Letting people live in pain is wrong”. Yes it is, and we have incredible pain management these days, only very rare cases are left to writhe in agony.“People have the right to end their life”. No they don’t. They may have the right to commit suicide if you want to go that far, but the right to ask another to end their life? That’s not been agreed to at all! This is a decision whanau and the wider community are all party to because of it’s ramifications upon the very fabric of our society.I have 3 main reasons I disagree with euthanasia in NZ.The first is the type of person and the reasons they push for euthanasia. It always seems to me to be alpha type personalities. Over achievers, people of deep independence who pride themselves on that independence. People who would consider the embarrassment of being unable to control their body functions worse than death itself. Their demand for death revolves around their inability to control the process of death. That doesn’t warrant allowing another to administer a medical cocktail that ends life.Which brings me to my second reason, the humility of death. Dying as a process isn’t supposed to be clean and efficient. It’s painful, it’s human, it requires the family and friends you’ve built in a lifetime to nurse you through your final moments. It is a deeply emotional time, a journey where the journey is far more important than the destination. The process of letting go, of saying goodbye is a deeply personal and intimate part of the human experience. To deny that is to deny one of the most important rituals of human life.But the biggest reason I would never want euthanasia in NZ is Jenny Shipley.READ MORE: up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more

From bad to worse: Wisconsin basketball team experiences travel problems after upset loss

first_imgThe Badgers were expected to have an off day Wednesday, but this probably isn’t how they were hoping to spend it. It is unknown when the team is expected to arrive back in Madison.Wisconsin (25-3, 13-2 Big Ten) fell to the Terrapins Tuesday night 59-53. The Badgers made only 29.6 percent of their shots in the first half and shot only 38.5 percent overall. Wisconsin was just 6 of 22 (27.3 percent) from three for the game.After the loss to Maryland, Wisconsin will return to the court Sunday against Michigan State at the Kohl Center. With a win, UW will clinch at least a share of the Big Ten regular season title – something it could not accomplish against the Terrapins. Tip off on Sunday is scheduled for 3 p.m.Update: Somehow things have gotten even worse for the team and its expedition back to Madison. The team apparently has gotten another charter plane, but of course, it’s delayed in South Carolina.But the fun doesn’t stop there. The Badgers’ bus that was supposed to take them from the hotel back to the airport…wait for it…broke down.A simple plane ride from Maryland to Madison is turning into a nightmare.Update from Pittsburgh: Think we have a plane but it’s delayed in S.C. Thought we had a bus to airport but it broke down. Of course it did.— Wisconsin Basketball (@BadgerMBB) February 25, 2015 If an upset loss to No. 14 Maryland in College Park wasn’t bad enough, the No. 5 Wisconsin men’s basketball team couldn’t even make it back to Madison without trouble Tuesday night.The team’s charter flight that was en route back to Madison was forced to make an emergency landing in Pittsburgh due to engine malfunction around midnight last night. Before the engine malfunction, the trip did not start off on the right foot either, as it took over an hour to simply close the cabin door on the charter plane, according Wisconsin radio color analyst Mike Lucas.center_img The team was unable to make it back to Madison last night and was “stranded” across three different Pittsburgh hotels. But most importantly, everybody appears to be safe.last_img read more

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