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UK-based O’Briens sees HQ and website close

first_imgThe head office and website of O’Briens Sandwich Bars in the UK have closed down.It comes two years after the UK chain was bought out following the collapse of O’Briens Irish Sandwich Bars (UK) Ltd and O’Briens Irish Sandwich Bars (Property UK) Ltd in 2009 into administration. Both companies were subsequently dissolved.It is not known how many shops are still trading as O’Briens Sandwich Bars, but it is understood the majority of the shops have rebranded and are trading as independents.The Glasgow branch of O’Briens is still using the original name, but the owner said he now had no connection with his former franchisor and the head office for O’Briens Sandwich Bars UK, in Glasgow, had closed. Four former O’Briens franchisees who spoke to British Baker said they have had no contact with the directors since last year.Following the collapse in 2009 of the UK business, a new company, O’Briens Franchising (UK) Ltd, bought the assets and set about working with some of the remaining franchisees. According to Companies House documents, the company is still trading, although it has never filed accounts the first set of which were required to be filed by 20 January 2011.A separate company formed in 2009, O’Briens Franchising (GB) Ltd, which had directors in common with O’Briens Franchising (UK) Ltd, was struck off in November 2011.O’Briens in Ireland is a separate company from the UK business and is not linked to the UK stores. Its website says it operates over 100 stores across the Irish Republic.last_img read more

Oceania Cruises continues to earn its reputation a

first_imgOceania Cruises continues to earn its reputation as the world’s leading culinary and destination-focused cruise line with the most sought-after dining experience at sea: modern Asian restaurant, Red Ginger.“Oceania Cruises is renowned for its culinary excellence and has a reputation for delivering The Finest Cuisine At Sea,” explained Steve Odell, senior vice president and managing director Asia Pacific for Oceania Cruises.“Red Ginger is particularly popular with our Australian guests who, given our multiculturalism, are used to enjoying Asian-inspired meals regularly. Red Ginger, along with other onboard restaurants like Toscana, Polo Grill, Jacques Bistro and Waves Grill, allows guests to take their taste buds on a global culinary tour while they sail the world.”Designed with a mix of contemporary Asian style and feng shui principles, the restaurant’s interior features ebony timbers, golden walls, rich red furnishings, striking modern Asian art, a waterfall wall and glowing lighting.Red Ginger’s cuisine is as bold as the décor, with presentation to match. Guests can select chopsticks from a fascinating array of options, varying in length, material and colour from stainless steel to wood, on a dedicated tray.With a focus on fresh interpretations of Asian classics, dishes include a salad of spicy roast duck and watermelon with cashews, mint and Thai basil, a Malaysian beef Penang with coconut Rice and paratha roti, or caramelised tiger prawns, miso-glazed sea bass or lobster pad thai.Representing a blend of the best of Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese cuisine, the chefs at Red Ginger, under the leadership of Master Chef and Executive Culinary Director for Oceania Cruises. Jacques Pépin, have developed their own unique techniques to present dishes in an innovative fashion, without compromising the authentic Asian flavours.The dessert menu features delights such as steamed ginger cake, yuzu citrus sorbet and matcha green tea ice-cream, and special attention has been given to the Asian tradition of serving tea, with a dedicated menu and server on hand to help diners choose, sample and enjoy a raft of loose leaf teas. The extensive wine and sake list with food pairing recommendations complements the Asian-inspired cuisine of the restaurant.“Although the food in Red Ginger is pan-Asian, this is not a ‘fusion’ restaurant. Rather, the culinary team did hands-on research throughout Asia and worked with chefs all over the world to find recipes and techniques that represent the best of Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese cooking – and spent months mastering their preparation. The presentation is refined in a way that is exciting and modern, but the dishes themselves, like all of our food, are firmly grounded in authentic recipes, traditions, and ingredients,” writes Jacques Pepin in ‘Taste the World: The Food and Flavors of Oceania Cruises’.Red Ginger is open for dinner bookings every night. Reservations are required to secure a table in this popular onboard specialty restaurant. Onboard Marina, Riviera and Sirena and dishes from Red Ginger are featured nightly in The Grand Dining Room.last_img read more