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Watch On-The-Lot Coverage From Phish’s Cancelled Curveball Festival On “Show Of Life” [Video]

first_imgWhen Phish made the announcement that they were forced to cancel their Curveball festival on Thursday, August 16th, tens of thousands of people had already set up camp for the weekend at Watkins Glen International. The powers that be gave fans permission to remain on the grounds until noon the following day, allowing for a somber yet defiantly optimistic party to take place in the Watkins campgrounds that night. Those in attendance were left with lasting memories of a bizarre night of commiseration. Those who never made it there were simply left to imagine what might have been while wistfully skimming through snippets of photos and videos on social media. However, thanks to Show of Life, the live music reality news web show that’s frequented Phish lots for years, everyone can now get an on-the-ground look at the Curveball “cancellation party.”Requiem For A Curveball: Reflecting On The Phish Festival That Almost WasAfter opening the broadcast with the poignant question of the evening—”What do you do when the storm is gone, but the aftermath is the real storm?”—host Jason Wigmann and cameraman Taper420 wander the campsites looking for hot takes, thoughtful insights, silver linings and, of course, the storied Watkins Glen ditch party.The various revellers they come across seem to offer up a similar sentiment. Notes one fan, “If there’s any group of people that can have a really good time when there’s not a good time to be had, it’s Phish fans.” Adds another thoughtful consolation partier, “We are in the depths, but as you can see, we are enjoying them.” Watch the highlight reel from Show of Life‘s Curveball coverage below: Show of Life – Curveball Trailer[Video: Show of Life]You can also watch Show of Life‘s full live-streamed video coverage from the would-be Curveball grounds below:Show of Life – Curventry Edition – Full Broadcast[Video: Show of Life]Show of Life has been divining and imparting that heady “lot knowledge” throughout 3.0, taking the couch tour experience beyond the venue and into the party outside. The show recently migrated its platform and video archive from Ustream to YouTube, so make sure to subscribe to Show of Life‘s YouTube page to watch future live-from-the-lot coverage and relive other classic outings, like their Magnaball adventures and their trip to a Justin Bieber show to see how the other half lives.last_img read more