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Next Crysis will be freetoplay wont be called Crysis 4

first_imgCrysis 3 isn’t out until February next year but Crytek are already thinking about what the future holds. Apparently, the future of Crytek is free-to-play as back in June they announced all future games after Crysis 3 and Homefront 2 would be F2P.They’ve also said the next Crysis will not be called Crysis 4, although they do plan to continue the series in some way, even though the story of Crysis is concluded in the third game. Putting a “4” at the end of the next game’s title would insinuate the same story is being continued, which is not what Crytek want to do at all. If you are looking for a sequel to Crysis 3, it won’t be made for some time, says Crytek CEO, Cevat Yerli.Crytek cannot decide what they’re doing next, whether the next game will be a fourth game or a free-to-play, but it seems they plan to make a title that is both F2P and full-price retail. Maybe they’re waiting for a better time period to release such a game as the F2P market, for consoles at least, hasn’t been great recently. Crytek says that both gamers and publishers need to change the way they think about and approach F2P titles on every platform before they can create a F2P Crysis, but they are at least planning to release a game that takes advantage of it.Crytek thinks that all kinds of F2P could work for a new FPS, whether that be co-op, competitive multiplayer, or story based (single-player?). Most gamers for now will struggle to see how F2P could work for a Crysis game, which is probably part of the reason why Crytek is going to keep us waiting.More at Eurogamer, via GameSpotlast_img read more